Seriously embarassing pictures from Robin Hood now on the web for all to laugh at

At the risk of great personal embarassment, I'm mortified to announce that the pictures from the Robin Hood Half and Full Marathons are now on the web.

They can be found here



  • Further pictures are available at
  • My photos came through in the post on Saturday. It would have been a good picture as I was smiling but the guy next to me looks so grumpy!
  • I'm actually using my photo from the actionphoto webpage and am now using it on Runnersworld! See right!
  • have tried looking at this but get prompted for a race that the only way to get to see photos from the race?
  • Yes but you can virtually type in any number between 1 and 12000 and get some decent photos from the race of different people.
  • have been doing that this lunch hour with pics from the Chester Zoo 10K.
    Actually was hoping to look at the Robin Hood pics to see if there was any physical resemblence between MM and a jar of his favourite yeast extract ;-)
  • Oh my god!
    I'm in on the site for the Robin Hood fiasco! I died in the last 6 iles and there is a photo of me with my head down, looking very dejected, as well as one of me holding onto my (by that time) aching back. Guess which ones I won't be keeping!
    By the way, I am currently enjoying not training, as my calf muscle and hamstring attachments are giving me gyp, probablt due to the marathon (first one ever)!
    Curse that photographer!
  • Hello again!

    The leg and calf aren't the only things giving me gyp, this bloody keyboard is dying on me! 26 miles and 26 letters, all ganging up on me!
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