MK marathon 2016

hi is anyone else signed up for the MK maratho 2016?



  • Hi Stephen.  I'm in. I ran the first one in 2012. I'm hoping the weather next year will be slightly less biblical image 

    I'm glad to see they've made some course changes over last year's course, so less time is spent in the town centre.

  • Hi Tenjiso, I'm going to enter today. I agree the route looks better than when I did it in 2014. Only slight downside to new route is there might be less support along the way however my PB was run in a low key Marathon with low support.


  • I'm in mainly as I got a place as one of their running reps so I have to do a blog post every so often for them, about my training, I got free entry, t-shirt and hoodie. So I'm in image only trouble is I'd already signed up for a marathon the week before, and an ultra the week after, so I'm going to be going as slowly as humanly possible. 


  • Welcome aboard book trunk. Just use the MK marathon as a training run for the ultra!!!!

  • That's pretty much the plan image 

    I've ran it a couple of times, and enjoy it, as you say it looks quieter it's going more around the outskirts of the town, so less underpasses and sharp turns, and no more long but not very steep hill at 24 miles.


  • the MK marathon eyeballs out, and use the Ultra for a recovery run. image

    The year I ran the MK marathon was very low on support. I kept seeing the same family who were motoring around the course to cheer on their family member. The expected en-route entertainment was missing too. 

  • image I'll give that some thought! image

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    When is this? And is it flattish?
  • Hi VDOT52- MK marathon is flat/fast and is a possible PB on the new course. Date May2nd (BHM) good race with about 1.5-2k doing the full marathon and about 4K doing half.

    Worth giving a go
  • Early May bank holiday,

    The Facebook group has the new course layout, they have tried to make it even flatter than before, which was flat.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Cheers folks. Looks good. Might have to do the half.
  • NaderNader ✭✭✭

    Looks like a much more scenic route than previously. Miles 15 to 24 are essentially the route of the Winter Half Marathon which was surprisingly well supported when I did it last year despite it being in December. From local knowledge, there is a reasonable downhill at mile 6, a bit of a up and down around 10, and then a bit of a climb (but not enough to really describe it as a 'hill') at 23, but not like the hill at 24 miles last year.

    I didn't do this race last year but came out to watch it as it went past my local and the atmosphere was pretty good. I expect I'll do the same again this year - can't really commit to all the training for a spring marathon as I play hockey through the winter, plus it's just two days before the Silverstone 10k which my company uses each year for it's inter-department challenge...

  • Nader- thanks for info I'm really looking forward to this one now. Going to try and break my PB if all training goes to plan

    Nader could you not put your hockey training into good use as training for this marathon ?
  • NaderNader ✭✭✭

    I find hockey fitness and running fitness are quite different - hockey is great for short fast bursts and mid-distance endurance but not ideal for long distance running. Last year I managed a couple of good half marathon, beating my pb twice over the course of the hockey season based around two runs per week on top of hockey training and hockey match, but I just can't see how I'd get the mileage for a decent marathon in whilst playing hockey as well!

    There are also half marathons in MK in March and July, both of which I am planning on doing.

  • Ive done both of those HM in MK. I'm planning on doing the 20m run in MK which is the same day as the half. I like the July one very scenic but can be very hot!!!
  • After a four year absence doing this again in 2016, I did the first one in 2012.  Did two VLMs but last years was too slow due to sleep and training disruption caused by my wife having a child six days before.

    Doing the P & D plan to make sure I get a GFA this time.

  • Did you do 8m (or more) with 4m @ LT pace today SR? image I'm following the P&D 18 week up to 55m plan. 

    Unfortunately due to recent illness my hopes for a PB have been pretty much scuppered. I can't see me recovering enough of my fitness in time for the marathon, but I'm going to see what I can do. My endurance is okay, but my speed has suffered. I might book an Autumn marathon to go for the PB. 

  • Tenniso- I always find I run faster in a Autumn marathon than Spring. I've entered Berlin which everyone is telling me is PB potential. I'm following a Runners world 16wk program for this one, with 3/4runs 20m or longer for the endurance part. First HM race will be Watford on Feb 7th anyone else doing that one or others in March-April?
  • I'm running the Welwyn Half-Marathon on 20th March, which is six weeks out from the marathon. I booked Watford a two or three years ago and it was cancelled due to snow, so I have yet to run that one.

  • Hi Tenjiso,

    Did 9 including 4 tempo yesterday.  Started a day early to fit in plans later in week.  

    Doing 11 tonight.  Doing the  55 to 70.  Don't expect to get a pb due to not being as fit now as I was in 2013 when I did London for the first time and got my last gfa.  Just want to get under 3.15.



  • Hello all,


    Is this a good marathon for a first timer? I'm looking to do my first marathon this year after a couple of half marathons, and i am currently hitting around 11 miles on my longest runs as part of my training plan.


    Glad to see it's mainly flat, is it well marshaled and organised?

  • Hi Neil. Perfect marathon for you first one. Flatfish course and busy but not to busy.
  • I'm booking it today then


    thank you Stephen

  • I entered this last year as I felt I needed a challenge for 2016. Have run very little in the last few years but have been reasonably quick years ago - 2:47 at London in 2009.

    So I'm starting from sqaure one again having been plagued with calf niggles for many, many years.

    Goals are as follows:

    1. Finish uninjured

    2. Sub 3:30

    3. GFA - sub 3:20

    I'm up to 10 miles at 8min/mile pace - any thoughts on what I could expect to achive by May - injury permitting..?

  • Put your times in the McMillan website they give reasonably good estimates.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Just a quick heads up... you can now book parking on the mk marathon site. 

    Hope everybody's training is progressing well. I've got a 14m run planned for tomorrow to cap-off the third week of my training programme. Hope the ground isn't too icy.

  • I didn't bother booking car park last time as plenty of side streets near. Do u think we need to ad it's getting more popular
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Stephen - I was so glad I had stadium parking the first year (2012) because of the atrocious weather and the lack of facilities for changing. I was able to get out of my wet clothes in the car straight afterwards, rather than suffer hypothermia. I think they've improved the changing situation by opening more of the stadium, so it's less of a concern. Nonetheless, I like knowing I have my car nearby in case of more awful conditions.

  • I too was glad of booked parking in 2012. After 26.4 miles (they added a bit extra to get round the flooding) of storm conditions I was in no state to go hunting for the car.

    Plus it makes things much less stressful when you get there. No frantic search for a space.
  • Thanks for tips on parking.

    willy- based on previous times I would think you will hit your target.

    how is everyone running going. I've completed my base weeks and now this week start to step it up. My longest run will be this Sunday 10m with my midweek runs and spinning class.


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