working at it slowly



  • Ok OK OK I see now I thought I would be going cross eyed to read all the way back but PODS it is good to get a new Waister, one that can run , swim but will never ride a bike image.

  • Footpather wrote (see)

    Westie, I can'tl give you a clue.  You will have to be doggedly determined and hound Podds to see if there are any grey areas!

    Very good FP  image 

    I wouldn't swear the could swim Westie - t'other one couldn't - here he is

  • That's one big pussy meldy image

    well cycled Sluggie image

    Lovely pics Westieimage

    Shopping d&d, H very kindly treated daught to the dress it isn't as short as that on daught!!

    The boys have had a great day fishing image

  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    Oh look at him Podds, he's all legs and elbows image

    Don't think I said Happy Birthday to Flibs! image
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    What a lovely dress, Spence!
  • Tomato and bacon taglieatelli for tea eaten. Kids loved it.

    They're in the bath at the moment.

    Well it threatened to rain but it never did image

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    Nice dress, Spence. They do get to like more expensive ones, you know ...image

    Just found 2 emails from my sister on my hotmail account which I don't use. They are a week old. Her youngest (37!) was in a bad motorbike accident, but was coming out of hospital on the second email. Nasty picture her other son took of him with a head brace and iodine and bruises stuff around his face.  In Sheffield which apparently has one of hte best maxillo-facial units in the country. I'm about to ring her and find out what's happened.

  • Oh dear Pippi hopefully things are on the mend and he looks better than what he did on the picture.
  • Blimey Pippi, hope all is ok with them

    Spence, I like that too,  although I would have to buy new shoes  image

    I am doing some creative accounting in order to afford next years entry fee already,  the vet bill can wait cant it?  
  • ((((((Pippi's nephew)))) hope he's on the mend.

    she saw shoes in m&s but didn't have her size image and they don't have them on line.

    We have slamming doors and tears, someone; the boy is being accused, has lost one of her Harry Potter dvds, I'm keeping my head down!!

  • Bliddy well done FP - a great PBimageimageimage

    ((((((Pippi's nephew)))))))) what a shock.

    Westie - it sounds like you all had a great time. I don't know what the flowers are, they are pretty. Do let us know if you find out their names.

    Happy birthdays to HL and Flibimageimageimage

    Well done Meldy - great training  going on.image

    We spent an hour or so walking round on the shell bank round part of the island this morning. Good x training, jumping over rylls and mudbanks, slopping through mud and wading deep in shells. When I got back my hamstrings were telling me off.

    This afternoon I did some resistance training in the wind on the bike - a good workout. Legs crackered now. What a wimp!!!

    Well done to everyone who has done anything today. imageimageimage Its still bliddy warm. imageimage

  • Larry sounds like you've had a nice day.

    I've just been reading up on some home exercises, going to start tomorrow with a few resistance exercises etc.

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    (((pippi nephew))) Sounds pretty nasty. Hope the reality is better than it sounds and he's on the mend.

    (((spence))) Hide !  Lovely dress image

    well raced, FP image And a PB in this weather. Woop woop image

    Aww, westie, I can see why people refer to Scotland as Bonnie and of course Scott just had to skip about over them there hills - I wish I had the energy image

    LOL at the ginger pikey one !  his fur looks all fluffy wuffy like a well loved teddy bear image

    Don't forget the suncream for your head, Jay, it might burn ! I know someone who used to have a holiday hair cut and then burnt their head in the sun. every time. Of course it wouldn't be anyone you lot would know......

    Sluggy, you're going to have to move - having to take that upflat dual carriage way home is no fun. Did you say your chest was about to burst image

    Happy burfdee, FP and Flibbs imageimage I did order a cake from the Sheffied WI but they muttered something about not having a van image

    Aww, bless DG - he's getting the hang of hid new owners image

    Lunch was lovely. it's one of those places when even an 81 yr old looks young. Sis not well so her and kids never came - bro in law rarely turns up anyway. managed few minutes at school fete too.

    No 2 put on his uniform and took Tips into the garden for a photo opportunity - whaddya reckon ?Grant Mitchell or butter wouldn't melt ?

  • HAH Yums thats a great picture.
  • Yums, it ain't my birthday ... yet!  i think it was HL and Flibs.

    No 2 looks rather posh and proud of Tips.  He could be a heartbreaker when he is older, if he isn't already image

  • Sorry missed a couple of birthdays :- Happy birthday HL And Flib . hope things turn out fine for your nephew Pippi.

    Larry we have had cr*p weather up here today very strong winds and showers, car blown about on the roads so little done outside apart from the mad Scott running 22 miles.

    Jay get yourself a Buff very good for sweat / sun / and have many uses. I use one these days if out hill walking ande sun is strong the old grey hair is thining out these days and more of a white colour.

    Have got round to up dating the blog latest  input.

    Yummy nice photo proper young man now 

  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    ((((((((pippi's nephew)))))))))))) good grief, what a shock. What did you find out? Gosh, and not knowing for a week. Hope he's alright.

    And yums, that photo's brill image

    (sorry to hear about the door slamming Spence... hope it blows over soon. Tiny bit of that going on here this afternoon too (largely by me, but with good reason...) image
  • Crumbs Pippi - hope the nephew is on the mend now and at home getting some TLC

    That dress is really pretty Spence - and not indecently short or too grown up for the age which so many of them seem to be.............or am I showing my age??

    Nice day out Larry - it is still warm isn't it - but we've got quite a strong wind to go with the blue sky and sunshine which has made it glorious to be out in all day image

    Aww Yums that's a lovely photo of  both of them - Yumlet 2 is growing up fast now isn't he?  I'm thinking back to when they came to the RW marquee in Windsor as mere tots practically!!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    (((Pippi's nephew and family)))


    Welcome home, Westie, we've missed you!

    Yumms, that's a great photo image.

    Larry, I thought we'd had all the wind down here. It was bliddy hard work even going downhill at times today.

  • Podds: feel the fear, do it anyway wrote (see)

    That dress is really pretty Spence - and not indecently short or too grown up for the age which so many of them seem to be.............or am I showing my age??

    My sentiments exactly podds, I reckon they'll be some shockers on the night image

    I'm so excited, daught, H & I are going to see this I'm so glad I didn't know the price when I said to H to go ahead & that the boys don't want to go!!!

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    Is it a singalong? Will you be going as a nun or a nazi?

    Can't get hold of my sister, so assume she is up in Sheffield with them, or other sons. I'm assuming he's okay now as the week old email said he was coming home 'tomorrow', but don't know if he's going to be needing ongoing care, etc.

    Planning for the week ahead ...

    Buffs are great - stop my hair from getting in my eyes! (I used to have a plait like Meldy's that did the job)

  • Well I certainly dont have to worry about my hair getting in my eyes.

    Right Sunday is over, Bed time.

    Twin 1 has a cough which we can hear over the baby monitor, hopefully he'll be ok during the night.

    Kind of got used to a normal sleeping pattern seeing as though they're sleeping through the night.

    Night all

  • Bed time here too.

    Hopefully I will get up early for a run image

    Night allx

  • All pirates home safe and sound in Germany,  including Plum and Mouse!!

    Just waiting for the Austria contingent

    Time for bed soon

    Yums my goodness what are you feeding them boys on !!
  • Very short as I'm going nuts with the iphone..

    Pippi. Really hopeyour newphew is well on the mendnow. Thinking of your sister.

    FP, brilliant!!! A PBin this heat is really grand.

    Westie, welcome home! Will look at your photos as soon as i'm backon line.

    Amazing day. 27 of ussatandtalkedand are foenearly 5 hours!!! Now (6 hours later) I'm still stuffed! But it's cooler (22 instead of 25 C) so i'm falling asleep. Ight night all! Xxx
  • Oh yes IM Austria - oops!

    Got club mates doing that and I'd clean forgot!!  Guess none of them will match Mark's 9:58 from IM Nice though the other day - that's one club record that should stand a while

    Glad the pirates are home safe and sound though

    <tootles off to try and find results>

  • Found the club chairman - 14 hrs 38 overall but looks like he absolutely died on the run image

    Mind you, he's built more like me than a pro athlete and people like us aren't built to run image

    Shall go and find the others now then off to bed - sweet dreams all

  • I like Buffs too but I refuse to pay the price of a branded one.  I usually get my when they have them in Lidl or Aldi.  The last one I got in Cloggyland was 0.99 Euros.  I wear them under my cycle helmet to absorb sweat and keep my ears warm.

    Spence, I went to see TSOM when it was here and it was superb! 

  • morning all

    spin class awaits

    Happy Mondays image

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭


    Spence, I bet you'll have a great time!

    Well done to all the pirates for IMD and IMA. Podds, I can't imagine pushing myself for 14 hours solid - well done that man!

    Chuggy, it sounds like a lovely day. The Eden Project are 'organising' a 'Big Lunch' on 18 th July - the idea is that communities get together, have lunch and get to know each other. It seems that there is little happening in Bournemouth and, I'm afraid, I'm too apathetic to organise anything image.


    I'm feeling carp this morning following 2 bad nights. Saturday MS was w*rking so, as usual, I left his light on for when he came in. Switched it off around 1am as I couldn't settle with it on. Then MS came home around 2.30. I was awake at 4.0 and he was snoring so loudly it took me ages to go back to sleep, then awake properly around 6.30. Last night MS crashed early and was snoring like a piggy, even when lying on his side. After an hour I went into the spare room - the bed is not made up and is covered with junk, I pushed the junk aside and crawled under a duvet. I did manage some sleep but it was certainly not as much as I needed - and now it's Monday. Bleurgh.


    WAIST well xxxxx

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