Improving breathing on speed sessions

I've been reading my old training diaries to see what sessions worked well/not well.

On reading I found a common pattern with my speed sessions, which was that my legs are strong and can keep good speed, but my breathing gives out before they tire. I know the whole point of speed work is to go at a pace that makes your breathing hard, but how can I improve my breathing so that I can go longer at speed?

BTW it seems that this was more evident over short reps of half to a mile, when running at about 5k pace.


  • Not particularly about breathing and speed sessions, but I have found Erratics advice on breathing techniques (lung capacity and speed thread)really helpful overall. It has helped me to concerntrate on my breathing when I'm running hard.
  • Thanks Patouka. I realised after I'd posted this thread that you had one similar on the go.
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