Yateley 10K report

The Yateley series managed to finish with a bang as for the third time in the series it rained, this time in bucket loads. It waited for us all to line up at the start and then stopped forty minutes later after a nice lightning show. The rain was ankle deep is places and the finishing line was mostly underwater.

I managed to meet up with Dustin and at some detrement to his own time he stayed with me for 8k. The course is slightly undulating but generally easy.

Dustin finished in around 43:15 and BlueKnees in 43:52, a PB.

Many thanks to Dustin for his personal sacrifice, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Apologies to those that ran this race and I didn't get to meet.


  • Electric Performance Blue Knees and Dustin - well done!
  • Impressive times, both. Well done!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Well done Blue Knees and Dustin, sounds like ideal race conditions.
  • Yeah I hear that storm from Reading last night - it was a corker!
    Well done guys - doing times I can only dream about!!
  • Thanks ladies, it certainly was an experience.

    How's the running going Fraggle?

    Laura L, which Asda? You had me worried because there is indeed an Asda with a roundabout near me
  • Great job Dustin & Blue Knees

  • Yes nice one to everyone. Not sure how I managed to PB at 38-36, especially when running up a River at 10k. Did everyone get out of the car park ok?
  • Congtats on your time its excellent. Yes left fairly early in order to get out before it turned into a quogmire (spelling).

    I've never run in anything like it. Perhaps Paula Radcliffe was right about running in the rain and more oxygen
  • Yes, probably as I felt really good at a faster pace. I think its 'quagmire', but 'mudbath' or 'lake' would suffice. I think it was you I saw you walking round before the start, glasses and supports on both knees? I take my glasses off to run so its hard for me to see much in focus!!!
  • BK running is going fine - current long run is twice round a 3ish mile loop from lower caversham up around the BBC monitoring station and down again...and it's getting easier each time I do it, yee har! The Rivermead thingy is a 14 week course starting with a couple of miles and building up to the 13, so probably not your thing, but I think I'll do it to get some company for those long winter training nights!
  • I'm glad some had a good race, I had a mare, for some strange reason had to stop twice with a really bad stitch. Finished in a disappointing 53:30ish. Wish I had stayed at home. Currently vowing never to run a 10K again.
  • Jeffsy - yes that was me. Glasses and thunder storms don't go. Come and have a chat next time

    Fraggle - I'll find out if the training course caters for all speeds. If it involves speed work then I would be interested. I like meeting people so don't count me out

    Slowmo - We all have good and bad races. My last two races were awful. Stick at it
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Good to meet up with BK last night,lovely weather conditions , at least we all could pretend to be Paula, although I bet she didn't have to get her car out of a mud soaked field....
    As mentioned elsewhere I was thinking about beating the pb of 42.03 but after Sundays trail race (different post) the legs have remained achey all week so in a 'get the excuses in early' style I decided to run steay and see how I felt towards the later stages.
    Fortunately met up with BK and after taking in the first Km in less than 4 minutes we adopted a puddle avoiding steady run technique until my shoelace slipped undone at around 7km.(Some going with a triple knot).
    Caught up with BK again , and decided to swim in the last 2k and finish in around 43.13 , a time I would have accepted beforehand. I will run sub 42 this year (I hope) but perhaps when the elements are more kindly.

    Just off to put the Asics in the tumble drier - again!

    Good to see you BK and congrats again on the pb!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    slow mo,
    sorry you didn't have a good race. Don't let it put you off, it happens to us all at times. I've had a few myself this year, just put it down to experience and focus for the next one. Good luck and happy running!
  • hilly, thanks I know you're right. I would hate to finish on last nights effort. Must have been feeling sorry for myself this morning, already thinking about doing another. That 50 min barrier will not beat me (yet!).
  • That's the spirit, go out and get it
  • Can anyone get onto the Sandhurst Joggers website? It doesnt work and I always like to check for the results. Can anyone help?
    PS Slowmo - I've had some mares in the past but who cares, you have to stick with it.
  • Jeffsy the pictures and results aren't up yet
  • Thanks. I had guessed that, but I still can't get onto their site!
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