working at it slowly



  • Trin 1

    11.1 min miles are fine. I've done 4 runs now since I was ill. The first one felt awful, but there's been a gradual improvement since.

    I'm aiming for sub 1hr50 for the 10 mile race on Sunday.How about you?

    The eating?- call it carb loading & you'll feel much better about it!!

    I'm only doing one more session now before the race- 3-4 miles on Thursday.

    Good luck for Sunday.
  • Morning all

    This is my favourite time in race training ...............................

    Tapering and carb loading!!!!

    Good luck to all plodders and those battling the weed

    Off to work now

  • Morning Plodders

    I sent my race entry off. I AM doing a 10k in Blackpool on 14 March. No turning back. It sounds like I'd better taper and carb-load. Starting now with a Fig Roll.

    T1 & FF, you'll be fine on Sunday. I'll be there in spirit for you.


  • Fig roll carbo loading - the best! Good luck XB (sure you'll have a great time)

    I managed about a mile and a half last night which was my longest plod for about 3 months, so I am feeling pretty darned pleased with myself. The memories of being able to plod 8 miles last September are slowly diminishing too, which is a GOOD THING. This means I don't get down when I plod short distances :o))))

    Trin. Don't worry tooooo much about losing the fitness. It will come back! And you did the right thing by resting, I'm sure.

    Have happy days, all

    Het :o)

  • Nice little 3 miler this morning. Good luck Trin, FF & anybody else out there racing on Sunday, look forward to seeing how you do! You've motivated me to sign up for an April 10k (def not 10m, made double sure!) Hetfinch - you're right, any distance is good distance!
  • E

    Go for it!! Have you looked at (can't do links) for a good selection.

    I'm off for some more carbs...

  • Hi T1

    Drawing on my vast experience ;-) I would say that if your race is on Sunday there is not a lot more that you can do to get ready.
    But you could do a lot of harm.

    My message to you is...

    Go to the gym and do a bit of everything but not to excess. Make sure that you enjoy your session and you don't overdo things.

    Get yourself mentally prepared for the run on Sunday. Make sure your kit is clean and ready, keep the jelly babies away from the kids, etc. Make sure that you have a plan to enjoy it - you've paid your money, you're a runner and you're bloody well gonna make the most of a couple of hours without hassle.

    You'll be great.

  • Hi Trinity1,

    I agree, don't do anything that could stop you running on Sunday. You're too close now to jepordise it. Just go easy with a bit of everything and enjoy it. You can concentrate more on the weights after the race also just a bit of easy running between now and sunday to keep loosened up.

    Good luck for sunday. You'll do fine. You've worked hard for this. Enjoy! ! !

    FF - good luck with your race.

    I have sciatica which has started suddelny after a good plods Monday and Tuesday. Have had it before and its a bloody nuisance especially as I havve been steadily improving with the distances. So resting today and I'll see what tomorrow brings. Anyone got any advice for easing it off quickly?
  • You might still be feeling a bit of the rundown after-effects from being unwell Trin - I'm sure you'll be fine on Sunday & whatever you do will be a PB! Just pace yourself round and most importantly enjoy it (we'll all be routing for you in the ether, & think of that feeling you'll get when you cross the finish!) I'm definitely no expert, but I think for tonight I'd go with how you feel - maybe do a bit of a run to keep the wheels turning but not overdo it with the race coming up on Sunday!

    Oh yes, XB, have ukresults bookmarked - Bolton 10k it is!

    Do any of you guys use watches at all? I'm toying with the idea of getting one, only I'm not sure what I'd use it for (der) - if I'm outside on a long-slow, I tend to run to heart rate (have the most basic of HRMs), just checking now & then I'm not under/overdoing it. If I'm doing something a bit more structured on time/pace, I hit the tready with its readouts. Would a watch add anything (main thing I can think of is time splits as a run progresses, but worried i'd be getting too geeky!). Num num num.
  • Erratic - I've used a watch, but find that an HRM is more useful (as you say, checking that you're not over or uderdoing it.

    A watch tends to come into its own if you start to do "speedwork" (remember speed is all relative!). What I mean by speedwork is repetitions of short distances (e.g 100m, 200m etc.). You time each repetition so you can keep up even efforts (the HRM isn't accurate enough for these short distances).

    Other use of a watch is in a race - if you know the organisers have put up distance markers, you can use these to gauge whether you're going to complete the course in a set time. Heyyyyy, though - we're talking about times and things. Folks we run to enjoy it, don't we?
  • Oops. Tryping error. Meant "underdoing" it!

    Trin1 - agree with everything that's ben said so far. You can't gain much between here and the 10-miler, but you can lose loads. Keep yourself in a good frame of mind. You ARE going to enjoy it, and you ARE going to finish, otherwise you're not going to treat yourself to that jumbo mega-economy size bin bagfull of jellybabes afterwards, are you?
  • Thanks CoachB - as I thought, I probably don't have a use for it (I nearly added "yet" then ..... oops, freudian slip!). The very thought of short reps is enough to set me off on one of my wibbles & the idea of finishing in a set time ..... well, let's just say finishing suits me just fine! (would love to break 60 mins for a 10k, but don't think a watch is the answer to that one!)

    Sorry to hear about the sciatica Larraine - hope it soon clears up.
  • I use a watch AND a HRM. But I am a sad geeky git. To be honest I don't think I benefit from wearing the watch except to record split times on my longer runs and races.

    I am making a conscious effort to use the HRM "properly" at the moment as prescribed in Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot. Early days.
  • Hello pepes
    Reckon about 20 miles in 4 days this week and now back to work
    averaging I think 10/11 mins per mile but finding it hard to slow down to go further if you get my drift!
    need to get up to the 6 mile mark comfortably so I can join the local plodding club?
    Any advise??

    Oh and no fags for over one month now!!

  • I always use a watch and never a HRM

    I'm about to order a Garmin Forerunner to give myself a better idea of pace


    Really looking forward to meeting you at Wyndybum on Sunday

    I'm aiming for 1:50, but I'm well known for blowing up at the end!

    In the unlikely event of me finishing before you, you'll get a big cheer from one very proud fellow-plodder!

    Will you promise to do the same for me?
  • 'salright

    I'd just mentioned Wyndybum over there so I thought I'd look in here to see how you're doing!

    The 20 starts 15 mins before the 10, so that gives us a bit more margin of error
  • IMM - well done on the fag front! from one ex-smoker to all the others - well done and keep it up. (I feel I can call myself an ex-smoker now i'm past the two week phase)
  • fantastic stuff, both of you
  • Evening all,can I join?
    I have been running for 2 weeks now and have managed to get out 3 times so far.Sounds sad but I can only get out at 5:30am and as I haven't run since school(24yrs ago) and have just packed up smoking I need all the encouragement I can get.
    How long did it take you all to get confident enough to enter races(how long to run your first mile for that matter)?
  • Hi Mark and welcome :)

    Well done on the packing up the fags thing.

    I jsut jumped in and did a 10k race after a few months of slow plod/walking on a dreadmill!!

    It took me.....................roll of drums..................................

    an houe and 23 minutes to complete!!!!

    BUT......... I WAS NOT LAST!

    the last 10k I did was an hour and four minutes and I have been recovering from injury.

    I have also done quite a few 5ks and a half marathon since the first attempt.

    Races are an incredible experience, the camaradarie is to be found nowhere else, just go for it.

    All that said, I think maybe a 10k for a first time maybe a little ambitious, I suffered DOMS for days after.

    all the best
  • Come on in, Mark!

    Hey - 5:30am? That means you'll be seeing all the sunrises soon. Also, going out at that time of the morning means:-
    a) hardly any traffic (noise & air pollution)
    b) hardly any people (no yoofs in hoodies to hurl abuse at ye)
    c) the rest of the day to recover, sorry, I mean feel proud of having been out running!

    Hats of to you for being able to be awake at that time of the morning.

    Don't know about the rest of the peeps that post on here, but I started with a run/walk/run/walk schedule. Just built it up from there. As long as you take it steady (and hopefully not make the same mistake as I did and run EVERY day), you'll soon be making great leaps forward, excuse the pun.

    Look around for a race or two in your area, if you really fancy racing, and maybe pick one taking place from June onwards. The reason I say this is that the warmer weather should be here then, and you hopefully won't have to go through the mysteries of "what should I wear", etc.! Also, by then I'm sure you'll be in great shape, and never, NEVER feel you're not good enough to enter. There'll always be someone behind you (probably me!).

    Good luck, keep in touch.

  • mark
    thats a good time to run, gets it over with for the day

    reckon you could enter a 10k in about 10 weeks
  • Hi mark - (and all other plodders)
    I've just signed up for my first 10K in May and I've run off the RW trainning programme for 3 times weekly runs. Set yourself a realistic goal and don't push too hard - enjoy! :0)
    5.30am wish I could run in the morning - but not to be life/work stuff don't allow - can de-stress at night thou and works for me.

    Trin - good luck for weekend will be think of you.

    Can I ask a foot question - is it better to have soft feet, ie puma stone and foot cream job, or to have hard tuff feet?
    Hubby just told me off for rubbing in cream after 70min plod.
  • dont think cream would be a problem

    not sure re pumice stone tho
  • morning

    have a good day all

    I'm off to college, running club tonight

    Cya l8r
  • Morning all.
    It's Thursday.
    Weekend's coming up.
    Trin's winding-up for Womendh ..Wynmond .. Wymon ... a 10-mile race on sunny Sunday. Let's all give her our support.

    By the way, T1, 'ave ye seen the article on p.92 of April's RW by any chance?
    You'll soon be tearing along faster than Roadrunner (beep beep) then!
    (Apparently females can go faster after they've had a tiny person).

    Hope all you ex-smokers are still fume-free.

    Left-right-left-right-left-right etc.
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