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  • morning, hope everyone had a good weekend, sorry not going to attempt to read back cause it'll take forever! 


    Chuggs - well done the orange army, spain were the deserved winners, but wow it was an edge of the seat game.   I know what you mean about the heat though, I felt so ill on saturday cause I just couldnt get cool, today its raining and a lot cooler woohoo.  But if it stays like this all week I'll be bitching about not having any sunshine!!!

    eMC - sorry I've not seen you on here before, but sounds like your training is going ok, an IM in the making!!!  image  

    I did a 5k plod this morning, took about 36 mins with my walking about 4 times after each hill, its quite depressing how quickly you lose your fitness after a 2 week running holiday its taking me a while to get back into it.  But this week is a new week, I have my training plan back so here goes with a new start (again!). 

    I'm waiting to hear about my new bike so I can get some peddle power going, its only 8 weeks to Nantwich tri, but I darent enter yet in case I dont get my bike in time! 

    right better do some work

    <<waves to everyone>>

  • Morning Snaily

    Chuggs I always found the best way to keep a cat entertained was a good old fashioned cardboard box or a paper bag   image
  • or a rolled up piece of foil paper!!!  image

    (can you tell I'm back in my office away from staff prying eyes!!!)

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Well done, Snaily, that's 5k more than many peeps will do!
  • Slugsta - we're coming to poole on 5 / 6 / 7 August, shall we do a "sluggy"!!!  I might even have my bike by then so could cycle to you!!!  (is poole flat????)

  • Have you forgotten that you're going to get tough with your team today, Snaily?

    Go get 'em, Tiger.

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Chuggs I always found the best way to keep a cat entertained was a good old fashioned cardboard box or a paper bag   image
    Snaily2 wrote (see)

    or a rolled up piece of foil paper!!!  image

    ..............or a greyhound................ sure keeps them on the move, improves agility skills and keeps eyesight in practice........ image
  • Yay, just plotted this morning's route to find if it was just under or over 5k. It was 5.31km. Happiness.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    Well done, MC.

    Snaily, will have to see if we can get together. It's about 5 miles downhill from where we live to Poole town centre - and uphill all the way back, of course!

  • XB - I've been a tiger already (feel quite faint now!!!)  Well so far so good, what I've told them they are doing!  oooo the power  image

    XB - I cant find your post from friday, are you doing Nantwich Tri?

    Closer too i'll get your number Slugs and see what the plans are.  the first day is probably a no go-er, me and OH will still be arguing about which pitch is better and trying to "set up" the motorhome!!  hee hee

    well done eMC, what a great run, I'm gonna map mine now, hopefully it'll be the 5k I think it is! 

    my little max is shit scared of cats!  one batted him across the face with its claws and he's been scared ever since!!! 

  • <flops down on couch>

    morning all

    hope all is well with everyone - weekend was busy as, so not had chance to catch up - will scatter ((((((((((((()))))))))))) and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and leave a jug off coffee here on the table.

  • No thanks, Snaily. I'm too much of a wussimage

  • <<<helps self to freshly brewed coffee>>>

    Mapped my run says I ran 5.44k  image

    Jeez I've just opened the office window for a bit of fresh air - its bliddy freezing out there (see I'm moaning already!)  well its only to be expected I suppose, we're going colwyn bay this weekend so BRING ON THE RAIN!  image

    I have a little project on the go at home, we were offered a professional photo session for free but I'm too self conscious to do anything like that, so I've bought a large photo frame which contains 8 smaller frames inside, so I'm going to put together a family photo frame.  image

  • Chuggs bad luck with the result last night, As you said it wasn't a great advert for football. Well done for your team getting to the final anyway.

    Afternoon all, I didnt bother with work today, wasn't feeling to bright when I woke this morning, think i've got the bug definitely that everyone in the house has had.

    Had another attempt at the shower this morning, cleaning the shower head didn't work, nor did replacing the shower head.

    Had a look on the website for the shower and one of the FAQ's was relating to the issues I have so checked that out, it seems that the shower has a Flow Pressure release valve for when a shower head gets blocked etc, the valve opens to save the shower breaking... Once it's opened though it needs replacing. Thankfully I can order the part from their website. Ordered one for £12 should arrive tomorrow, seems a simple screw in job.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Hello


    yr2 performance to the rest of the school this morning, they were brill image

    45mins r4/w1 really struggling atm

    *keeps Jay at a safe distance!*

  • morning all

    I seem to have turned into a lurker - sorry!

    keep reading back and then no time to say anything - or praps  nothing worth saying image

    must try harder!

  • You ok jenni?
  • fine thanks pudimage

    just too much going on I think

  • It's 28 days since I started walk/running again. William James (the father of psychology) once said that it you do something consistently for 28 days it becomes a habit, and after that it is easier to keep going than to give up.

    In week 1 I was running 30 seconds then walking 4 and a half minutes, for about 45 minutes each time. This week I am running 2 and a half minutes then walking 2 and a half minutes, for over an hour each time, so I am running as much as I am walking. It feels good.

    This afternoon I was in Halfords looking at bicycles. Don't tell Meldy.

  • William James was talking rubbish!!

    Sorry! Ignore me...............

    I seem to surrounded by whinging selp pitying incompetent idiots at the moment along with a bunch of people who when asked to do anything (like their jobs perhaps?) give the whole "woe is me I am so put upon" routine........

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr image

    Apart from that it is a wonderful cheery day - mainly because I will NOT let the bar stewards get to me image image image  So I am determined to keep smiling image image image

    Actually - if someone is being a real prat and instead of rising etc etc you just smile sweetly at them it really gets them worried...........and that's fun image

    <hands out cheery biscuits to go with the coffee>

  • <Takes a cheery biscuit and dunks it in coffee>

    Ta, Podds. These are good biscuits. Did you make them yourself?

  • Well I've fixed the shower, Decided to open it up again of the thought that if its a safety valve etc, then maybe I can push back in whatever popped out because of the pressure.

    And pop it back in I did.... turned on the shower and no leaky bits.

    Suppose it will be good to have a replacement pipe as back up though

  • LOL podds, just sounds like my work.  I now have to "ask" people to do something rather than tell them - HELLO THEY ARE AT WORK SO NEED TO WORK

    And then, sometimes when I "ask" them we get into a whole debate on why they have to do it !!!  

    I feel like saying "you do it because its your job and get paid to do it"   its not like I'm asking them to sweep the floor or somthing


    <<nabs cheery biscuit>>

  • woohoo Jay has no leaky bits  image
  • Oooh, well done, Jay! It's a good feeling when you aren't defeated by a 'thing', isn't it? But it does sound as if you have more than a touch of the family lurgy, so you were prolly very sensible to stay home cos a) you won't give it to other people and b) you'll get well quicker! Do look after yourself, as well as everyone else, OK?

    JFF, good to see you! We were getting a bit worried about you, tho we all know that 'no time to post' feeling.

    CP, you are doing GREAT! Sometimes in here, where so many peeps are constantly doing maras and halvf mara and that sort of thing it's hard to remember that the vast majority of people couldn't run for 2-1/2 minutes even once, let alone do it alternately for an hour! So look at the terrific progress you've made in the last month and give yourself a big gold star!

    That said, I have to agree with Podds that William James may have been a tad optimistic in his views. I can most certainly do something for 28 days and fall out of the habit the moment I take the pressure off. And as most people here know, I spend most of my life in this game of snakes and ladders...!

    And speaking of Podds, here are some strenthening vibes to help you withstand the irritating idiots:


    Remarkable how many people feel it's a personal favour to you if they happen to do their jobs. But you're dead right not to let it spoil your world!!!

    Tubs, finally got to see the photos (I'm in the village now, in a restaurant with REAL wifi that goes at normal speeds!). Is that astonishing plate armour of Megs to keep the flies off her????

    Well done to the year 2's, Spence. It's lovely to see how proud of themselves they are after a performance! And I don't wonder that you're feeling rather tired at the mo: it's almost the end of the year when everyone is low on energy, and you've done such a lot this year I think you're entitled to feel a bit whacked!

    MC, isn't it lovely to find a run was longer than you thought? Great news for you! Not long before I left NL I measured my normal routes and found that both my standard routes were actually a mile longer than I thought image) Now I'm in France it's back to square one, cos in NL it's flat but here it's ALL up and down...wibble...

    XB, excuse me for missing this, but when I was pacing up in NL you were mulling over a job offer....did you take it in the end, or not? You've probably explained all this, but the interrupted internet means I've missed several important things (like Podds' new dawgie!!).

  • more fortifying vibes for Snaily too


    Makes you wonder what people THINK they come to work for, doesn't it?!?

  • Swim swum, bike on route to Germany although I seem to have jinxed Symes' car as he turned up to pick it up and would appear the water pump has gone !

    I think I need to hibernate for a few days
  • Not to worry JFF, I seem to be mostly lurking these days. Mostly from the shame of not plodding much! I did trot round the block (about 2.5 miles with walk breaks) on Thursday. I couldn't face plodding of any variety at the weekend, so I swimbled yesterday. So my plodding muscles don't atrophy completely, I did throw in 10 lengths of water running, which is blimming hard work! Not least because of the other swimmers pointing and laughing.

    (((Podds))) Nil illegitimi carborundum image

  • Tell me about it Snaily

    We are going through a phase of "oh well I'm not feeling great" - well do you know what? Grow up - this is the real world - perhaps if you focussed on the job rather than yourself you'd feel better and I'd get what I need from you!

    Of course although I have this lovely dialogue in my head the reality in order to avoid offending such delicate ickle flowers has to be "oh I'm sorry.....but if you could possibly just blahdi blah.........necessary because blahdi blah.........etc etc"

    Not for nothing am I known as the font of the milk of human kindness image

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