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    199 runners in Whitley Bay this morning on a bitter morning with hail and gale force winds. You've got to admire all those who turn out of bed on mornings like this, and especially the volunteers.  

    I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but there seems to be a lot more camaraderie on the cold, wet, dark mornings than in the bigger crowds in the middle of summer. People seemed more friendly and cheerful. Maybe reducing it to just the bloody-minded has a positive effect.



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    Bloody minded eh? Makes sense.

    I wonder what that makes us who stayed in bed?
  • I guess I was lucky with the weather here then. It was a good start to the weekend, a nice run in the cold to blow the cobwebs away

  • Yep, I think that's the best thing about it, a faintly organised short run early on a Saturday really starts the weekend off nicely.

  • If I stay in bed instead of going to Parkrun I feel like I've wasted the Saturday because I won't accomplish anything until midday.

    Cambridge was pretty lucky today. The weather is dry, but I slightly rolled my ankle (no damage luckily) and lost a glove on the way round.

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    Pleased to hear that you went and enjoyed parkrun, Kate. One of the bset things about parkrun, in my opinion, is the community spirit and the fact that others of all levels are encouraged. We all start somewhere!

    I'm currently coming back from a lengthy injury and receive so much support from other parkrunners. It definitely helps to keep you going! 

  • 7 seconds quicker today image. In horrible cold, windy weather with heavy showers (some of them hail or sleet showers - lovely!). Just about every single marshal on the course said "well done" when I passed, despite the fact that it was a small field and there weren't many people behind me, which really helps when you think you're about to die or can't keep it up. Then I had a surprise welcome committee of Husband and three children at the finish line (they were all still in their pyjamas when I left the house). I really appreciated the warm shower when I got home.

  • Oh yes, I was slightly disconcerted however, when a photographer popped up from nowhere and took a picture of me at my most attractive (not)!

  • Well done Kate! It was Parkrun near me, and all the friendly marshals, that got me running over a year ago now. Despite life's ups and downs, I've collected two 5k PB's sub-25 mins, and run a charity 10k in under 50mins. I hope to run a half M next year, and do a long bike ride....

    If it weren't for Parkrun, their volunteers, and friendly runners, I'd never have got this far. Especially the last couple of weeks, when (as you mentioned, it was cold and windy).

    Keep on keeping on!



  • Hey, well done kate for doing your first parkrun and for keeping going! I'm going to do my first park run in sat and I'm a little bit nervous! I've run 5k but my fastest is 36.02 and that was dead flat. I think the park run is quite hilly...I've checked out the tunes at my park run and the slowest is around abouf 37 so I'm a bit anxious that I will be last. I know someone has to be last but I just don't want it to be me! Inspiring reading all of your stories, especially when it's such horrible weather!
  • having a goal such as not last is great, dig in and just be bloody minded about it, if you're struggling to keep up, just dig in and do it

    drink some beetroot juice and some coffee an hour beforehand and you'll beat your pb i'm sure of it

    going to do woking parkrun on saturday haven't done it since breaking my arm, been doing lots of miles, but slow miles so time to ratchet it up a notch

  • well done you parkrunners! I'm currently couch to 5k -ing it and once complete intend to join in the local parkrun as and when family commitments permit. What's the deal with coffee and beetroot juice, Richard?

  • Well did my first parkrun in 38.19. It was really hilly and muddy so I am chuffed! I was not last (but I found out that no one is ever last cos they have trail runners that come in behind the last finisher!) but it was good, glad I did it and am going to aim to try and do it at least every second week. I was put in as Unknown athlete even though o scanned my barcode, so have emailed and hopefully they can fix it!

    Super noodle, how far through are you? Are you enjoying couch to 5k?
  • Hey wwgba! I've just completed week 5 and loving it. Whenever I've tried to run in the past ive found it too hard.   But I now realised ive gone at it too fast and tried to do too much.  Talking of which - I went to my local park run this morning!   I couldn't wait! Well I did it and feel ok - this coming week will tell me if I shouldnt have!   I ran all the way and everyone was super lovely. I'm hooked!

  • Well done Wwbga!

    I nearly didn't go this morning, but luckily I have a girlfriend with stronger will. Turns out the weather was perfect, even if a few bits at Cambridge were a little slippery. The Rhino (marathon training) and faries helped put a smile on my face on the way round too

    Not my best effort, but not my worst so I'm happy.

  • what out for drinking coffee just before a run.... for many people it is the cause of stomach issues mid make sure in training that this doesnt affect you.

     also if you join the few that believe in the benefits of beetroot juice........then be prepared that you might be peeing red or pink afterwards and  dont get worried that the running had killed you... image

     well done all in getting out there in this weather and running

  • Well done Wwgba and Supernoodle on your first parkrun. We've been in London for the weekend, so I didn't do Saturday, but maybe next Saturday if I don't have to let my husband have a turn!

  • 32.18 today. Slowly getting better. I think it helped that the wind finally seems to have dropped and I wasn't getting sand blown in my eyes

  • Well done Kate! Is that another PB?

  • Yes it is. 34.15 was the last one, so nearly two minutes quicker. 

  • I wish Christmas had a similar effect on my times!

  • Your plan of joining a park run is great. I think that you can walk/run with them just like what I did. Just don't overdo yourself or you might hurt yourself.

  • So, I've come back to this very old thread to let anyone who may be interested know that I finally got my time under 30 minutes on Saturday (29:46). I've also recently done a 10k and am signed up for a half marathon in June.

    I love parkrun, I've got to know some people through it and I have volunteered a couple of times too, which is also good fun. To anyone who is hesitant to attempt it because they think they might be too slow (just like I did ) - go for it. You won't regret it
  • Hi.
    I found my way here as I have been thinking about park running. I need to lose weight (5'6 / 15 1/2 stone). I have had 2 heart ops, one when I was in my early 20's, and this is the first check up when the consultant mentioned my weight (which is fair enough, obviously). I have actually lost a stone, but now finding it hard going, and need to drop another 2. I have an active job and can walk miles, but get a bit breathless on a hill. So, should I try the PR?. My other problem is that I am very self conscious (which is why I stopped learning golf :smile: ) ) Folk like "asitis" don't help.
    Also, do many people actually report problems with knees etc after running?
  • I want to have a go soon I'm doing 5k round my local streets in 34 mins. Trying to decide if to wait and train for a while till I can sub 30 min or just go for it now
  • Just go for it Tim.  You'll be a long way in front of last, if that's your concern, and you'll be a bit quicker running with others anyway. 
  • Yeah I'm going to go for it. My mate at work keeps bugging me to go :)
  • Dave is right - just go for it and enjoy it
  • Done it :smile:

    haven't got the official time back yet but I clocked a 30:18 5k on strava :blush:
  • I was apprehensive for a long time about going to a Park run event, I finally turned up to my first one a week ago and then did yesterdays as well. I loved it, definitely regret not going sooner. Congrats on your first park run Tim :)
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