working at it slowly



  • Trin- I always wear my bottle belt with the bottle at the front. The people I run with all wear them round the back.

    I like to drink without having to stop running, and I suspect that my coordination could not cope with reaching behind me whilst still trying to plod onwards.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    I think the bottle belt goes at the back. My other two (double) bottle belts are definitely rear loaders. Better not make a beginners' mistake now that you're a big cheese in the running scene down there ;-)

    No chance of squeezing into an XS t-shirt then?


  • Hi

    Jammie - just how far North are you to be snowed in with blizzards?? Not much fun with sulky kids I imagine

    Belt people - bottles at back! Some are slanted which makes it easier to get them in and out

    XB - phew thank goodness - someone who spent more than me - I got 2 shorts, 1 capri pants and 2 pairs of socks for £20 - decent sizes and colours! Not going to tell FOH about it - going to sneak it in and chuck it in my smelly running draw...

    Trin - sorry you had no luck - might they have something tomorrow? Very low on t-shirts in mine too.

    Larraine - half term??

    Ok - did I miss anyone? Off to do some work now to pay for Aldi kit.
  • Poddler - North east coast, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. It's turning a bit wet now, still loads about though. Kids v. quite - must investigate ......
  • trin - I road tested the bottle belt when I got back from Aldi. Bottle is slanted so it's easy to get out from the back if you're right handed

    BUT - the bootle fits vry snuggly and was a so to get back in. In future I'm going to use an ordinary 500ml water bottle which is slimmer and shoulkd be easier to get in and out. Also the nozzly thing at the top wasn't particularly good - better on an ordinary water bottle
  • Hi poddler, half term over but i don't think that would explain the surge of walking over 65 year olds. Good on them but where do they all come from? ...........maybei'll be one of them one day and then i'll have the answer.
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    I think that once you hit top plod speed a vortex will form creating a vacuum around the bottle area. This should ease its removal and replacement.

    Can anyone else smell bullsh1t?
  • Larraine - yes good points - just seemed logical from a viewpoint hundreds of miles south where the little dears are on holiday this week (at least in this little corner of the south)!

    XB - really? Gosh you are clever - I'd never worked that one out... :-)
  • lol, can smell it from s.e.essex
  • Poddler - i am from south too, but south east. by the way previous post about smell was meant for XB.
  • hehe, trin. Glad to see that the start is near to the Hall this time. For the NYDay 10k it was down past the Abbey, and it was sleeting and blowing a gale so we were all frozen before we got to the start!

    errr yes XB

    on the other hand I'll just use another bottle!
  • Hi trin, yes its me who lives near southend. Foulness island (about 20 minutes from Southend). RFL sounds good - where do yyou live now? have to go and collect hubby from work now - be back later.
  • Triniity1 - I was wondering if you fancied meeting up for the R4L but Norwich is a bit too far I think.
  • hi guys - just checking in at an obscure time as usual!!
    Trinity1 - I was born in leigh on sea - small world or what!
    Havnt been back there for ages tho - now living in sunny Bucks!!
    Have roped a friend in to the run the wycombe half in July - so no chance of wimping out!
    Hope everyone is doing ok and will be back in the land of the living soon!!
    Oh and nearly one month without the dreaded weed!!

  • well done IMM and |arraine regarding giving up the weeeeed
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Top marks to the ex-smokers.

    A couple of miles in the snow for me this morning. I'm thinking of setting myself a challenge of running a total of 100 competitive kms for charidee in 2004. (I had the same idea last year but got injured after first 10k.) I just feel the need for a challenge. My long term aim is to do the Haweswater Half and Coniston 14 next year.

    Have a nice day


  • can runners who are getting slower rather than faster join in?
  • Penny, I'm sure you'll be very welcome. This threads just here for anyone who considers themselves to be a slow runner of some sort.

    As long as when you say 'getting slower' you don't mean going from 5 to 6 minute miling ;->

  • Monrning everybody,
    Snowing here today. very cold. Think I'll wimp out in the gym this morning (again!).
    IMM - well done for not smoking, I am up to 14 days now too. keep it up.
    Tinity1 - wires crossed there. yes, meeting up in southend would be great on 4/7. Lots of training time before then so we will be ready for it.
  • mornin' all - well done to the ex-smokers! keep going....! Penny, I'm sure I'm a 10 minute miler in a 12 minute miling body. Circuits this morning, so that's me cream-crackered, normal service will be resumed tomorrow with a looooong, sloooooow one, hoping for around 90 mins. Good challenge XB - my challenge is to do 2 1/2 hour weekend long runs!
  • nice one XB

    I've done 30k already! With a 10 mile and a half coming up before FLM....

    I think the idea is that training mileage (or k'age) should be equally impressive. Could be why I'm such a consistent tail-ender.
  • my times are worryingly dependent on the music i'm listening to. Ash - i can zoom along merrily! Accidentally grabbed radiohead last week and almost ground to halt on a hill wailing...what's the anything....
  • Morning all!
    XB - ooh snow running - I'm too much of a wimp - well done you. I'm snowed in yet again. Buses and lorries slipping all over and blocking main routes into work, decided to work from home yet again.
    Getting really itchy feet haven't ran since Monday night - hope snow clears soon - dosen't usually linger this long with us as being right on coast.
    Hi Penny - welcome - running long?

    Trin - about the water bottle thing - tried belt once didn't like - but do like the handheld one's - thru the middle thingy - must be called something - but can't think - only prob is hands get cold!
    - Fancy a jelly baby thou any good? They're low in fat aren't they?

    Well done larr - must feel great - howz lungs feeling after runs - improving?
    Keep going!
  • Bleeuugh - not well - took to sick bed this morning but have had to pop into work as 2 or 3 things which had to be done before weekend and no one else can do 'em. Going home shortly and back to my hot water bottles...must be serious I don't even fancy chocolate.
    Typically have just really got back into running this week so hope I feel up to it by Sunday.
    If I don't pop in again before I go, have a fab weekend all and lots of relaxed own pace running - unless anyone's racing in which case good luck!
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