• I've joined Park Run and have done 3 now, and am really enjoying it. I'm going to be the tail on 20/5. I'm planning to do a PR in a different place soon, then when I go away I will try and find one where ever I am. 

    I have bought the rubber wrist band and find it great as I don't need a pocket or anything and is easy just to roll my sleeve at the scanning line. 
  • Loving Parkrun but I'm still trying to get my head around the timing as my Strava time is always a good 30 secs to 1 min faster than my official Parkrun time.

    However I have Strava tell me every time I've done another km and those announcements coincide exactly with the official Parkrun km markers, so I don't think it's a distance thing.

    Is it maybe just that you lose a bit of time on Parkrun at the start while you wait for the pack to move? It doesn't feel like a whole minute though.
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    Is it maybe just that you lose a bit of time on Parkrun at the start while you wait for the pack to move? It doesn't feel like a whole minute though.

    If it's anything like the PR I do then as I start at the back its a good 15-30sec to crosshead start and then if you queue at the end there will be a difference depending on when you start and stop Strava </div>
  • Oops Fat fingers, will start to use preview. As I've just noticed it
  • Yeah at my home park run on Saturday it was at least 30 seconds after start before actually moved then it was only a walk, also at the end it was 30 sec or more before being timed off.
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    I really wanna do a park run but am only on the second week of c25k and whilst loving it am doing 2 miles in aroind 25 mins. Shudder to think what id do 5km in ! Dont think im ready yet. I may find out the route and do a sly pre run time.
  • I have been trying to run off and on (more off though) for the last 13 years, first starting when I was 50. I find running hugely difficult and have never experienced the high or buzz other people talk about. I keep coming back to it mainly because I need some way to keep fit.

    After a recent house move, I now live 5 minutes walk from a Parkrun so have no excuse to avoid it. I've done 3 so far, all with 30-60 secs running interspersed with 30 secs walking because that is the only way I can manage right now. I completed C25K some years ago but found the non-stop running very stressful.

    I've been in the last 3 or so finishers each time so far. The people are lovely though and I already recognise familiar faces with whom I can chat afterwards.

    My time in those three events has gone from 44:52 minutes, to 43:25 to 41:36. Yes, it's an abysmal time, but I am thrilled to see it improve already. I will be over the moon if I am ever able to reach your speed!
    So you see, it's all relative, and fortunately Parkrun caters for everyone.
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    Well I was set on not doing a park run until I'd  built up a little stamina, tonight I ran with a club. At the beginning they said the beginners are doing 5k...... if I'd known this I wouldn't have went, anyways I did it ok and surprised myself on my first mile at 11.33, I'd only ran 3 minutes before without a walk and tonight I did 8 ! And even then only a brief walk. Really surprised myself. Am I doing a park run Saturday? No. It's still a bit much after 1 days rest when I'm still building up. But I will be joining the proper club c25k. I've also just treated myself to another pair of the same trainers for casual wear as they are so supportive and comfortable.
  • Just did my first park run today! Was very nervous as I've never run with people before. Completed in 41 min which was faster than I expected. I was really put off at first with over 200 people whizzing passed me, but it's such a friendly and supportive atmosphere, I'm sold B)
    Plenty of people walking, young children, dads with prams or dogs, very diverse group.

    Anyone who's worried about their first park run, just do it!
  • I'd love to do a park run but would I be seen as antisocial if I did it with my headphones on?! (I don't think my legs would work otherwise!!)
  • Not many people use headphones at parkrun but you are welcome so to do Claire. There's a tail walker at every event and always some good chat among the slower runners with lots of mutual encouragement. Your call
  • Thanks for your reply Straycelt! I think I'll be brave and give it a go - hopefully I'll have enough puff to talk and chat! :smile:
  • I've done my local park run before. I am slow and did it in 33m and something seconds. People were ranging from 17m-55m or so. How you tackle the run is up to you :)
  • <div>I can thoroughly recommend parkrun. I first joined up three years ago, and on my first one was kept company by the tail walker.  We crossed the line at about 50 minutes. I was around 16st at the point, and was hoping to add some regular exercise to my lifestyle to help me lose weight. Turns out it was t the right time for me, and I only did 5 or 6 before dropping out.
    </div><div>Then I got my total mojo, started parkrun again in April after losing a couple of stone and being halfway through couch to 5k. I went planning to run as far as possible, then interval the rest.  I was delighted to run the whole lot in just over 36 minutes. I'm now just over 11st, and my home parkrun PB is 33:21, but I've managed 32:27 while touring... I even managed to fit in a parkrun in Singapore when I travelled there in July.
    </div><div>Parkrun for me has been an astonishingly positive experience. I'm tailwalking this week, I'd like to try and give back what that first tail walker gave me; huge encouragement and a sense that speed is not important, it's the being out of bed and getting active that counts.  All this has helped me towards my first 10k on Sunday, which I'm excited about. 
    </div><div>I would definitely say if you're thinking about getting involved with parkrun, whatever your level or ability, stop thinking and just do, you won't regret it 😊
  • Parkrun is amazing you should definitely do it
  • Parkrun is a free weekly 5km timed run on Saturday. Make sure you volunteer a few times a year if you do it on regular basis. Volunteer roles such as a marshal, scanning bar codes, being the time keeper or pacer on bicycle all help keep to support Parkrun.
  • thanks for this, i have found my local parkrun and have downloaded the c25k app, aiming to get fit and loose some lbs :smile: )
  • I did my first park run this weekend in Banbury and really enjoyed the atmosphere but I have to admit I found it harder than my first 10k run at Belnehim Palace  that I did about a month a go(which surprised me because the 10k was very hilly) .

    It may have been down to the fact I did a 10 mile long run on Wednesday and I haven't been preparing for the 5k which I probably set out too fast for. 

    One thing that I struggled with was the fact that I didn't see any km markers (do they have them at park runs).  I saw all of the arrow markers but not distances but that may be because I didn't have my glasses on due to the weather.

    The fact I didn't see any markers made it really difficult to know what pace I was running at.  

    This week I'll wear my glasses and take my phone so strava can keep an eye on my pace for me - and I think I'll run a bit easier to try and enjoy it more! 
  • Hi Breham - they don't tend to have km markers at Parkrun, although some I have run have marshalls placed at particular km points who shout out the time for you.

    Once you've run it a few times you get to know the distances and also the pace that's good for you. I actually really enjoy running them in different ways, either just as a steady run, progression, intervals or with a sprint at the end. I've even included it as part of a long slow run.

  • Nice to see that the thread I started aaaaages ago is still going! Still running, still parkrunning every now and again and have managed sub 30 minutes a couple of times
  • I heard that the ParkRUN guys came to Japan not long ago looking to do something similar here, very much hope they do. Great running community here, it'd be very popular.
  • If anyone has kiddies some places have junior park run on a Sunday, I jog with my child it's 1k a great way to start if you are nervous of times 
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    mamfa27 said:
    If anyone has kiddies some places have junior park run on a Sunday, I jog with my child it's 1k a great way to start if you are nervous of times 
    2k  ;)
  • Love Parkrun. Currently on a streak of 33 in a row.
  • Parkrun is definitely on the next things to do list.
  • I love Parkrun! I never ever thought I'd enjoy running and kind of did it as a challenge but I love running now and want to improve. Highly recommended
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