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  • Well get soon (or perhaps words in another order) Poddler.

    Slightly worried if you don't even fancy chocolate!

    Hot water bottles - good things.
    Fill one with a hot toddy and surreptitiously sup it now & again.
  • Poor Poddler, off yer choccie? It must be bad, maybe think of this as a rest weekend or something. You don't want to make yourself worse, or do what I've done when ill in the past, and go out anyway and just do a crap and difficult run - not worth it.

    T1 - am off on Monday evening, CANT WAIT now. last day in work, and as you can see I'm making full use of the computer facilities before I go. I'm sure I'll still be able to pop in occassionaly and make you all jealous with tales of my running in Sydney :-)

    Fancy a jelly baby myself now.
  • Trin 1
    I'm getting on top of the virus now. I went for my first run in 9 days last night- desperately slow for a high heart rate. But at least it was something.
    Are you better now?
  • Hi Jammie, yes the lungs are definately improving and quite quickly too i think. Ran 3 1/2 miles in treadmill this morning without walking and at slightly (very slightly) quicker speed than usual and legs got tired before lungs did. Have just walked doggie and the wind is fffffreeeezing. Can't get legs and ears ward now even though I was well wrapped up. Hot bath coming up.
  • That "ward" was supposed to be "warm". finger gremlins at it again
  • went out for a brisk w*lk this am - in the dusting of snow - was nice and crisp but cold - managed 65mins - but slowed up over the last 15-20 mins - i did try a little plod but legs were too heavy and unresponsive from the cold for it feel like anything other than torture

    going to aim for 75 on sunday - weather permitting ( i refuse to w*lk in the rain!) then keep targeting 30-45 mins 4-5 x week and a long one on sundays for the next month or so
  • Don't blame you for not walking in the rain. I avoid it if I can. Have you got a dog? Its a reason for having to go out for a walk even if you don't alsways feel like it. Mine walk or run with me, depaneding on what I'm doing that day.
  • sorry, my keyboard seems to be having a bad spelling day
  • nah 2 cats !!

    i walk reasonally fast - managed to do 5k in 30mins on the tready (walking) so it is fitness not leisure strolling !

    i think running in the rain is ok - but being out in really foul weather for that long is not pleasant - and its the fresh air /exercise thing that is important too

    i used to do most of my running in summer - much prefer the heat to the cold !!
  • Hi, can an unfit newbie join in?

    Just took up running (well, very slow jog)about 2 weeks ago and can now run for a mile without walking/stopping although it does take me 12 minutes to do this distance!

    Am managing to do 2 runs a week on treadmill (1% incline) and 1 run outside at weekends.

    My goal is to complete a marathon in about a years time as i need something to keep me motivated (although am enjoying it at the moment)Is there any hope for me?
  • Sounds great, EF. A 12 minute mile is very respectable among us plodders.

    I started plodding last May and am currently 'training' for my first half marathon. I'm struggling with the long runs for this distance, and could not eontemplate a marathon (yet).

    But then, I'm a 42 year old lay-dee, a bit overweight... I guess your expectations for what you can do in a year depend on things like your age, weight, general fitness levels and your life circumstances, i.e. the time you have to put into training (a problem for me, with a full-time job, kids etc. - a problem for most of us for one reason or other!)

    Why not look out for a shorter distance you can aim for sooner - local races can be great fun. See the 'events' section on here for ideas - a 5k would be a good start, and something you could aim for in a month or two.
  • elephant feet
    course you can do a marathon next year

    if you have the time for thr training
  • I have no idea yet as towhat is generally considered average to good time for distances which is unnerving!

    At the moment I can do between a 9 min mile over 3 miles (or slightly faster as finish in 26 mins) but that is on a 1% incline on a treadmill... Doing first race on sunday, but given the weatherit'll take me longer than that to thaw out enought to run once i get there!

    Hopefully i'll be doing a 10km race by easter, but at the minute that sounds too tiring to contemplate!

    H xx
  • Can I butt in with a question?? I also started running a few weeks ago and wondered whether I should run at a low speed to get more distance and longer time without having to walk, or keep the speed up? I'm only just up to running a mile non-stop but at a very slow pace!
  • Id go for slowing down and building length of runs first
    but walk breaks are ok , they stop you getting so tired
  • Thanks for that. I'm also interested what sort of times I should aim for at 5K, 10K etc. This is for a total beginner with about 3 stone of extra wobbles!
  • Cheers for the advice. I do have a few things on my side i see. I'm 23 and of "healthy" (i.e. not over or under) weight, I also have no children and thus lots of time on my hands - am getting bored of sitting in front of telly most nights! I joined a gym last summer so my fitness is increasing from poor to not so poor :-)

    Notty, was looking at doing a variety of shorter races in the mantime, just haven't decided on any yet...5K will be my first goal!
  • Morning guys (well it is morning for me!)

    T1 - I didnt stay in the area long as I was whisked off to the South Coast by parents at a very young age - I was brought up in Hockley tho havnt been back there for years

    Have had a bit of a laps the last few days - dont seem to be able to get the motivation when I am on nights - still - Monday is another day and hopefully will get out for a few miles this weekend

    I havnt got any snow - should I take it personally or be greatful that I dont have the journey to work from hell?!!

    I dont know about all this speed V distance but the way I look at it is at least I am out there doing something when everyone else is sat at home doing nowt - If I feel like going longer then I do - the body dictates at the end of the day!!

    Good luck with any outings this weekend

  • EF

    You should do well then
    make sure you have proper shoes though

    Wooster-there isnt a right time for these disatnces
    everyone is different

    35 mins-80 mins
    15 mins -45 mins
  • I know its a bit of an ambiguous question re: times but I just wanted an idea of something to aim for before braving my first race (RFL probably) and so I don't come in last! Guess I'll aim for the upper end of the scale...
  • Hi newbies, if you listen to the advice of the other plodders on here you won't go far wrong.
    Elephant feet - running in the mantime sounds interesting, unfortunately I think you meant meantime. Tee hee.
    Buney - thats fast walking. did FLM training through winter two years ago and now can't seem to get myself outside when its cold or windy. The treadmill is not as interesting but at least its nice a warm.
  • Wooster
    Just enter races with lots of people, then you wil be ok

    lookout on events--lots of good tips about how the races are
  • Larraine.
    You're right there...don't think my man would appreciate me running in his time (whatever that may be ;-) )
  • Thanks for your help. As I'm a complete novice (didn't even run at school) I'm completely clueless as to what I should be aiming for so decided to stop lurking and start asking questions! Will attempt 5K at the weekend and see whether I can break the 60 mins barrier!
  • Lots and lots of races put up the times from the previous year.-

    This will give you an idea of what to aim for for a particular race.-
  • XBXB ✭✭✭
    Blinking heck. What a busy forum this afternoon. Obviosly very little work has been done!! Hi to all the newbies, you've definitely got the right place for support and advice.
  • Hi all - new and old!

    Larr - well done you - 3.5 and lungs clearing, nice work.

    Wooster - R4L is fab, nice one to start off with - My mum did it last year and she's 68 and walked it in under and hour - you'll be fine! Just go at your own pace - whatever it is - at least you're doing it!

    Elephant Feet - this is the place to be, we'll all keep each other motivated.

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