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Hello all!

I'm so fortunate to have been offered an amazing oppurtunity to be mentored by the knowledgeable Angela I of #Irunsuccess! Thanks to Sean for suggesting me and coming up with the idea as well. Naturally I bit her hand off. image

If you don't know me from Superman's Asics 26.2 sub 3.30 thread I'm basically a Scottish, ginger running nut. I live in Cambridgeshire at the moment and I'm currently serving in the RAF. I made the last 5 of the sub 3.30 group for the Asics 26.2 competition last year. I just got married as well so life is good at the moment. Now that all the drama of that is gone I'm ready to get back into my running!

I missed the sub 3.30 by five minutes this year at Manchester and I'm determined to get it in 2016. We thought with the absence of the Asics 26.2 competition this year, we could give it a run for it's money and still offer a forum which documents a journey which we can learn from through the expertise of Angela and all of you, the forumites! I learned so much from Superman's Asics 26.2 thread last year. Not just from the Asics team but from all the contributions of normal runners on the forum like me. It'd be great to hear your personal journeys to a target time at a Spring marathon as well whatever your target time!

So it's early days yet and I don't really know what Angela has in store for me. I'm looking forward to knuckling down now and building back the endurance and fitness that seems to have deserted me after a bit of a break from running whilst I was on honeymoon. I have a few races already lined up including an ultra in January. The Country to Capital ultra which is 45ish mile run from Wendover into the capital. So it won't be the most orthodox journey to a Spring marathon but I'm confident of still being in good shape come April. Sub 3.30 shall be mine!!!




  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Awesome! image

    Do I need to dye my hair ginger in order to hang around here? If so I may struggle. I do have an orange vest if that counts?

  • Its a niche market Malcs. All hair colours welcome or amounts of hair welcome! image

  • Good Afternoon folks!  Looking forward to this journey.  Those of you who already follow my social media pages, and indeed have followed me on the last few years on these threads will know, I'm quite keen on getting the ball rolling early for a spring Marathon, and usually start my training now-ish.

    As Gingermagic mentioned, I run a personal training business in Colchester, and an online Run Coaching business,, which enables me to help runners where ever they are in the world.  Although world domination has not yet happened image

    My favourite people to coach are marathon runners!  And I've had great success, with both my previous forum mentees (not manatees, as my husband thought I said), achieving their marathon goals.

    I love helping runners to achieve their goals, and if I could do it for free, I would.  In fact, all the great content on my website and on the social media pages is free, and I will post on here from time to time to highlight new content.  

    I make my money by personal training, and providing coaching for runners.  And I'm going to be honest, I'm hoping that this thread will have a positive impact on my business.

    So, from time to time, I will also post about things you can buy from me, be it coaching packages, seminars, workshops or even books.  If you want to buy these things great!  If you don’t, no problem, you can still access all the free stuff on and on facebook, twitter and youtube.

    So, step 1 is for Gingermagic and I to have a talk on the phone to determine his goals, his current state of fitness, and the time he has available to train, as well as what his training likes and dislikes are.  GM, I've already sent you my scheduler - perhaps its gone into your junk mailbox?  If so, I'll email you separately with more times.

    And if anyone else thinks they might like some online coaching for their spring marathon, please fill in the form here, and I'll be in touch if I think we could be a match!


  • Phew, glad about the freedom of hair colour - red so doesn't suit me image

    Excited to have a new place to hang out and to follow Ginger's progress.

  • Very exciting Angela!

    Unfortunately I can't access my 'civvy' e-mails while I'm at work. I also work in a very dark corner of Norfolk where 3G is just a dream! I'll have a look tonight and I'll be in touch. 

    Can't wait to get started! image

  • Hey Chicksta!

    Good to have you here! Yeah, I'm sure there's a rule about having too many redheads in one place anyway! image


  • Ahh, fair enough GM.... one of my cousins used 'being in Norfolk for a weekend' as a reason he couldn't be contacted when he went to Canada to ask his girlfriend's (now fiance's) mother for permission to ask her daughter to marry him so I will accept your delay in responding... just this once image

    Hmmm... no civvie emails, but RW forums ok . . . interesting! 

    ps - you all know I'm half ginger, right (if ginger can be considered an ethnicity)!!! image 

  • good luck..

    from the phrase in the absence of the asics competition do I take it there is no competition this year........

  • Hahaha honestly! Yep, it's strange. The MOD prefers me to scive on RW rather than checking my emails. I'll sort you out with my work email address. image

    Half ginger!? This is going to be good! image

  • Thanks Seren.

    Aye, no Asics 26.2 this year. image

  • It's great this forum is up and running already, its going to be great following you along the way GM.

    Does Angela offer a free store day, like the Asics compimage

    Malcs, Any news on Mr Puffy stepping in to replace Ruth on nutritional advice image

  • GM- how far/fast are you currently running and what are your 5K 10K and HM PBs?  I'm running Brighton next year and would like a Boston PB (sub 3:30 by the time I get to apply).

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes, sadly there will be no probing for you this year Seren image  

    It's a shame as it always created a bit of a buzz.

    Are you doing Llanelli this year? 

    Sean - lol, don't push it! 

    Yes, Mr P has already agreed to share everything he knows....providing it involves pies. 

    GM - excellent, I will stick to my standard silver stubble then image 

    Angela - great that you're able to do this. Excited for GM but also for you too. I hope it'll show people what a difference dedicated coaching can make. 

    FerrousFerret - ooh Boston, Angela will love that! image

  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks to you and Angela its a reality! It's great to have you onboard.

    Yeah, Angela when's store day!? image

  • Malcs..........Yes I have entered Llanelli already and am going for a a long hard winters slog ahead of me to try and get one though  image

     Think I should just wait another year and have an easier target  image


  • Hi FerrousFerret. At the moment I'm kind of at square one. The last couple months have been a bit turbulent. Before though I was averaging maybe 35/40 miles a week. I'll be looking to step that up significantly for the races I have ahead.

    My 5k is 20:26, 10k is 43:05 and Half is 1:37:05. I've not really given myself a fair crack at these distances this year as I've kind of become obsessed with ultras. I've been plodding most of the year. image Boston would be incredible! What about yourself, what are you're PB's at the minute? 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Awesome Seren! lol - who wants an easy target? image

    If we're back in the homeland I'll be sure to come and support. 

    GM - I reckon there are big chunks to be knocked off those 10K and Half times. Sub 20 5K has got to be a dead cert too with some decent training. 

  • Ferrous: your avatar is going to give me nightmares image

    Agree, Boston is a bucket list must-do image been lucky enough to run fast in 2013 so I qualified for 2014 image
  • I think so too Malcs. Like Seren though I've got some hard work to do over the Winter. I'll give myself a good chance though with the training ahead and the introduction of more strength work and the banishing of a few bad habits. 

    It'll be great to have Mr P onboard as well, as the bad habits mainly involve my diet. Although if it involves pies it sounds like I'm on the right track already.

    Just about to put my hat in the ring for one of my bucket list races, Berlin.

    Angela, appointment made. image 

  • Good to see this happening, I think we should start as we mean to go on, with a few beers and some duck spring rolls that I was saving for half time in the Chelsea game.

    I'm so disappointed  I can't join in at the moment but a soon as the hernias are sorted I will be back out there.






  • Good luck Ginger, i will watch with interest. 

  • Just re-reading the forum.

    Angela - Are you offering your service for free, to other people on this forum as well?

  • Morning all.

    Think I'm going to enjoy your nutritional advice Mr P.

    Thanks Dave. I think it's going to be a great forum. You know yourself what mentoring can do for your running and for others following.
  • Berlin is a great one, Ginger. I did it in 2008 when there was no ballot yet. It was easy to get into back then ... think I entered in May or so and had no problems getting a place. Those were the days ...

    Hi DD image great to see familiar faces on here

  • Yeah I'd love to do Berlin. Ah, why did running become so inclusive! I could have a place nailed on. image

    I love visiting Germany. In particular Bavaria, my wife is originally from Salzburg so we get to visit quite often. They've just got life right down there. Have you run Munich before Chicksta? I might have a look at that for the future. 

  • Good luck from one of Angela's previous manatees, Gingermagic. And good luck on getting into Berlin, I did it as my first marathon and it's probably still my favourite.

  • Thanks HellsBells! Manatees. image 

    I'm due a bit of luck with a marathon ballot I think. I've been knocked back from London 4 times after this year. Fingers crossed! Never been to Berlin either so it would be a nice wee city break as well.

  • All the best GM, as a fellow Scot hoping to break 330 in Manchester next year, I will be following this with interest....

    Ps - I have a wee bit of Ginger stubble so hope that qualifies me to be in the club! image

  • Cheers Sesamoid! Aye there'll be some cracking advice on here for sure to help get that sub 3:30. Is it your first time at Manchester? It's probably the best marathon in the UK to get that PB so you're halfway there already. Great atmosphere in places as well and great to finish outside Old Trafford.

    There's a bit of ginger in everybody! image

  • Haha - that's certainly the case up here!

    Although will be 5th Marathon, it will be my first time at Manchester, chosen specifically for PB potential!  PB currently at 3.51 so a lot of work to do. I know I am capable with the correct training but I had a second ankle operation a couple of months ago, which has knocked me back again but determined to get my sub 330! It's slow and easy for me at the minute but I am up to 6 miles at around 9m/m - but I am being 100% positive in nailing this! Plenty time to get it right!! image 

    It's nice just to be talking about running again as I have been avoiding anything to do with it whilst I was healing!  

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