Hi i am hopeing to do the FLM for the first time next april and would be grateful for any advice anybody could give me on training for the run.I completed the GNR for the first time in 2hr 10mins and felt quite good afterwards.How many miles should i be doing each week and how far should i be looking to do on my long sunday runs ? I am not looking to break any records in the marathon just to finis in 4 - 5 hours.
Thanks Dean


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Try looking at the schedules in www.halhigdon.com. They give a pretty good idea of how you should progress distance wise in the build up to a marathon.
  • I second Nessie's tip. I used Hal Higdon's marathon schedule to plan my long runs, and followed the increase in weekly mileage roughly according to his plan. (can't remember but I think it was the beginner schedule).
    Worked for me in that I didn't get injured or overtrain, and got through a reasonable first marathon.
  • I third(?) Nessie and Laura's tip. I've used his Intermediate I schedule this time around for Dublin and everything has gone really well.

    Mind you, I'll probably be cursing it at 22 miles in 2 weeks time!

    Seriously though, they're very good.

  • Having completed 2 half marathons this year in just under 2 hours with a friend who went onto complete the London Marathon this year - your time of 4 hours may be a little optimistic for your first. She completed in 4 hrs 30 mins and therefore my advice would be to respect the distance and enjoy it rather than go for a specific time! Although with training you should be able to get within your target of under 5! You could always go with one of the RW pacer groups on the day and also hook up with these guys in the races before hand which is an excellent way to ensure you achieve your target! Good luck for the day! Hopefully I'll be there with you!
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