• do we still need stamps for this entry?
  • Well it won't look 'grey' anymore then will it?

    Just sort of 'mouse' brown.

  • Mud?

    What Mud?
  • Never you mind, Barkles - just fill in the entry form and send it off.....
  • Can't read all 300 or so posts for this, but tough guy 2005, when is it, where is it, and can I do it?

  • TT Click on how do I enter.

    Don't read any of the previous posts, you'll only lose the will to live and Tough Guy will be a breeze compared to whats gone before on this thread!!
  • Yup.

    Read all about it & get entry form on

    You know it makes sense!
  • Tubs, not until 30th Jan 2005 and yes you can.

    Update from LEADER..stamps stil required.
  • barkles - YAY man!!! (and dare I ask - Jethro??)

    (Jon - tart)
  • list so far

    Monsters of Cock 2005

    Bod (if not being a muppet)
    Cedric (Tostaky's pardner)
    Crash Hamster
    Fat Buddha
    Fat Face (if his sex change op fails)
    Gavo (he'll be there)
    Knackered Knees
    Mike (Babs nephew)
    Mmmm Twinkler (if fit)
    RichM (if not signing autographs)
    Scooter Boy
    Slide (has entry form)
    Stevo (fast boy)
    Tubby Tucker

  • We are talkin Jan 05 here aren't we?
  • Unless we have a time machine. Yes - Jan 05. ;-)
  • I meant we arent doing the Nettle Warrior thing.. it is Tough Guy.. yes?
  • Oh yeah Barkles. Winter Tough Guy is the one to start with.

    Summer isn't Tough Enough ! ;-)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Don't know if I've mentioned this already but I actually won't be there on the day.
  • yes you will
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I'm scarred for life I tell ya. And I've had a bugger of a cold for the last few days - TG revenge no doubt.
  • Pleeeeeeeeze, Gavo. You coming for a drink with us later?
  • (science hat on) - you would have had the cold virus before TG

    (science hat off) - tart
  • lol...I like the science!

    Anyone got a spare 6 stamps? Thought not...
  • It's OK - we'll just do what the A-Team used to do with BA every time they flew.

    We'll drug him and wake him up at the start.
  • This here form aint easy to fill in... we send bout thrity quid yes? so whats the donation bit? we expected to send another thirty or what?

    Confused of Monmouth
  • Count - got 12 yesterday in preparation. I could post them to you. Oh. Hang on. We'd be one short then.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Surely exacerbated by wading through water up to my neck, using non-scientific knowledge of course.

    Shamby - sadly not. Still feel like a bag of turkish delight so am going to stay in & feel sorry for myself.
  • Me too! What are the stamps for? HELP!
  • Shambs - we could tell you the secret of the stamps, but we'd have to kill you. Ssssssh. You are better off not knowing.
  • OK Gavo - you'll be missed and Minkey's going to do a mincing demonstration, too.....
  • Thanks, Cougie - I knew I could rely on you!
  • Sham...its a tax dodge. Just send the stamps and Mr Mouse will send you weird stuff.
  • Ah Ha.

    Stamps are to cover Essential News.

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