When to increase and by how much

I have just started running again seriously after about 10 years when I was two stone lighter. I have always been fit and exercised 5 - 6 hours per week (aerobics, weights and occasional running). I am slowly losing weight with WW and have lost 11 pounds so far and have got the running bug. I want to progress my training but do not want to do so too quickly and get injured because I am overweight. I am now 5 foot 6 and 11 stone 4. My aim is 9 and a half to ten stone. My current work out routine is :
Monday - 1 hour weights - light more reps
Tuesday - 1 hour yoga class
Wednesday - 10k run (1hour and 2 mins plus 5 mile bike ride
Thursday - 50 mins yoga
Friday - 8 - 10k run
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 5k Races - best time 26.3

I have only ran three races and want to progress to 10k runs but do not want to push too soon because I am that type to go mad.

In essence any suggestions of how much I should up mileage, speed or frequency of runs or should I wait until I lost more weight?



  • Hells teeth Collette, I'm now feeling incredibly intimidated!! Seriously though well done you. Can't give you any advice as I've only been running for 2 days.
  • I think we should be asking you for advice, not the other way around! Good going!
  • I'm going for a little lie down.........
  • hi collette,
    i was wondering how many other people on this forum don't just run in a week. i do the following:
    monday: 1.5hr swim with masters team
    tuesday: 30 minute run (paced/interval)
    wednesday: 1hr swim with masters
    thursday: 30 minute run (hills)
    friday: 1hr with masters
    saturday: rest
    sunday: long run
    at least thats the theory but i'm finding it hard to get out and run in this weather! also, i'm away lots at the weekends and keep missing my long run.

    the general advice on this site seems to be up your milage by 10% or less each week and do one session of interval training a week (either as short sprints with rests in between or running up and down hills). as for the waiting till you loose weight - from what i can tell there seem to be many of us on this site that are overweight and run. as far as i can see theres no reason not to push yourself as long as you (a) pay attention to what your body is telling you and (b) wear a good pair of trainers so you don't pick up injuries as easily.

    i did have a question as well - i seem to be missing my runs alot recently either due to weather or life getting in the way. if i miss my run on tuesday/thursday night could i run on wednesday/friday morning/lunchtime or would that be inadvisabe for an overweight and still fairly unfit female?
  • I think you can mix and match your runs. I, like you, are v busy at work and work as an Area Manager for a Pub Co and work evenings so, although I am useless in the morning, I do have to move my routines around to fit in with work loads so I do not think that would matter.

    Thanks for the advise - I am a bit of a fanatic and could easily run every night and go mad so I thought I would get a feel from others and heed their advise.
  • Hi Susannah, I swim with masters too. Our pool only has one session a week so I picked running to supplement, and I'm now hooked on both!

    I do three sessions a week.

    Tuesday: Running club speed session.
    Thursday: 1hr masters swim
    Sunday: Endurance run (presently 8-12 miles)
  • Collette, I'm like you, I do tend to get over enthusiastic.

    I had to lose 4 stone to get to where I am now..10 stone (and have been for 12 months too..yippee!)I started with swimming and bodymax, but did go 4/5 times a week, building up to the 5k swimathon.

    Since then I decided this regime has to be for life. So, rather than doing something daily, have fitted in less sessions but they are quality ones and always (bar an emergency) take priority.

    What I have found with juggling 2 nippers, self-employment, and an unwell husband, is that it gives me time to unwind, de-stress, and keep fit but the other 'demands' know I shall be out during these times.

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