Kings Cross to the Start

Being a FLM virgin, on race day I'm intending to get a train from where I live (Bedfordshire) into Kings Cross. Sunday "engineering works" does concern me!
A couple of questions:
1. The best way to get from Kings Cross to the Start?
2. How long should I allow to get from Kings Cross to the Start?

Would appreciate any advice.


  • KX to start

    Tube Picadilly to Lieceter Squr then Nothern to Charing Cross then the appropriat train to start

  • I would allow 30 mins to get from your train to Charing Cross, by the route outlined above by SB.
  • You could get the train straight down on the northern line from Kings X to London Bridge (5 stops) and board the train there (where it also stops).

  • How about Thameslink direct to London Bridge and train to start from there.
  • trains are packed from Charing cross, very difficult to get on at LB.
  • Just on this subject- I seem to remember the walk from the train station to the start was a good 20-30 mins (including a stop down some side-street due to too much pre-race Lucozade), plus you need to find the lorry to drop your kit off etc... so make sure you include some time for all that!
  • So if you get to London Bridge, is it quicker to go off to Charing Cross and then come back again ?
  • Don't worry you will be able to get on the train at London Bridge - it's crowded but that's all part of the atmosphere. Plus there will also be some non-marathon trains running (ha ha !). Do not consider going back to Charing Cross.
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