ok to train the next day after a race

Just wondering what everyones views . Did the Kingston 8 miler yesterday, and after the race felt fine. I'm entered a race next Sunday which is a 10 miler.
So what I would like to know is do I run/cross train tonight or not ?
Please be gentle as I'm a relative new to all this, BTW my time was 1hr12min for the 8 miler at a8:45 /mile pace with a hr at 163 bpm and I'm 35.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Probably not, would be the best advice, unless:

    1. 8:45 is your normal or not much faster than your normal training pace, and you ran the race in an "easy" time.

    2. 163bpm is less than 85%ish of your MHR

    3. Your HR this morning was within a couple of bpms of your normal.

    If so, an easy recovery run tonight would not do much harm. Otherwise treat yourself to a rest - you deserve it for a good time in your race.
  • Thanks Nessie
    163 is less then 85% which is 168, I set my HRM at betwenn 80% and 85% and off I ran, though thought I could have gone a bit quicker.
    Did a half marathon early this year with 70%-75% and I was doing 8:20 a mile, but I was trainging for the FLM at the time
  • I quite often do - but it is normally in the form of a recovery swim or maybe swimming drills – I try not to run the next day especial if I’ve raced a 10k or a fast 10-miler – too much pain from Lactic Acid – The swimming helps (Even the day after a Tri)
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