What is Wrong?

I am fairly new to running and am currently wearing a pair of Asics 2070 trainers. However, I have begun to get pain on the outside of my left foot. I have always walked with my feet rolling outwards.

Can anybody recommend a good pair of trainers that will allow me to train in comfort for a marathon.



  • Hi Martin

    You really need to go to a specialist sports shop such as Run and Become or Sweatshop and get them to assess your feet. I had trouble for ages and couldnt understand why I had pains in my legs and why I had pins and needles but when I went to Sweatshop they told me it was because my trainers were wrong for me and as I over pronate too they werent the right ones.

    I wear Saucony now, and have never had a problem with them. New Balance are good too.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    2070s are stability shoes, which prevent your feet from rolling inwards too much (most people's do to some extent to provide natural shock absorption). Sounds like you are either a neutral runner or underpronate (i.e. your foot doesn't roll in enough), and may need neutral or cushioning shoes. I agree with Zoe - get yourself along to a specialist shop and get your gait checked out before you get injured.
  • Thank you both. Does anybody know of any good specialist shops in Leicestershire or surrounding areas.
  • Hi Martin

    There is one in Leicester City Centre I believe. I come from there but live in London so havent been shopping there for a while. Its just on the road just off where BHS is where there is Moben Kitchen centre I think.

    If not have a look in the back of runners world asd it is listed there.

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