Tuesday session (15/10/02)

Despite working a 12 hour day yesterday managed to get "out" well actually in on my treadmill for 30 minutes. Accelerated up to 7:30 mile pace without any twinges - which was nice.

What: Unsure as another 12 day beckons (full days work followed by train to Munich). May try and squeeze in 30 minutes late this evening.
Why: All I can do under the circumstances.



  • Morning all – grey and miserable here

    What : Tempo run – 7mile or so
    Why : Club Night

    Last Hard Day : Thursday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday

  • Morning - a bit grey here but a lot better than yesterday (so far!!)
    What : 6miles
    Why: following RW's 16 week marathon schedule from now until Christmas (10 weeks) for some structured training - day 2
    Last hard day:Sunday
    Last rest day :Saturday
  • Morning everyone, miserable day so far and likely to get worse so I am very glad that Sunday's run has earned me a few rest days (although I did play footy last night and have another game this evening).

    What: rest
    Why: recovering from race
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Morning all. Horrible day here too.
    What: 5-6 miles easy if the weather perks up. Otherwise will try to go to the gym and pool.
    Why: Need to do something. Hate the rain.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Morning all - winter has officially arrived

    What: Speed work (will decide what later)
    Why: Coz I haven't got any speed
    Last rest: Yesterday
    Last hard: Saturday
  • Unpromising here too & trying to rain (as forecast).

    What: Don't know yet. Will find out when I turn up on Hoylake prom this evening and train with other runners from Wirral AC. First time I'll ever have done a session with other athletes.

    Why: got invited to join them. Even though I'm not totally recovered from Sunday, I'm not going to pass up the opportunity.

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Morning to you all from a grey, wet, cold, miserable London (which is miserable at the best of times anyway!). Already got wet this morning taking the dogs for a work so it'll be a joy going out at lunch.

    What : 5 mile tempo
    Why : Really trying to incorporate some speed sessions in my training
    Last Rest : Sunday
    Last Hard : Still over two weeks ago
  • Mike - Is it like your first day at school? Are you a bit nervous?.................Probably couldn't justify getting your mum to take you!
  • They're probably scared of you Mike. Hope you enjoy it.

    What: 4.5 miles easy.
    Why: recovery run after club session last night.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: Sat

    Marmite Master, there's a message for you on the URWRCF forum.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lovely day here in the North - sunny and crisp - almost frosty this morning.

    What: Possibly 7 miles steady.

    Why: Dentist on Thursday to (hopefully) finally get rid of this tooth, so need to get the miles in early this week, in case I'm not up to it later.

    Last Rest: Sunday
    Last Hard: Ages ago (still in Marathon recovery mode)
  • Wet and misserable on the welsh borders

    what - 6 or 7 including 6x400 at 6:30 with upto 2mins recovery (actually I'll jog recover to 145-150 HR so the recovery time will be variable)
    why - I'm on week 3 of the Competitive runner 10 week speed session.
    last rest - Sat
    last hard - Sun
  • Thats the Competitive Runners Handbook
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Rain ?
    Hurricane warning ?

    What : Hopefully hour tonight including 4*1 mile fast (sub 7min/miling)
    Why : weekly speed , enjoy the weather like this !
    Last Hard : Thursday
    Last Rest : Sunday/Monday
  • what: club session surprise
    why: variety
    last hard day: sunday
    last rest : saturday

    slippery wet leaves have arrived on our local pavements so downhill last night became a little more exciting. Thinking about x-country this w/e which could be more exciting still, first one since PHF in 197?.
  • Mike S,
    have great fun at your first club night. I can honestly say that joining a club has been the single best thing I've ever done for my training and (much to my wife's delight) I have expanded my circle of friends to include a plethora of like-minded masochists who enjoy nothing more than running their lungs out and then sitting around drinking beer and discussing VO2 max, anaerobic threshold and many other fascinating topics!

    Laura L,
    thanks for the message about the message! Must admit I've tried avoiding using the URWRCF forums as I already spend waaaay too much time on here, so I don't know the URL/web address, can someone post it for me, THANKS.

    What: 9 mile fartlek in the pi**ing rain with club
    Why: umm, ask me once I'm done
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Hello everyone, it is raining in Scunthorpe

    What: 2 1/2 mile fast
    Why: Get some speed work into my legs
    Last Hard run: Monday
    Lastr est day: Saturday
  • Steady on MM - I haven't joined Wirral. The club itself is 10 miles away, and I suspect that if I joined & went there on my own account regularly (as opposed to taking Matthew there), Mrs S would be less than impressed. (Bear in mind she already has to put up with my cricketing activities in the summer.)
    Rather, it's that a significant number of their runners (several of whom finished ahead of me on Sunday) train pretty close to where I live, on Tuesday night.
    Yes, I am a bit nervous about it!

    Also making me nervous is the fact that I've been awaiting a response from Vrap on the subject of echinacea. For some reason I feel like Bob Peck in Jurassic Park..... ;-)
  • no running - flu

    feel pants -still have to work
  • What: some sort of interval session after work, 5 miles probably
    Why: marathon taper fortnight

    Weather cold and wet in Aberdeen, good acclimatisation for Dublin.
  • Wet & windy in SW Herts too. The Chilterns look great whatever the weather if you take the time look.

    What - 75 lengths fast, 12 wram up 12 cool down
    Why - can't run, cycle or do anything else 'till Friday
    Last hard day - 9 days
    Next hard day - 26 days
  • Good afternoon, spent all this morning filling in insurance claim forms and drawing little pictures...car now officially written off.

    What: easy 5 miler
    Why: ease the aches and pains..followed by a nice long bath

    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: yesterday (not by choice)
  • Were you awaiting a reply, Mike? Sorry - I didn't realise. Maybe should take some ginseng and gingko biloba for my memory (there IS some evidence that the latter might help, though it's nothing special in terms of quality of studies or statistics). Dunno. Herbs are SO yesterday. Take it if you like it. About 99% of what I do in the name of ethnocentrically western allopathic medicine is no better than white magic anyway, and I'm not even sure which 99% it is. Whatever, I didn't take anything that made medicinal claims and my cold has fizzled out without amounting to more than a tickle and a spot of snot.

    Realised today why I forked out for gym membership. Still bucketing breezily outside. Managed three miles of intervals on the treadmill (got up to 8mph for two whole minutes, which is a born-again PB, especially as I'd forgotten to drop the gradient from 4% after warming up) and a 1.2km swim. Can't go home and pretend I worked all afternoon, because I met Mr V-rap in the pool where he was trying to swim off the tail end of his cold.

    Unusual lack of endorphins, though! I must need an easy week.
  • Hi all. Weather is pants here in Nottingham too.

    What: normally 5-6 mile club run but may end up in the gym
    Why: I've got no probs with running in the rain but I've run out of disposable contact lenses and I'm worried about having another close encounter with a lampost.
    Last rest day: yesterday (although a 13 hour day at work is hardly a rest!)
    Last hard day: sunday
  • Stopped raining, so about a 4 mile run/walk
    Took 45 minutes though, i blame the hills and the wind

    RR, I run with steamed up glasses
  • PB, one day , IF I ever finish this MD, Ill have to have a viva
    I didnt know you were one of those scary people!
  • Benz, I chickened out and didn't even go to the gym. The last time I ran with steamed up glasses I nearly had a nasty accident with a lampost..hence my aversion to doing it again!
  • Bad RR tomorrow is another day!
  • What a let down.
    Turned up at the appointed hour and place - and no one else did. Maybe they'd called it off but didn't have my number. Waited 30 mins in the twilight.

    Subsequently did 9.3K - alone - in 38:26. Felt p*ssed off, had to come back into a gale, HR played up as well - think it's on its last legs. Not a great evening.
  • What: about 6-7 miles, slowly. I meant to do 10.5 loop, but as soon as I left the house my legs felt absolutely dead. Ended up dragging myself round, which was a pity since I'd been looking forward to my run all day.
    Why: still can't think of a good answer to this one :)
    Last hard run: y/day
    Next rest day: tomorrow, unless I awake filled with energy!
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