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    Morning all

    Seems as if there's a lot of work conflict out there at the moment. There's more to life than work and you need to do what you know you can live with, the only person who knows exactly what that means is you. I have a boss that I have no respect for at the moment and have been trying to escape for a while, came very close the other week but sadly it didn't work out. I won't just jump as there's still more positives than negatives and I'm not alone in my discontent which makes it easier as there's support there. 

    No sofa for 20 years then 2 come along at once. Living the high life Yums. Nice bit of bling too.

    Hope all your family are now sorted and settled Chuggy.

    Glad to hear your prom meeting was a success and that the vet visit was survived with minimal injuries Sluggy

    Someone asked about XFC. She continues to challenge and frustrate and confound. Haven't seen her for a little over a week as she went to stay with a guy she met on the internet a few days before. We are not allowed to ask questions, show concern or interfere as she is in her words 'an adult now' . If we attempt any form of support it tends to result in toddler tantrums. Hard sometimes to know what to do for the best other than 'be there' . She came home late last night or very early this morning depending on your perspective so she should be up by teatime!

    I fell off the running come back wagon last week but started up again today. I realise one of the reasons I may not be making progress is that I use an ipod. Every time I go out I turn it to shuffle.  I can't find a faster setting.

    Happy Tuesday.
  • JFF/MC^^^ wot they said ... (mc don't take this he wrong way, but can't you stay off sick while you decide? You certainly aren't ready to go back from how it sounds here. Don't rush into anything until you know what's best). And JFF I don't know what's gone on, but yes, write it all down!

    Mr P finishes his shift tomorrow so we are off to Glasgow for a few days. When I told our music teacher when he asked what I was doing at half term, his response was "well, I've never heard anyone say that before!" We went many years ago when Pippette was young enough not to moan, and have always meant to go back.

    I had my hair cut yesterday with a new stylist. 
    Her: so what do you do with your hair in the morning? 
    Me (slightly confused): Brush it ...? (Different paradigms)
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    I don't own a brush .I don't know what you're talking about Pippi's!

    Enjoy Glasgow. It's a great city. We really enjoyed it and prefer it to Edinburgh.

    Update on teen frustration. We have apparently dropped out of college again. We did it before half term yet still pretended to go yesterday, even putting on the college lanyard. What larks.
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    Mc, my suggestion would be to take sick leave, at least while you decide what to do.

    <whistles> Nice hairdo Jenni. Have a lovely time in Glasgow.

    DL, sterkte.
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    I am plagued by strap closure pain. I wasn't aware though that people are mostly orthofeet shoes. How reassuring.

    The world makes sense at last.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Thank heavens I have learned about the benefits of black shoes!
  • thanks for the whistle Sluggy - but I still need a haircut and I'm not going to Glasgow :)

    luckily I have some black shoes power to the legs to the people!

  • oh DL I feel your pain - I'm so glad my boys are no longer teenagers, but on the other hand they still cause me grief!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Sorry Jenni - although you always look gawjus to your friends!
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    Good evening fellow WAISTers.

    I hope Emess has recovered from his sky scissorhands. Do you have some Christmas performances lined up with the choir, Sluggy?

    MC have you made your decision? It certainly sounds as though you need a change of job.

    DL, teens, eh. XFC sounds perfectly normal which is good news. It does make teens hard work and as a teacher friend once said teens have the answer to everything. Good you've climbed back on the running wagon. Thankfully falling off the wagon didn't injure you

    JFF like pippi says record it all. Information  is power. It all sounds rather unpleasant. Hopefully your secondment will be a breath of fresh air and some space away from the nepotism.

    Trying to decide whether to throw my hat in the wrong for promotion at work. It would provide a pension boost and extra cash for jobs around the house however I'm not convinced I could avoid working outside of hrs and international travel is required. Whoever fills the post will likely know nothing and I'll end up supporting them and the quality of candidates lately has been poor. 

  • hi all

    yums - you may as well throw your hat in the ring and see - you can always turn it down if you decide it isn't right for you

    I handed my notice in - there was no way I could carry on there. They referred me to occupational health, and the OH nurse came on Friday and said the best thing was for me just to be signed off for the rest of term. That was a massive relief - really after the way I was treated when I went back to work was shocking and there is no way I would want to go through that again. There were rehearsals at school on Sunday so I took my husband and we got most of my personal stuff - didn't find everything because some things had been moved around in my absence. 

    So I have a couple of months of sick pay and a bit of breathing space and time to start looking for another job

  • That sounds ideal, MC. Take time and make the most of the breathing space.

    Meanwhile, vibes on high here please - we've had the phone call ... the big O are in 2 days from tomorrow. We have a new Head who is great. We aren't where we ought to be, but we have plan and are all working hard together. Fingers crossed they see that!

    Wibble. (a bit - or take me as I am!)
  • Fingers crossed for you Pippi!

    Mc, I'm glad some of the pressure has been taken from you, hope you are soon feeling more positive.

    Yums, I would day 'go for it' it will be good experience at the very least and you don't have to take the job if/when it is offered.
  • pippi - good luck for ofsted
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Yums - international travel? They sending you to Ireland to make a hard border? I had a reluctant person who I pushed into becoming a headteacher because she didn't want to support another half wit incompetent - she is excellent and loves it - may be it's time for a change for you too, sometimes a change is as good as watching others take your credit??

    Pippi - good luck - everything crossed for you - I'm currently day 2 of 3 supporting one of our schools. I know how stressful it is and how much work goes into it. Hope you have a human in the inspection team! 

    Good luck to you too MC. Sounds like a wise decision and time to find something that's right.

    Happy Diwali - Keep finding the cat behind the sofa - fireworks seem to have been going on for days

  • good luck Pippi

    MC good for you - take some rest now and decide what to do next xx

    Yums - I think apply for the job - you can decide whether to go ahead if you get the offer. As you say you would end up holding the new persons hand when you could be doing the job yourself, we don't always realise what we are capable of.

    Looks like my secondment will go ahead in January. Its a shame the way things have turned out but I choose to see the positive and not be bitter :) I hope the people involved learn a lesson from it but I doubt it! I'm hoping to do myself out of a job and get made redundant in a year's time- but I'm just not that lucky :) 

  • They've been, they've gone ... as expected.

    I might not have to go through another one if they hold off a bit longer than me!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Yay Farty - good news - hope the secondment does what you want it to!

    Yay too Pippi - hope expected is at least good!

    I had a very tricky and frustrating few days. I am now officially knackered!  Ahh the idea of this one being the last Pippi, if only, I expect another this term

    I should probably go out for a run to de-stress. Then again tea and cake are just as good!

  • DL best of both worlds - go or a run then treat yourself to tea and cake :)
  • Well done Jenni, I hope the secondment will lead on to more good things.

    Pippi, I'm glad the O is over.

    DL, I'm in the 'tea and cake' corner!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Last week I settled on the sofa for tea. This week I decided to run. Funnily enough the run seemed more difficult than I expected. 

    I seem to have a bit of background sciatica that I can't shift - possibly because I don't stick with the stretches. Also running seems to irritate it - hence the sofa appearing more appealing! 

    Happy weekend - hope it brings you something exciting

  • Oh lovely waister pals, I feel like I haven't been in here forever! 

    ((((Mc))))) have a hug. What a rotten situation, and a horrid boss. Glad you've had support from the union and the doc and it does rather sound like you were better off out. Hope this bit of time gives you the breathing space you need xx

    Jenni, ooh, a difficult one! Not sure what I'd do I confess. I suppose it depends how much you trust your boss's boss... Don't want to make things worse - but then that's how people get away with such shennanigans... Good luck. Pleased you got the secondment! 

    Yums, I reckon you should go for the job & make a decision once you've been offered it. As others have said, better than some incompetent fool getting your credit....

    (((((((Waisters old and new, running and shuffling and lying down>)))))))

    All cheerful here. Work schedule has me driving to the city every single week day from October to Christmas, quite objectionable and it's ruined any semblance of a running routine I had as I'm never at home in the daylight and of course there are no streetlights or pavements round here and I'm not quite brave enough for running on windy country lanes in the dark yet (nice excuse)

    Not sure what my excuse is for not running before I leave the city, or at the weekend...)

    Anyway, I've been tapering for our overnight ultra marathon this weekend 😂 Ran 30 miles in August, 13 in September, 6 in October and none so far in November 😂 Ultra starts at sunset tomorrow (4.18pm) and we basically just keep going on an out & back route til either the sun rises or we fall down. Excellent fun. We're aiming for 3 out and backs, which will give us 28 miles - but secretly we'd like to do another to get to 37 miles.

    Can't see the problem - did my last marathon in 6.5 hours and we've got 15 hours ish for this so there should be time for an extra 9 miles after a couple of hours nap 😂😂
  • Go, Daffs!! Keeping the Waister flag flying!  :):)
  • Ofsted came  and went - pretty much "keep going, it's all in the right direction." Our new head is too new for any positive impact, but it has been recognised that she is a Good Thing.
    Ive done my residential trip to North Wales with 20 10/11 year olds ... I assume the medal is in the post, but at least this time I have been thanked for organising it and going. Makes a nice change. I'm not asleep yet,either! 
    Will I wake in time for Parkrun tomorrow???
  • daffs, a bit late but good luck!

    Pippi - being thanked is a good sign of a good boss! 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Morning. Sorry for being random in posting. 

    I wonder how ultra runner daffy is getting on. All that trIning/taper will be paying off :-) GO DAFFY! Shame work journey is playing havoc with your running but avoiding unlit country lanes seems wise.

    Well done on sticking with what you need, MC. I'm glad the OH nurse was supportive. Enjoy not having the worry of work hanging over you and use the time to take care of yourself. 

    Pippi you have been busy what with tackling Ofsted and a school trip.  Which was more stressful? As you say hopefully you may not be there the next time they visit. I'm hoping you mean you will have retired 

    Yay to the secondment. It's not long now and I'm sure it will be a huge relief to be free from all the poor behaviour.  I hope you do manage to become redundant when the time is right. 

    DL, you sound like the Ofsted expert. I feel so sorry for our pets when it's the firework season. Poor critters and it's all so random not just the firework weekend. Sciatica is a pain in the bum! Why are physio exercises so hard to keep up?!  I hope you're relaxing after a tricky few days.

    * waves to sluggy*  How are you all?  I hope sky and Alfie have been sensible and are staying safely tucked up if there are whizzes and bangs near where you are. Do you have anything special lined up for the festive season?

    Thank you for the work advice. It appears there is a name in the frame for the vacancy and it's not mine. I'll prepare my application when the add goes out and decide whether to submit it. This week we lost a delegate from the former Soviet republic.  Reception rang to say he'd arrived.. Long and slightly amusing story as we searched various buildings he may have been in only to find he was in a random building in another part of London.  Know what you mean about bosses and thank you. I received a bonus for the project I did for several months and a two sentence letter thanking me. It worked out to £ 1.16 a day after tax. I was insulted. However my boss thanked me for ' being brilliant ' with a colleague who is struggling and I was really touched. 
    Anyone who wants a run meet at the garden gate in 5 mins 

  • Morning waister chums!

    Glad there is at least some recognition from bosses of the brilliance of waisters. About time!

    Well, that was a long night... Started well when sister hadn't actually arrived when the race started. Turned out both headlights had gone so she'd had to detour to Halfords & beg them to fit them for her while she panic bought half of Aldi (seriously, she turned up with a holdall full of food, and FOUR pairs of shoes, including a brand new pair that the postman had brought as she was leaving the house & which she ended up wearing after the first lap)

    First lap was fun. We started 20 mins late (!) So didn't see anyone else for a while,  but eventually the people doing the half and full marathon started heading back after their first shorter loop and it got more sociable. It was still a bit light at that point too.

    Reached the turnaround point (4.5 miles) in good spirits, and after a small natter with the marshalls headed back tk the start, which we reached after about 3 hours.

    Lots of faffing before heading out on 2nd lap. Sister changed shoes :& ate a subway meatball sandwich. I ate half a pizza & wrapped myself in some battery powered fairy lights from her Aldi extravaganza. We had a cup of tea from the burger van & set off for second lap.

    Now very dark but we were still quite jolly & people kept commenting on sister's leggings which were covered in reflective spots. Reached the end of the loop again at about 10pm, more sweets, and the nice guy had a screwdriver so managed to get the batteries in the fairy lights, hooray! All very jolly.

    Then it got a bit weird when a random man dressed entirely in black & not part of the race walked past. He wasn't doing anything wrong of course but it was the middle of nowhere and the middle of the night and it freaked us out a bit cos once we'd overtaken him we couldn't see him and we got a bit jumpy. By that point the half & most of the full people had finished and there were just a few people left so we didn't see anyone very often. The mist had started rising off the river & there were various points were we couldn't see very far at all and it was all a bit spooky.

    At one point a dog shot out of the woods & scared the living daylights out of us - turned out it belonged to the organisers who were driving up & down the track looking for it. 

    Got back to the start at about 11.30 and after another cuppa decided not to go out again. We'd done 7 hours worth of traipsing through the woods in the dark & it had stopped being fun. The path was really cambered which was playing havoc with our untrained hips, and it was also really stony so our feet were rather sore (we'd have been better off in sturdy walking boots given how little actual running we did!)

    I think if it had been daylight we would have dragged ourselves out for another lap, but it had all started to get a bit horror filmy with the mist (and random bloke hadn't reappeared) so we called it a day.

    Bit disappointing but the right decision. Including to & from the car park we did 21 miles which ain't bad for such little training. Vexing not to get to ultra distance but we just couldn't have done another 9 mile loop in the dark, even if we did have 6 hours til the cut off! 

    Hey ho. Took over 2 hours to drive home (including stopping to shut my eyes for 10 mins so i didn't wrap myself round a tree) and I could barely get out of the car when I got back. Bribed Mr Cheery to let the chickens out this morning so I'm still in bed but getting quite peckish now so might have to get up & finish some of my ludicrously over specified picnic 😂

    Apologies for typos, I"m lying in bed on the phone!
  • Afternoon all,

    Well done Daffs! I'm g;ad you are upholding the good name of the WAISTerlounge. Stopping when it was no longer fun sounds very sensible - not that I ever thought I would have cause to call you sensible!  >:)

    Jenni, how is Mr FarFar's ankle now? I'm glad you can have some breathing space from the current job, hopefully it will give you time to think about what you want for the future.

    Yums, we have just got back from a 3 nght cruise with SB - the first time we have been away together for 8 years. We had a great time and SB suggested that we might all go on a Christmas cruise at some stage in the future :) We don't have many plans for the festive season other than going up to London for a few days on Boxing Day.

    WAIST well xxx
  • wow daffs well done, I am not sure I would have enjoyed that event! Always tough on rough terrain and in the dark too....hope you have recovered
  • hello lovelies

    Daffs well done - I actually enquired about that event was thinking about doing the marathon distance. I'm glad I didn't now, I don't think I would have enjoyed traipsing about in the dark on my own

    ah Sluggy I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday with SB. our boys didn't want to come away with us really once they got to about 15, but we've taken them with us for a holiday a couple of times in the last few years and really enjoyed their company - fab isn't it!

    we were really concerned about Mr FF's ankle - it seems to be lean over to the side and he relies on heavy boots for support  - but his latest hospital visit showed the bone had grown back and the doctor was pleased - hoorah! so feeling more positive and hopeful :)

    I'm off to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks - a week of winter sun with a  marathon thrown in :)

    Yums what a nice complement from your boss :)

    MC how are you feeling now?

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