Cycle training

I've just begun training for my first sprint tri and have been doing 3 cycling sessions a week on the stationary bike in the gym. I'm wondering how I can most usefully use these sessions.

At the moment I'm considering 2 60 minute sessions (one hills, one speed) and 1 90 minute session of intervals for endurance. When I get a real bike (asap) I'd then replace the 90 minute session with a real bike ride.

Does this sound sensible? Is it enough? Any advice? Thank you in advance!


  • How long is the bike leg of the sprint ?

    Not really used the stationary bikes in the gym unless injured - not very like the real thing. But - if that's all you have...

    Can you do spinning classes ?

    If I was doing this stuff on a Turbo - I wouldn't ride for longer than an hour at the most. It's hard work. I'd imagine the stationary bikes to be the same.

    Are you using a pulsemeter ?
  • Go allong to you local cycing club and partake in the club 10s these will give you a great edge for speed in sprints

    But after you complete your 10 - junp off you bike, swap your shose and run abou 1.5-2.5 miles

  • I'm doing sprint or 'fast twitch' distances this summer as the training is easier to fit in for me.

    At the moment I only do 2 turbo sessions a week of between 30-60 mins. Next month when the weather gets a bit nicer I'll venture back out on the roads.

    I've enquired about going along to a local bike club, but not sure I'd fit in with their 'elite' attitude!

    The bike leg of most sprint distances aren't normally more than 22 miles and most being less than that.

    I'm sure you'll have good fun mooncalf, it's a good distance and doesn't take too much out of you.

  • Aren't Olympic bike legs 25 miles ? SO I would have thought that the Sprint legs would have been a lot less than that. But could be wrong ! ;-)

    Bike clubs can be a bit elitist I'm afraid. There were guys in my club who wouldn't talk to me until I'd given them a kicking on the hills !

    Hilly - lend us your bike, go onnnnnn !
  • how do you do 60 mins on a gym bike?thats got to be illegal or peverted! beg or borrow a bike youll improve faster than pants armpong up l`alpe d`huez,and stay cool,and sane!
  • I once did 60 mins on a gym bike. Reading the paper.

    (but I was twiddling on Level 2 or something to get my legs back after a 20 mile run)
  • i ve got my turbo trainer set up in a shed with a tv video play station heater fan and supply of drinks a saddle it took years to choose a bike ive spent abomb on to get right /comfy(ha ha ha } and still would struggle to do an hour on!{not phisicaly but mentally)
  • sorry, physically (red wine !!!)
  • mooncalf saddles arnt verry kind on stationary gym bikes!
  • Thank you all for your advice. I did an hour down the gym this morning - I've discovered if i go early enough I don't wake up for the first half hour. I'm acquiring an over-detailed knowledge of the works of Britney Spears though.

    To be honest I'm slightly scared of getting a real bike and cycling on the roads with traffic in the dark and rain at this time of year so I was hoping to stay in the relative safety of the gym until, as Hilly says, the weather gets a bit nicer.

    In answer to all the questions:
    The bike leg of the sprint tri is only 20k, I don't have a heart-rate monitor, I don't have access to spinning classes, I don't think I'm ready for a proper cycle club yet (I'm sure they'd insist on my owning a bike as a basic entry requirement) and the uncomfiness of gym bikes saddles was one of the first things I noticed about them.

    What is a turbo trainer?

    Thanks again!
  • I'm learning a lot about how US stars live thanks to MTV at the gym. Very nice to show us round their houses - I would have thought it makes it soooo much easier for stalkers and burglars.

    OK - 20k is only 12.5 miles, so the elite would blitz that in half an hour, but most people would prob do it in under an hour.

    As you haven't got a bike, or spin classes, then the gym bike is a good enough start for you. I wouldn't try 60 minutes though - that would destroy you - too hot and too hard indoors.

    Start off with 30 minute sessions, and then work your way up to 45minutes or so, but make sure you are working pretty hard. You should be able to talk, but not constantly.
    It's easy to take it a bit too easy on the gym bikes.
  • Cougie I was going to say i'd give you a ride if you were ever in my area, but then thought that could be misinterpreted!!

    Anyhow it's a small bike for a small female-sorry:o)

    The 8 'fast twitch' races I've got planned have bike distances of 15, 20, 14, 22, 20, 16, 18, & 15 miles. I'm not a fast rider so won't be anywhere near the front!

    In fact the only thing I'll be good at is the running.
  • a torbo trainer is a type of doule a frame with a roller and a resistance device you place your own bikein so you can train on your own bike/saddle,just type it in and take a for riding at night,bike lights are fantastic these days so bright and lightweight they even look cool.....
  • Even with night lights I'd still not feel safe out riding at night.

    I just wish motor vehicle drivers were more considerate!
  • hilly ,i get just as much trouble in day light as at night ,you just have to find a suitable night route,still better than a turbo trainer.
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