working at it slowly



  • nice to meet other people as slow as me 11 min miles did 7 today miles that is not minutes
  • My comfy pace is 11 min miles

    unless its a bloody mara or ultra
  • Sorry to hear you're still not 100%, t1, but well done on finishing the Fit to Tun course. Hey, doesn't this mean we can all come to you for advice on fitness matters now??

    Mind if I contribute to this thread now and again? For lazy lou and larraine, trin hits the nail right on the head by talking about investing in some decent kit for running outside. A good thermal base layer is a wise investment, and something to keep the wind off your chest. You don't have to spend a great deal, maybe you've seen the thread about running gear from Aldi? It seems to be very good value for money.

    As well as gloves and a hat being important(no matter how self-conscious you may feel), another thing you could think about is something called a "Buffy". It's a very versatile piece of material which can be worn as a headband, headscarf, neckerchief - there are many combinations. I wear mine as a neckerchief, and it certainly makes me feel a lot warmer, and hopefully it could make you both a lot more comfortable breathing.

    Anyway, it will be spring soon, won't it? Won't it????
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Hi All

    No plod for me today but did manage to walk up the steep side of Pendle Hill with 4.75yo twin 2. I was so proud of her cos it was blinkin' freezing - twin 1, who really feels the cold, had abandoned half way up - and very steep.

    Good to see so many new faces. Spring is definitely in the air - daffodils and lambs were spotted when I waddle d yesterday.

    Night night

  • T1 What part of EA do you come from, lazy Lou and I are from Peterborough! By the way LL and I are related if you had not guessed. LL is my daughter!
  • T1 we used to live in Thetford! Moved back to P/B 10 years ago due to my husbands job!

  • Must be expecting ice here, keep seeing gritting lorries pass by the house. Husband is on a flight to China for a week which means I have to take the dog out in the morning! Argh it's gonna be cold!!!
  • Hi guys

    Well I'm back, I had a very interesting and eventfull weekend!

    There were about fifty of us who attended, we were made very welcome by the organisers of Shelter and the club members.

    I joined in with the slow short run group.

    The SHORT run was EIGHT miles!!

    My vision was pretty accurate, there they were gliding off into the distance and me puffing and panting behind.

    Just as we were setting off, one of my contacts fell out! I had to take the other one out or I may have fallen over, or gone running around in circles!!!

    One of the Harriers dropped back and stayed with the couple of us plodders. We ran !?! across Wimbledon comman and around Richmond Park, I was told that it is a very pretty run...........I just followed the white blob in front.

    We got back in about an hour and a half, I put my glasses on to see who I had been running with!!

    We then had a luvverly lunch, and were given some training advice and how to cope on THE DAY

    Of course I have to pick a weekend to go to London when half the trains and tubes are out of commision. I was given some duff info by one of the tube staff so had quite a tour of the underground on the way there.

    On the journey home, I decided to pay the extra and travel first class! I felt I deserved it, especially as I had resisted the urge to spend loadsa money with Adidas who were offering discounted running stuff.

    You would thing that safely esconsed in first class comfy, roomy, quiet, nothing can go wrong here?

    I went to the loo, when I went to leave..............................

    no handle on the inside of the door!!! I was in a quiet part of the train, the carraige I was in had about three people in it mostly dozing or sleeping.

    I ended up just locking and unlocking the door,hoping that the flashing light would attract someone's attention, at the same time hammering away at the door. Eventually a stewart let me out................. very embarrasing!

    My shin splints are a little tender this morning but they have been worse, so I may go for a jog this evening.

    Must go walk the muppets before the work thing

  • It were the Belgrave Harriers by the way, I couldn't for the life of me remember thier name this morning. I'm going senile!!
    I want to thank them for their kind hospitality and encouragement and advice. Also Shelter they were wonderful, lovely to put faces to names as well.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Well done, CDK. You are a runner. Be gentle on those shins, though. Sorry, but had to laugh at the toilet incident.

    A gentle mile and a half this morning. The sun popped her head up on the final straight and all was well with the world.

    Have a nice day...


  • Hiya. Just had marmite and toast with scrambled eggies, lovely. Did my best plod since begining training again. 4 1/2 miles and only walked twice, briefly. Very chuffed. Car has dodgy wheel this morning so couln't go to gym and use treddie in the warm. Had to give myself a stern talking to about not being a wimp and get outside in the cold wind and plod. Went very slow and managed to keep breathing OK. Hubby mending wheel, staying out of the way, lots of swearing etc coming from his direction. Nice bath in a minuted.
  • Good on you for getting out in the ffrreeezzziinnn' cold, larraine. Hey, why not make it one of your "rewards" for running in the cold - you treat yourself to a nice warm bath afterwards! (You'll probably end-up being the cleanest person in the area!!!)

    Hope hubby mended the wheel okay. It's one of the traits of us men - we like to think we're of some worth, and tackling tricky tasks like mending a wheel (especially if it involves a lot of swearing to make it seem tricky) gives us a much-needed sense of being useful.
  • Thanks Coach. Yess, wheel now mended and I'm mobile again and no screeching noises any more! Took your advice and went along to aldi this afternoon. Bought new socks, jacket,trousers and tee shirt - all for £26. Great stuff. New there'll be no excuse not to get out there and plod in the cold. Coughing a bit now as cold wind plays asthma up but that's something I've got tolive with I suppose.
  • Larraine, the asthma will ease with not smoking, it just takes time.

    Last run was friday night - managed 4 miles (not very long considering it was to replace my long saturday run which I didn't have time for this weekend) BUT I did manage to go considerably faster than usual. Had a bad day which seemed to spur me on and managed to do about 2 miles of 10mm - very impressed with myself, and it felt great going that fast - not used to being able to sustain anything faster than 11mm for more than a few minutes.

    Really tired today though and got such a busy week ahead of me - I'm off to Australia backpacking/working for 4 months, so who knows what'll happen to my running routine? Can't wait to send emails to my friends including phrases like 'got up early and ran along the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning' though. :-)

    T1 - feeling any better today? My glands are starting to expand again and getting a bit tender...if I ignore it it might go away.
  • another 40mins brisk w*lking in the pot - its so lovely to get out at dusk now and it means i can waddle when i get in from wukk - going to aim for 30-40 mins most days and a longer sess on sundays

    to take me thru to the end of march and then set about a w*lk/r8n schedule

    giving it another bash now the days are brighter and longer
  • Hi chaps - quick update if anyone is still talking to me after I depressed everyone...
    Bottled the run friday and saturday - got drunk instead! Went out yesterday for a quick 2 miles with my heart in my mouth. Strapped up my calf as recomended by my osteopath. And fingers crossed so far so good, was a little tender after but nothing during the run. Iced 4 times during the Ireland Wales game and after. And today almost no pain or stiffness. So going to try 4 miles tomorrow and all being well 4 on friday then see how it goes...
  • thanks for the running gear advice trin1- will look into it.
  • Gaz 2 - well done for persisting (as opposed to Friday and Saturday, which sounds as though it was something similar to persistance!! ;-)

    It sounds as though you're extremely tough, mentally - to attempt a marathon even though you "don't really like running" takes a lot of courage. If it's any help, I began my running by deciding to enter the Great North Run a couple of years ago. Same thing really, I "didn't really like running", but it was something to aim for and achieve. I got injured with 2 weeks to go, had to give up the race, BUT ......

    I tried again the following. Now I've come to actually enjoy my running.

    How about taking each run as it comes from now on - each run you do, consider it an achievement. If you still feel up to doing the marathon, good on you. If not, no-one can accuse you of not trying, and hopefully you will have had some fun on the way.

    Sincere good luck.
  • Mornin all,
    Bottled out of my pre-work run today. Alarm went off at 5:45 and as I heard the rain splattering against my window I thought 'nah, another hour's sleep and I promise I'll go out tonight.'

    So haven't been out plodding since friday and actually feeling desperate for a run now, but sruck in work, bah!

    T1 - am feeling much better today. I had glandular fever too, and I think it can bu99er up your glands for a very long time, years and years for some people - mine seem to swell up at the slightest provocation.
    Hope yours are under control today.

    Gaz - well done for keeping at it, you never know, you might not even realise how much you're subconsciously enjoying the running...or maybe you're just not in to this torture malarkey like the rest of us seem to be ;-)
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    I did go for a run in the rain this morning. But I didn't know that it was raining until I was on my way out the door. If I'd known it was raining I might have just been tempted to do some prone stretching!!

    Hope all are well, fag free and have minimum hassle from plodettes

  • Morning all - back from working too much!

    Hi T1 - I was much further south than you in EA as I was near Colchester yesterday but I did use to live in Norwich and was at school there for a couple of years and I do live in a very easterly place now (albeit East Kent and not EA) - in fact go east from my house and you're in the sea. Does this qualify me to be an honorary Eastern member?? The London crowd seem a bit scary reading about their socials!

    Haven't run properly for ages now and a bit cheesed off about it but just so tired at moment. Did 1.5 miles fartlek with muppets Friday night and that's it for the last 10 days... :o(
  • Oh btw caren had to laugh at your loo problem - we had the opposite problem on the train home last night. People went into the loos and just as they were in full whatever the door would open exposing them to half the carriage.....
    kept squashed sardines (sorry the passengers) greatly amused for an hour - assume it continued after I changed trains

    and yes I know it's cruel but given the train problems imposed on us, we passengers were not in a kind mood...sorry!
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