working at it slowly



  • morning

    Off to spin class
    cya l8r!
  • I drove all the way to the club (20 minute drive), only to be told - we've had a power failure and can't say when it will be back on. No apologies, no shall we ring when we are open again?
    Really p*****d off now.
    Better get on with my assignment then :((((
  • Sorry about your problems, CDK.

    As for me, well don't chuck me out of the forum. I couldn't help it. I just ran. I didn't really know what I was doing. Sorry.

    Secretly I am over the moon. 6 miles in 58min 32sec. On the most beautiful morning too.

    And there's more. I came straight home and baked THE best blueberry and raspberry muffins.

    AND I'm going to watch Tranmere Rovers stuff QPR this afternoon.

    Life does not get much better than this.


  • Oh, and my aldi water bottle thingie was brilliant...
  • XB

    You'll be telling us all you weren't even out of breath, either!!

    Well done. Enjoy the muffins. Errr, uhhm, they're good for you aren't they? Surely they refresh the muscle-fibre-thingies or replenish your dilithium crystal energy source, maybe.

    Myself, been out in the virgin snow this morning. Absolutely wonderful, running through the woods next to the river, sunshine, nobody else about.

    Cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea!
    (To the chant of "'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go"!!)

  • It just got better!!!

    Postlady Patricia just broughtme my Amazon order - two training books, the looniness book and some trendy music for me to listen to.

    I am soooooo hooked on running.

    The footie has been called off; we're going to Blackburn Rovers instead.


  • dont worry peeps

    im still 13 min miling on the tready
    nice easy run /walk

    11 miles
  • Well done trin, sounds like you are doing brilliantly.
  • I'm glad some are having a nice day - really glad not sarky -

    I'm waiting for a parcel from amazon, they sent it on Thursday supposedly first class - it's not here yet, I'll have to wait 'til Monday now.

    Exciting stuff on madness and schizophrenia!?!

    AND I still haven't had my Reading number

    AND my assignment has gone and got itself stuck.

    I'm taking the dogs for a walk, at least I will enjoy that.
  • I hope your day gets better Caren. I felt fed uup today for no reason and desparately wanting a ciggie so I took dog out for a little run and felt much better afterwards. Hope the sun is shining where you are and that it cheers you up.
  • Hiya Caren - sorry you're having a carp day. Good memories of the Atlantic College 10k to cheer you up?

    Taking the dogs for a walk might inspire you with the assignment - hope so x

    And well done Larraine - I take it you're giving up the evil weed?
  • Hi Notty, yes its been 15 days now. Went to pub last night and that is a hard time and then today just seemed to follow on from that. good days and bad but getting easier.Plodding is getting easier now I can breathe better.
  • Thanks folks
    Yes the dogs have been walked, the day is cold but sunny and bright. We took them to one of their favourite places with a huge pool for them to dive in chasing sticks.

    Why is it than when I am in the car or in bed I get my best ideas, then when I sit in front of the 'pooter my mind goes entirley blank?

    Sorry for the moaning, it's all just petty stuff really.

    I was going to say that I had a carp week at work, but it is not me but my patients are having the bad time, some of them have such awful lives.

    Another hour of work then a reward of a Curry and a pint of beer :) Well it is Saturday!!
  • Ooops I forgot
    L extremely well done you are already into counting weeks!!
    Each day is another hurdle crossed, the pub is a biggie.
    The two week thing is your body missing the nicotine, you should be clear of it now.
    The next one to watch is six weeks, after that it is pretty much downhill from there with the 'gliches' getting less and less.
    The running will help to keep you motivated, as you get fitter you will not want to lose that feeling.
    Keep going
  • Hi guys - Well done XB! and T1!
    Larr - 15 days :-)

    Just back from a smidgin under 4 miles - snow clearing slowly but real slippery - had to really concentrate and use loads of core strength to stop myself from falling over! Even managed it in under 40minutes!! Feel really great as only been out once this week - feel all warm and glowy inside.

    XB - I'm reading the looniness back at mo, real funny.

    Off for tea now - see ya later!
  • It's very quiet in here today. 6 miles of very gentle plodding this morning half of which was into a very bitter wind.

    L keep keeping off the fags. 15 weeks for me today.

    Happy plodding

  • 15 weeks off the fags is fantastic XB - well done you
  • Moring T1 and all you other lovely peeps out there!

    I'm hopefully going to go out running this afternoon with daughter and friend. Got to make the most of it whilst the weather is fine. We had snow overnight but it has melted away now. Do not know what route we are going but want to do about 4-5 miles, more if we can get. Part of our running route is by a river and It depends on how much it has flooded as to how far we can get. We usually just run and make a route up then come back and check it out using map24 and trailgauge and put in time etc to see how we have done.

    LL and I went out yesterday and called in at my aunts house. She makes fab cakes...Oh they are mouthwatering. She offered fruit cake with loads and loads of cherries in....Well, we both just had to sample and so we do have to run today just to work off the calories. But the cake was sheer heaven! :-)

  • whoo hoo!
  • lol

    serves me right!
  • er

    when IS it 500
    cos Still dreamings post was surely 499
    so yours is 500

    or maybe 500 doesnt exist
  • it's an illusion

  • i loved that song
  • nah it's 501 when it's the top of the page

    it was on 497 for ages last night and I resisted just talking it down the page
  • you can always try and find an earlier post offensive and get it cazzed
  • lol

    I like the way your mind works Yeo
  • did 79mins brisk w8lk this am luchtime - gets a bit stiff and achey (and boring going round the same bit of golf course !) but its time in the bag

    thats the same time i did for a 10k strife for life 18months ago so it might be a similar distance

    but i doubt it - reckon its nearer 4-5 miles
  • hello everybody,
    thanks for the good words about the fags. well done XB for going so long.

    No plodding today, resting, in the pub mostly!! home to cook dinner now and play on pooter a bit. Longer plod tomorrow, weather permitting hopefully. Must work of all this lager consumed lunchtime.
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