working at it slowly



  • Hi Garr, welcome!

    if you're a total beginner, even though you have a good level of fitness from other activities, you may find that you're pushing yourself too much by running 7 miles at this point.

    Running is so high impact, you often get to a point where your cv fitness far outstrips your muscular/skeletal fitness (for want of better words!).

    You might find that by dropping your mileage for a while, and concentrating on building up a good, solid foundation for future running, you'll get more out of it?

    Just a suggestion!

    I've spoken to lots of cyclists who have excellent levels of cv fitness, but who find running really tough.

    Hope this helps

    Het :0)
  • hi Garr, good to hear from you

    basically the thread is for anyone who wants to drop in and natter

    I echo what Het says, if you can do 7 a 10 race is certainly doable, but I should build up to the distance carefully, and remember enjoying yourself is THE most important thing

    trinity1 is doing the Wymondham 10 in Norfolk on Sunday. I know, cos I'll be following her round!
  • Garr,

    Useful advice from Hetfinch there, please don't try to do too much too soon!

    In common with you, when I started running it was a mental barrier as much as anything else. How could all these people run for so long, I wondered?

    Improvement came when I started running with other people. It doesn't have to be a running club (most of these have beginners' sections, or have people who are willing to spend time with newbies), it can just be a friend or acquaintance who is willing to run with you. Having someone to chat to on the way does two things:-

    a) takes your mind off any "discomfort"
    b) stops you running too fast - if you can't keep up a comfortable conversation, just SLOW DOWN!!

    Again, listen to Het. Take it easy and don't do too much. Reward yourself (Mars bar, cup of tea, or something) after every run, you'll soon be enjoying it as much as we are.

  • Cheers guys. Nice to know I'm not the only cyclist who finds it tough. You have no idea how pleased I am to hear that. We have great quads, but our calves and hamstrings leave a lot to be desired!
    Het, good point with the skeletal/muscle stuff. I know exactly what you mean and am trying to be careful not to do too many runs each week, even just my standard 3 mile ones. I want to make sure my ligaments get the chance to mend any damage from the jolts of running that they aren't used to.
    And regarding taking a friend running, I've only recently moved to North London, so don't actually know anyone here. I go to the gym fairly regualrly though, so think I'll have to chat to some of the staff and try to find myself a running partner there. My 7-mile runs are done with a mate from Leeds when I go home to Essex (oh the shame!), and Coach B you're absolutely right about it taking my mind off the discomfort.
    So, my homework for next Friday is to find a running pal!
  • Hi Garr and everybody else here today,

    4 miles plodded this morning. Worked out pace and its average 11.75 mm. Pretty dismal, I think. I've never been a fast runner - even when I was running longer distances and racing I could only manage between 9mm and 11mm, depanding on what distances I was running. I could sometimes manage 8mm in shorter bursts e.g. 1 mile.
    Don't know how long it will take to get back to how I was before, If,indeed, I ever will!

    Moan over, I am pleased that I can run this much without stopping to walk anymore so I suppose things arn't quite so bad as I am drivelling on about. Maybe it will all come back together with time. Positive thinking needed.

    How's everyone else doing today? What's your weather like? Its grey and raining here but at least no wind so it was nice to run outside today.

    Good luck to everyone racing at the weekend. Look forward to hearing all about afterwards.
  • larraine,

    Seems you've got numbers coming out of your running shoes today!! Now then, come on, own up - would you rather run 9min miles and feel kompletely kernackered afterwards, or run-and-appreciate-the-world and come back with a smile on your face? Hah! Choice, eh? Mind you, wish I had that choice!!

    Rest day for me today. Just as well, it's as grey as a grey thing outside here too. Had lovely half-hour last night running in local forest with headtorch. An owl hoot seems so much louder when there's no-one else around. S'okay, there was another bloke with me!
  • Hi all, this is my first time on this thread. I started running just before Xmas in preparation for the Reading half marathon this Sunday. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I have really enjoyed running, and have been running 4-5 times a week (apart from a 2 week illness)and have managed up to 9 miles, but am now feeling very nervous about Sunday, all of a sudden I feel like I haven't done anywhere near enough preparation.

    Any help or advise would be very much appreciation
  • CoachB's right. You're better taking it comfortably than torturing yourself. And it sounds like you're trying to come back to running from a while away. When I do the same with cycling, it takes me about 2 months to get back to a respectable fitness. But that's still a much quicker improvement than if you're starting from scratch. And it's dank and dingey here too, but then that is London's perpetual state.
  • Hi Coach,

    Sorry, when I read my post again I see what you meant about the number crunching. You are right, of course, its much nicer to come back from a run still breathing easy and having appreciated all the scenery on the way.

    Lucky you, running in the forest. The nearest one to me is about 15 miles away. I used to love going there at the weekends and its really good for the legs. Unfortunately I don't have a running buddy anymore and I don't like going there on my own. Apart from the fact that I get lost by myself, there are some dodgy people hang around, so I run mostly where I live which is open farmland and quiet country roads. For a change sometimes I go to Southend (nearest town) - about 10 miles away (there I go with those wretched numbers again) and run along the seafront or on the beach which makes a nice change, especially in the spring, when the sun's shining but its not hot enough for the crowds to have started gathering yet.

    Enjoy your rest today.
  • Greetings Gibby,

    I'm sure others will agree that, no matter how much preparation you do, the first race is always the one that you may get a few "jitters" about. It's only natural, you're doing something you've never done before, and don't know what to expect. The nerves will soon disappear when things get going, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it and look back on it as a significant milestone in your running.

    If you've managed 9 miles in training, it's almost certain that you'll get full distance - the buzz, the atmosphere, and the camaraderie you'll get from other runners will see you through.


    (BIG BUT)

    Don't get carried away at the start, run what's comfortable for you. Don't think of it as a "race", think of it as an event. You want to (and will) finish it, as long as you don't go too fast.

    Very best wishes, good luck, let us know how you got on, won't you?
  • Garr - yes you're right. I am coming back from a break of about 1 year. I started running agin about 5 weeks ago, so i suppose the progress isn't too bad. More patience needed, I think.
  • Hi Gibby
    I am doing the Reading Half on Sunday, I am treating it as a training run, as are many others.
    There are a couple of threads around, have a peek at them, you will find that there are many who are just as nervous as you (and I).

    Hope to meet you there :)
  • Hi Gibby

    Yeah, take it easy, walk if you have to, don't push on too hard at the beginning. And most of all, enjoy it!

    As for number crunching, I was thinking about that last night. When i started plodding last April, I was obsessed with times and always took a stop-watch with me on runs. Now I'm having to ease myself back into running after illness, I just go out and run according to how I feel.

    The freedom is wonderful!

    The downside of course is that it is easy to not 'push' yourself to get your running on to a different level. But there's a lot to be said for 'intuitive' running.

  • hi Gibby

    I seem to spend today saying 'X is right!' - this time it's CoachB's turn!

    that's dead right, halfs are doable on an 8 mile training run, 9 is obviously that much better. Just enjoy the day, and as CoachB says don't get carried away at the start.

    Larraine, some of us just aren't naturally fast. Whenever I despair at my times I rememvber why I run - for fitness and fun - and really that's all that matters.

    GOOD LUCK all racers this weekend - from one half of the Wyndybum10 team!
  • Thanks all for your support and advise. Will let you know how I get on on Monday. I'm sure I'll survive!

    Good luck Caren!
  • Hi guys

    I have a normal 4 mile route which I do and on a run/walk ratio of poss 10 mins/1 mins - but today for some reason I set off marginally slower and complete 4 miles in 40 mins non stop for the first time ever??!! and.. I felt like I could have done it again, and... I didnt have sore hips? It really was a minor semi conscious adjustment that has made all the difference and I am well chuffed with me!
    had no one else to tell and the cat wasnt interested - so here I am!!
    Just hope it wasnt a one off - will have to wait til Sunday to see!!

    Good luck to all this weekend whatever and wherever!!
  • I like that CoachB - "think of it as an event, not a race" - yep, that'll do for me. Next event April. Yep, like it, nice unthreatening ring to it.
  • Hats off (and shoes off????) to you, IMM.

    Well done. "Top plodding".

    (Cats are only interested in sleeping, eating, and allowing you to be owned by them).
  • Top performance, IMM.

    What a busy thread this afternoon!! Hi to Gibby and Garr. I'll echo the advice for the 1st race. Don't blast off from the start. Start easy and work up to a comfortable rhythm. You must keep reminding yourself that you are there to enjoy yourself.

  • Thanks pepes

    At least it convinces me that giving up the fags was a good idea as well!

    Keep up the good work everyone

    I have a 12 hour night shift to do tonight - which is nice!

    Just watching last episode of ER !!
  • IMM, that's brilliant!

    Well done!
  • Hey yes, that's terrific IMM!
  • HELP!

    I've injured my back.

    Bye the way = well done IMM

    The stupidest thing just happened, well, about an hour ago actually. I was bending over the freeer, you know the ones, the chest freezer where everything falls into the bottom, to get out a pizza for kids tonight. The offending item was, you got it, at the bottom and was caught under several other things so I pulled it. As I pulled I got a searing pain through my lower back and had trouble straightening up again. It now hurts (a lot) to walk, sit, stand, anything at all. When I put my right foot on the ground the pain is worse and my right leg is weak.

    I phoned my physio that I have used in the past and got an appointment for tomorrow morning.

    I just can't beleive this has happened so easily. I could swear and swear, and have, but it hasn't made it hurt any less. I have been having a few twinges in it this week but its been OK yesterday and today. Sh@t, bu%%er,ba^%$rd. Why does this happen when everything was going so well>
    Not fair.
  • OH no, Larraine {{{{{{gentle hugs}}}}}}

    Backs are stange things aren't they - one minute they can withstand all that tugging and pulling, and then sometimes the slightest thing can put them out.

    Take it easy. And leave that freezer alone.

    Het x
  • Hi Het,

    thanks for hugs. Much appreciated.
  • Larraine
    A ciggie will NOT make the back better!!

    this is a trial time for you, in the past a ciggie may have appeared to relieve stress and even pain - but it didn't really.

    By Monday when your back is feeling better after you have done all the stuff your physio tells you to, you will have climbed a huge mountain by resisting.

    swear, swear and post on here, please try not to smoke.

    <<<< I've been there >>>>
  • new slow runner here. so glad Im not the only person in the world doing 12 minute miles. My husband (the g in our name) used to run 7 minute miles! running a 5.5 mile run on Sunday and my first ever 10 mile on the 14th. Did 8 miles last weekend in training and couldnt believe I kept going all the way round! Will try to think of the runs as fun and not get too stressed about the fast runners. By the way i find i get far less problems with my back since I started running regularly although I guess it depends what is wrong with it
  • Poor you, L. Bl00dy pizzas, eh? I agree with Caren - don't light up - it will make your day 10 times worse.

    Welcome, g s e, good luck with your 5.5 miler. Is it a "race"? Definitely sit back and enjoy yourself - the longer you're out there the more you are getting for your money!!!

  • Caren - you knew exactly what I was thinking. The first thought after I felt the pain was that I need a cigarette. I haven't had one though, although the thought is still there. I will not give in. thanks for words of encouragement, just at
    the right time.

    Well done g s eyles. There are plodders of all different paces on this thread. We all get good vibes from each other. Welcome.
  • Yes XB, Bloody pizzas it is. I feel like stamping on it but I can't lift my foot up or put it down hard and anyway kids would have no tea then,so I'll have to go to the pub tonight and have several large medicinal vodkas.
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