I am training for the FLM, got a charity place and raring to go. I am worried about my diet though since I am vegetarian and dont think I am eating the right food or enough.

Can anyone recommend what I should be eating at this stage as I am running quite a few miles a week now, and how I can ensure I am not losing out on minerals etc being a veggie.




  • Hi Zoe

    I've been veggie since I was very ickle, have been running off and on for the last 5 years. I bet your diet (if you have been veggie for a while) is probablly better than most. The problem I have had in the past is trying to increase the amount of protein in my diet without also increasing the fat. I tend to try and supplement my diet 2-3 times a week with added protein...figure I need this for recovery. This usually includes adding extra chick peas, kidney beans or soya products to a meal. I also make sure I consume at least some milk (skimmed of course)when training heavily otherwise leg recovery seems to take longer.
    Carbs are no problem!
    I have to admit that despite all this I still seem to be injury prone! I will not take cod liver oil etc which is probablly what I am lacking. I have just started trying a range of multi vits and minerals from Asda that are aimed at veggies...taste and smell disgusting but we will see if they help with injury prevention.
    Good luck with the FLM
  • hi, i totally agree that as a veggie, your diet is probably loads better than most...i'm vegan, and don't think this causes me any problems apart from having to eat a bulky diet to get the calories i need....i'm not sure i'm careful enough really, main foods i eat are bread, loads of soya milk (sweetened and calcium enriched....much nicer ;) oats , rice , random pulses, nuts and stupid amounts of fruit and salads...oh yeh, and coffee and chocolate ;) i seem to manage to run marathons on this, so i'm not complaining!
    i know this sounds a bit limited, but it's just what i like....what i'm trying to say is that i don't think you need to go out of your way to get any missed nutrients....there is the issue of B12 , but supplements are pretty easy...
    i think that being injury prone is just part of being a distance runner...i do find that after long runs i have protein cravings, though....i usually get this from soy....soybeans are nice (though a pain to prepare) but i usually just have a pot of soya custard as it sorts out the sweet tooth as well.....i s'pose this is a bit like your post run milk.....
    good luck
  • Thanks for this at least I am not doing as bad as I thought food wise.

  • Hi Zoe, I'm vegan and don't consider that this causes me any problems at all, in fact I've never felt better. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet and eat enough to match your energy expenditure then you shouldn't need to worry too much about specific minerals etc.

    The only "special" thing I do is that I have a recovery drink (such as REGO) after long runs, which is a convenient way of restocking on carbs and protien without eating loads of food (which I don't really feel like doing after a hard run).
  • I'm veggie most of the time (I will admit to the occasional fish'n'chips and MacDonalds if i'm really desperate). Marmite is good for the B vitamins. i also find the once a month i have a week of taking Iron/vitC and Zinc tablets just to boost the system. Other than that, as the others say, the veggie diet is pretty good for runners.
    Just before the marathon i usually find i'm really hungry all the time. I keep a stock of honey sandwiches and bananas handy and seem to survive.
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