Spongy Left Calf

Very puzzling.

Find that the muscle feels very weak in the push off. If I stop and try to rotate the ankle I get a kind of spasming shakes type phenomenon in the foot.

First experienced it after running for a train in my work shoes... Also not sure if it relates to a new pair of running shoes I have recently started using...

These are, however my 11th pair of Kayanos and I've never had this problem before.

Am I best to try and run through it to re-strengthen the leg or cancel my plans for a 20 miler on Sunday and swim / bike / total rest instead?

Advice much appreciated.


  • "If I were you, Neil, I'd cancel your normal Friday run, make sure you don't let yourself run for a bus in school shoes and warm up properly before doing your Sunday 20 miler"

    Great thanks - tried all the above and it worked wonders - thanks...
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