Honiton 12k

Thanks to Honiton Runners- well organised event, nice T shirt, and very rapid return on the results!
Great to have the fun run with medal as well.
I even quite enjoyed it, despite the cold high presure power wash by what must have been the remnants of some hurricane.
That might be an 'undulation' circa 6-8k to inhabitants of Devon, but by my book, that was definately a hill.


  • I enjoyed it too, dispite the wind and constant rain. I must say a big THANK YOU to the race marshals... it must have been hell for them standing in it.Also thanks to the estate agent who allowed some of us to stay inside the shop before the start.As for hilly, the definition of a hilly race in DEVON reqires ropes and oxygen, anyone whose done Plymouth,Exeter or Torquay all described as undulating will testify. The only Devon race noted as hilly is the Braunton 10 and this is evil.
  • I agree,
    hats off to marshalls everywhere, I salute you.
    I was tempted not to run, let alone stand at a wind swept corner of some Devon country lane (which was giving a good impression of a river), passing cheery comments to the nutters running.
    Without marshalls there would be no road races.
  • I also agree, one of the best organised events I've been to. Distance markers every K, clear signs & great marshalls.
    I notice a slight rise at one stage, but no hills!
  • The Honiton 12k was a good run, well marshalled and a good turn-out for a first time event.I think next years numbers will increase once other runners hear that it was a good course, and on a fine day, a fast course too. One thing I would like to know, who was the bugger who walked all over my towel in the hall!
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