Essex 20mile race-Chelmsford

anyone got any details on this, I would be greatfull


  • I think its on Sunday 15th at Melbourne athletics centre - im marshalling!
  • oh and it starts at 11am
  • Tilly, is there a web site link, cos i aint got a clue where the athletic centre is
  • Average Plus a Bit posted this on the Benfleet 15 thread (I was asking similar questions):

    "Hi SBF, re Essex 20 you need to contact as follows:

    H Williams on 01277 625294 max entry is 350 and it is a part of the Essex Championships. A no frills 3 laps of the Chelmsford 10K I think, still good practice for long runs.

    Best of luck"
  • For those who want to go, you have to be there before 10am to register on the day.
    I did ask why it is not advertised anywhere and was told "because it is the Essex Championships"! I presume you still need to have some people running in it though.
  • Hi,

    I have done this one from Rochford in 2003, and then from Chelmsford in 2004, they seem to alternate the venues, and its a great event at both venues.

    I stumbled across it, as from Suffolk and it is not advertised at all, I must admit I never quite know how they get so many runners without advertising!

    Last time (2004) I just had to send a cheque with my details on a piece of paper, is this still the case does anyone know?


  • Hi again,

    Oh yeah just found in my files the following address for posting entry and cheque off, hope its still valid!

    Howard Williams
    84 Tyelands
    CM12 9PB

    All the best,

  • Does anyone have any details as to when at where it is next year?????
  • Hi jd,

    Its on Feb 12th and next year it seems to be staged at Great Bromley, which is just east of Colchester.

    It seems Colchester Harriers are the main club organising it this time.

    Dont have any further details though, it seems they dont advertise it outside of essex, and as I am 600m over the suffolk/essex border then our club has not been given any details!

    If you find out anything else then please let us know,


  • Hi SS - spoke to the organiser today. He says he hasn't thought about the details or entry fee, etc. as he has 25 cross country events to organise first.

    He will send details to Essex clubs in due course. I'll aim to call him again early 2006
  • Hi jd,

    Thats excellent thanks for letting us know.

    Our club has 3 runners that want to do this already as warm up for London and other marathons in April. It will be great to get details on this when you are able to.


  • If you send a SAE to Howard with a cheque for £4 to "Essex county AAA", he'll send you a number by return.......
  • Cheers for that jd.

    I usually have to pay more, as I do not qualify for the Essex Champs, I think it was £2 extra last time, any ideas what it is this time?

    Only 5 weeks away, looking forward to it already, sunday runs are up to 16 miles now so should be ready.

  • He said i didn't qualify for Essex (even though born and lived here 46 years) as I am not a memeber of an Essex Club - but he only wanted £4 !!
  • Thats wierd!

    In the Suffolk Champs then you only need be either born in the County or have lived in the county for the last 9 months continous to be eligible. There is no mention of you needing to be in an Essex club to qualify for the Essex Champs for the Halstead Marathon in May!

    When I did this one in 2004, my cheque was sent back to my and I was told that I had not paid enough as I was not Essex qualified, and I had to send another cheque.

    They dont make it easy to enter do they!

    Maybe I will have to call him as well.

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