New boy buys new shoes and gets sore calf

I'm relatively new running so would appreciate some advice. I have been running for a few weeks and have started to get what felt like sciatica in my bum and down my leg. So I went to sweatshop to get sorted for some 'proper' shoes. After a footscan the helpful chappie recommended a shoe with some slight support. Ended up with a pair of Adidas Supernova Control. Since wearing them I have been getting a very sore right calf. The pain is relatively low down, above where you can feel your achilles. Is this the shoes or is it that I am just running further (I am now running around 35K a week) and it is being caused by something else? If it is the shoes should I be going for a more neutral version? Still getting the sciatica. This shoe lark is blooming confusing for a new boy!


  • Could be a number of things. Might just be that you are running more miles than previously and your body isn't used to it, have you upped the mileage in the last few weeks?
    Are you stretching properly before and after your runs, its amazing how much this can help.
    I used to get a similar pain in both my achillies to get rid of it when I was running I would try and kick toes of my feet up once I had pushed off to try and straighten my leg. Quite difficult to explain with words but I found it relaxed the tendon and helped.

    Good luck, thou hopefully someone else with a bit more experience will post soon!

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