water crossing, wet feet?

I am curious about those trails run in the States and some fell running in the Uk. I see pics about nuttyrunners with their knees well into the water and I like it. But ... what abut the feet? How d´ya manage to keep sole skin in good conditions and avoid blisters, splashing shoes and bad feelings down there?

I tried once in a 50 miler and the organisers lent us some towels but I chose to cross the river with the shoes´n socks round my neck. Options? Compeed stuff? plastic bags?


  • nah just do it, your feet are waterproof!!
  • Luis your obviously based somewhere hot - you lucky man.

    I have done long 5 hour marsh covered moor runs/treks with soaking feet from almost the word go. Like everything else you just get used to it - there isnt much point trying to avoid a stream if your running shoes / feet are already wet through.

    ...and almost all the cross country /fell running at this time of the year over here gives you soaked feet in no time.

    On Sunday the first 500m of a cross country half marathon took you through a long unavoidable stretch of ankle deep water. That was followed by 12 odd miles of ankle deep wet mud. Apart from my feet looking very wrinkly when id finished and having to bin a pair of socks there where no other ill effects !
  • Then, no reason to worry. We have other problems indeed such as running in high 90s while the rest of spaniards is having some beer and tortilla in a terrace :)

    I read somewhere that it is a good trick to get used to walk barefoot (at home, garden, your lane)... for it makes your soleskin somehow stronger. Unless your garden is wet, your street is wet... o guys, it reminds me years in Britain.
  • Sealskinz socks are good - not waterproof per se but act like a wet suit to keep your feet comfy
  • Luis, you must come over and do the Grizzly with us!! if I remember correctly you have family in the South West of England?
  • When I'm in my fell shoes I don't worry re wet feet. I have never had problesm. I suspect this is because the shoes are designed for this and both the fit and materials help.

    It's quite liberating to be able to plough through the mud and the wet and not worry

  • Moe, yes my "family" is based near Harwich ESSEX. I spent there 5 to 6 summers in a row and got used to this (to English, not to running). :) So.. Grizzly? let me read about that. Link please?
  • Luis, here you go.

    The Grizzly
  • Ah, ok, the guys from the Midsummer Dream Pub run.. I get the idea. Maybe 2005 is worth a trip to grizz those paths.
  • Any 'normal' person would prefer to travel over for the Midsummer Dream than the Grizzly!

    MSD is on the 19th of June this year, I can get you an entry form if you like?

    We are really looking forward to Avlia in November, how is it all going? We are planning an ultra run for June (check the link), hopefully we will recover by November!!

    Route 66
  • Moe, my 2004 agenda is absolutely full. Thanks for the offer for MSD but travelling implies loads of arrangements and my partner is more for packing holidays in one or two big chunks (and my 17-month twins prefer beachy and hot weeks all along summertime).

    Avila is fairly good, we have reached the 180 entries and in short time the magic 200 number will be reached (I will bounce the thread up some day). Promise some English translation of the next test training, probably in late March.
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