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  • 247 grammes !

    When you put it like that though...

    Has anyone weighed their bike ? Pal has the Trek OCLV and he can't get it anywhere near the weight that the mags report it to be.

    (maybe I shouldn't have pumped water into his tyres though)
  • My Carbon TCR weighs 16.5 pounds with Head Stinger wheels on it and a Dura ace/ultegra mix groupset!!

    Sorry! thats with Tri-bars!!!!
  • ********* !

    And full water bottles presumably !?
  • Not quite!!

    The TCR 100 that i have here would weigh almost that with full bottles!!

    But then it should for £8000!!

    Must stop talking bikes now and go out and join the Chaingang and beat my brains out!!!!
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