British Military Fitness

Has any one attended any BMF classes or assessments, what do they consist of and how good or relevant are they for runners? Any views or opinions welcomed.


  • Never been on one myself but what I've seen of them they seem quite good and Army PTIs are pretty good at whipping people into shape.
  • I did BMF at Battersea Park from March through to September with a group of friends and really enjoyed it.

    The group was normally split into 3, slow, intermediate and fast, you could categorize the groups as unift, standardly fit and the whippets! If there were not enough people or instructors to split up then the fast group would do more repetitions and the slow fewer, etc.

    Generally we would warm up for 15 minutes or so then run around the park doing various things at different points. Each class was different, even if you got the same instructor. Some sessions concentrated on "standard exercises", ie; dips, sit-ups, press ups and some on more running issues, ie; hill sprints, fartlek, etc.

    In essense you would work "hard" in the exercises and "recover" in the movement periods between exercises. The exercise sections you could push yourself as hard as you wanted. Each class lasted for an hour.

    Very intense CV work - certainly would not push myself that hard on my own and good fun. Although sometimes I only realised I had actually enjoyed it once I had finished (I think sometimes I would get so angry with the instructors I would try extra hard "just to show them" - not too sure if that was deliberate on their part or not).

    The numbered netball bibs allow the instructors to give individual feedback as the class was progressing.

    There was also a social element organised occassionaly of a post session pint!

    I am considering going back again in the spring.

    e-mail me if you want to know more...
  • If nohing else, it breaks up traditional running training with a bit of variety and is quite good fun. They probably still let new people come along for a free try-out session.
  • Thanks for that DTs - am considering going along for a try out session at Greenwich Park. Running is currently my only form of exercise (apart from some core stability work which I suspect I'm not doing terribly well). Anything I can do to develop and improve core stability would be beneficial - am spending too many weeks in the year sidelined through running related injuries.
  • Definately good for core stability. If Greenwich is like Battersea then you should have a great time.

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