Events on the same day

Something that has really annoyed me this year has been the number of Sundays when nothing happens then suddenly you get 2 or 3 races on the same day.

Yesterday was a good example with both the Bronte 9 mile trail race and the Harewood 10 mile trail race. Why not a week apart? This,however, was not by any means the worst example.

Earlier in the year we had 3 races on the same day: The Pudsey 10k challenge, Harrogate 10k and the Skipton 10K. I did all three last year but had to choose one this year.I cant believe any of the clubs involved benefitted from the duplication. In fact, last year Harrogate stopped accepting day entries. I'll bet they didnt this year.

Finally, and this really did annoy me,The Leeds Marathon/Half Marathon was held on the same day as the Leeds Race For Life. Many women, my wife included, had to choose one or the other. Who exactly benefits from such poor organisation?

Is this a Yorkshire thing? More importantly what are the clubs involved doing to ensure the debacle isnt repeated next year?


  • not a Yorkshire thing - there has been traffic on this forum regarding the clash of Chester Zoo and City of Liverpool 10K's - both went off yesterday.
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