My first 10K

I ran my first 5K (Flora Light Challenge) this year in 35:18, and have since bettered my time on the treatmill to 34.18. I am however, going to enter the Help a London Child 10K. As this is my first time at 10K, does anyone have any helpful advice, i.e. what pace I should run, and what time I should be capable of. I'm going to run it for fun, just to see if I can survive, but any helpful advice would be appreciated.


  • First of all congratulations on your 5K and good on you for making the decision to go for the 10K.

    There is another thread going in this forum titled "am I aiming too high" or something similar - it deals with the same query you have so it may be worth popping in there and introducing yourself.

    Otherwise there are plenty of good pointers and schedules on this site - you should find one to suit. I did my first 10K on 3 training runs - not exactly an inspired training regime but it did go to show that a 10K training schedule needn't take up a lot of time. Stepping up from 5K isn't that hard, but if you are in doubt as to whether you'll make the distance you may want to try a slightly slower pace than what you're doing for 5K. I'd also try and get off that treadmill and out into the world - it's a lot more interesting, and unless your race is on a treadmill it will be easier to learn your pace outdoors. The treadmill is very kind on your joints and bones but longer term you'll need the conditioning to cope with what you'll experience in your race.

    As for a time goal be wary of aiming for something unrealistic in your first attempt at a distance. It would be useful if you knew what your current 5K time was off the treadmill - that would probably give you a better idea of what you might be capable of. For a first attempt though I'd be tempted to say just finishing would be enough achievement :-)
  • Thanks for the advice - I have been reading the other thread as you suggested, and that has given me loads of ideas and suggestions. I ran 7.5K in the gym last night, and plan to go out on the roads at the weekend. I am now looking forward to the 10K - thanks for your help.
  • 7.5k on a treadmill?! You're a machine!!!

    Good luck for the 10K, sounds like you're well on the way to success.
  • Good luck Katherine. I started with a 33.03 race for life 5k in May and have built up, a bit each month, to 12 miles now.

    I approached all my first distances with a 'get me round' attitude. You are doing really well and, having met the 7.5k distance already, race day would see you through the final quarter. However, there really is nothing better for the mind than having done the distance before race day out in the open air if you can.

    There is a formula to anticipate a 10k time off of a 5k one, but I cannot remember what it is!
  • Katherine

    Well done on your great 5k, I'm sure you'll be fine at the 10k.

    One thought, now the weather has turned colder and blustery you might find it feels harder outside than on the treadmill where the air is still (if not stale & sweaty!). If it happens don't be put off, it's just about acclimatisation it doesn't mean you've got worse or won't be able to do the 10k. Have a great run
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