• GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Steve Bond has just emailed me to ask me to stick his name on the list.
  • hey - just been released from my promise not to do it next year.

    I've got to do it again, just to beat TC and Multi. And now I know what I have to do....

    'Sub 2' er, here we come...
  • Good man Snoop. A complete turnaround in 3 days.
  • Helps the horses eh!

    Helps them do what buy a flat in Monte carlo, or a Bavarian castle.......These ponies are better off than me.....
  • well done Snoops

  •'ll have to catch me mate...I'm planning on knocking off at least 20 200 for me!
  • I've just looked at the website and it seems to be a race for cheats..........all those people cutting across fields etc. Are the tough guys the one's who run by the rules?

    ........and I didn't see a single horse.
  • The girls have got 21 peeps in their team !?!

    No cutting corners for us Dodge. Can we pencil you in ?

    I saw one horse.
  • you need to be there to see the gee-gees - you even get to change in their homes
  • £30 I don't think so. I could live for a month on that. If he slaughters one of the horses and minces it for me to take with me after the race I might think about it.
  • Tough guys eh? Anyone for Trailwalker??
  • Is that a computer game?
  • Dodge there is a stuffed Donkey (it doesn't mince though if that's what you're in to)

    Monsters of Cock? what about the Shermanators?
  • like that dutchie but Monsters of Cock fits better with the Iron Maidens imho
  • ........The M.O.C. knees!
  • FB - that's great, but I think our website name is already taken (if you know what I mean!)
  • is! lol
  • ah yes - see what you mean!! even more reason to keep it for the T-shirts therefore
  • Why stop at T-shirts? Think we could get away with a range of Y-fronts and accessories...
  • Oh dear - time to go home!
  • I'm sure Angelis said he is a definite for next year. Posted on the other thread a couple of days ago.
  • Is it going to be cowboys n inkybums again, d'you know?

  • Jj, I'm sure Mr Mouse will think of something else. You seem a bit keen to know what revealing costumes might be worn, might give people the wrong idea!
  • Nah. Jus' like cowboys! (and rather partial to Apaches now, too, but sshhhhh. Don't tell anyone)
  • I shall be 50 in August sooooooo:-

    I should be ready to enter my second childhood!!! ( Some may think I never finished the first one!!)

    This is possibly a maybe! I think! .. but I'm not sure!

    Perhaps Barkles will give me a lift if he comes through Bromsgrove on the way up.

    So I've got a 50/50 chance of getting there!!
  • What's up Crashie didn't you know you'ed entered??

    p.s. Bromsgrove Leukaemia 10k is May 16th but I will be in North Wales but if I'm OK from FLM will do DK 10k Weds 5th May.
  • Heehee

    A valentine for a Tough Guy:

    #My love, you take my breath away...

    What have you stepped in to smell this way?#
  • Tee hee. Jj - it's Jesus Warriors II for 2005. Nooo idea what that means though.
  • hmmm

    Sounds a bit godly to me. Don't know if I'll feel right going phwoaaarr at peeps dressed in thorny crowns...
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