working at it slowly



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    Spence! Tracker! Think I've already posted it twice - pay attention! image image

    This is just Meldy though - there's a link on the Roth followers thread (you posted on it earlier I think) to the whole tracker (might have to go back a few pages), or you should be able to get to it from the link above to Meldy's page.
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    Jay, it's the Western Park museum I was thinking of - not been to Magna, it's in Rotherham - might as well be another planet image
  • Ah OK, I think it will just be a day/night spent doing some shopping and having a few drinks and enjoying having no parental demands
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    Ok, so my link doesn't take you to Meldy's page, you'll have to click on the union flag, then type 'Pirate Ship of Fools' into the team name box, and then click on Meldy's name at the top image
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    Woo hoo, she's through 12.5k! image Estimated finish is 16.41 now though..
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    Meldy through 12.5k on her run
  • Yes, CET is an hour LATER than it is in the UK/ So not it's 1849 here and 1749 there. That doesn't leave her a whole lot of time....

    GOOOOO MELDEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nog, going downhill fast wrote (see)

    Melds bike splits were superb.  I'd be happy with that pace in a sportive.

    Go Melds.

    I think she'll be disappointed Nogs - she was faster on the bike last year and has gone much faster in training this year and knowing what her target time was overall (if everything went to plan) she would have been looking for a faster bike leg..........
  • Jay, Magna is an excellent museum.  It still has all the old workings there but they are in the dark and several times a day they project onto it as if the film is the real works if you understand me.  There are also four different areas representing the four elements and lots of thing sto push, pull and press.  It might be a little bit over your boys heads at the moment but in a couple of years or so it would be excellent for them.

    Give us an M...Give us an E...Give us an L....Give us a D....Give us a Y....MELDY!!!

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    Chuggs, you've confused me even more - it's NOT 18.49 *here*, it might be where you are! It's 17.49 (or rather 17.54) here - so are they an hour ahead of *us* or of *you*?

    I'm wound up like a spring here, and giggling away at teh complete lack of competence on my own part and inability to work out time differences image Will have to stop work in a min, shut the computer, and go and make some jam or something

    (or - RADISHES)
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    Did you find the tracker Spence? Sorry if my instructions were a little garbled!!
  • nothing happens when I click on the union jack?
  • POM POMS still revving for Melds
  • Podds, I can't imagine she'll be disappointed with the bike leg.  Having done some sportives with her, she's knocked out the same pace but in the middle of a tri. 
  • I've just had a quick look - Melds has averaged close on 22kph for the bike leg which is better than we did for the Chiltern 100 and it's 60 k's more.

    Meldy rocks.

  • wooohoo well done to Yumms imageimageimage

    Come on Melds - I have no idea whether she's fast or slow, you're getting me all confoosled  - all seems remarkable to me - just want her to finish in the cutoff and get that medal!


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    Try that Spence

    You'll still have to enter the team name and click on Meldy's name though. If that doesn't work, I have no further suggestions and you'll have to follow the link in the Roth thread as they've probably got it right...

    I thought someone on the Roth thread said Meldy's bike time was the same as she did in Switzerland, but she's knocked an hour off it since then? Was she going flat out in the Chiltern 100??? Who knows, Meldy's mind is a mystery at the best of times, and I'm still trying to work out time zones..

    (just had some pancakes though, so that's made it better - cheese and rocket from the garden image image )
  • cheers Daffs, I'll give it a goimage

    I'm worn out!!

    edited to say it worked, thanks Daffsimage

  • It looks like she's having a struggle with the run.

    I hope she's OK, but a tap with the harribert might help keep her focussedimage

  • just seen a couple of pirates cross the line, don't know who they are thou
  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    Right everybody, line up, give those peasants a fish each, and everybody give her a smack as she passes


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    <wields harribert>
  • I can only get my hands on a tin of sardines... is that OK?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    No problem, Jay!
  • smoked mackeral here!
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    she's through the 21.5k mark
  • and she's speeding up.
  • I'm on tenterhooks. Gogo Meldy! Go!
  • Go go go melds

    < wields tin of tuna>
  • seren nos wrote (see)
    there was something about her having breathing problems on the swim.................her swim was down 45 mins...........the bike down an hour and now the run is slow.................not the meldy we know...........there has to be something really not right........which is suprising then why she is still managing to keep going
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