Good running watch required

Hey all,
I need to get a decent running watch. I've read the RW articles but looking for some personal recommendations from the Triathlon scene.

Requirements in order of importance
1)Easy to use and read.
2)30 or more lap counter.
3)At least 2 different length counter timers. For interval training, yipee!!! :-(
4)Record more than one run.

From the RW article on running watches the Nike Triax range comes to mind. Any opinions? What about the Timex Ironman models?

All the best,


  • Avoid timex like a festering, seeping wound... my biggest waste of money on running kit...FACT!
  • My Timex Ironman watch has been perfect for 2 years now. V impressed with it. And only about £30
  • Im like Frank Spencer for looking after stuff and my Timex is 1 yr old and still going strong!

    Though that is the speed & distance model!!
  • I'm with Timex to.
    30 lap memeory, large digits, run in it, cycle in it, shower in it.
    Oh and it keeps almost perfect time compared to my radio linked alarm clock
  • Yeah - the new timex ironman sleek range gets my second timex so far and been impressed with both....better than overpriced nike rubbish (i had a bad experience with nike hrms) although some of those nike watches do look pretty cool...
  • Timex gets my vote everytime over Nike.
  • The Timex Ironman 30 lap watch seems to be a favourite and at £30ish is within my budget. Does it have 2 different count down timers to allow for interval training?
  • Been looking around the web for a Timex Ironman. Noticed that there exists a Timex Ironman 30 lap watch and also a Timex Ironman "Triathlon" 30 lap watch. Anyone know which one is better and why?
    Thanks once again
  • I have the times ironman with the HRM. The watch has been back to times twice, and on the second return it was replaced free of charge. There customer service is quick as the watch was back within a few days everytime. The watch is great, good functions and easy to use. The one complaint I do have though is the HRM strap. I find it tight. I do not have a massive chest, about 43" and the strap is tight and sometimes uncompfortable when I am breathing hard. There is not much room for adjustment on it. I previously had a 'cardio sport' watch with HRM and found the chest strap to be much better.
    With only one minor fault in the strap, I would vote for the Timex.
  • I've got the 100 lap one and that's got two timers - don't know about the 30 lap one though..
  • Timex HRM wasn't fantastic - it kept picking up stray readings, I had to change the battery twice in 10 months and eventually lost the chest strap. Currently using a cardiosport Xtreme - OK but to totally eradicate spurious signals you'll have to cough up the money and go for a polar.
    Does anybody know of a watch that you can programme with target split times and it will then calculate at each mile (or k) marker the average speed you need to run over the remaining distance.
    For example, say you are aiming to run 10k in 40 minutes so you programme in 4 minute split times. At the first k marker your actual split time is 4:09 so your watch should then adjust the remaining splits to a target of 3:59 per k for the remaining 9k.
    I've just re-read the above...does anybody know what I'm talking about?

  • Got the Timex Flix Ironman Triathlon (100 Lap Memory, ) a couple of weeks before Xmas for £24 from Argos. Well pleased with it!
  • sorry my message above should state timex, not times.....
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