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Looks like the lookatme video thread got pulled, shame I was enjoying it, but suppose it was descending in tone a bit. What I wanted to add was, if the guy had made a utube bit like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMLZWz-KafM&feature=youtu.be then we could all have been in awe, just watch the "wife", 7'4" and 22 stone, I was there in the crowd watching, unbelievable in the proper sense of the word. Now thats a video!!!!


  • "My word, 'ees coming back!"

    Utterly stupid, and oddly impressive..

  • But we can still enjoy his brilliance.

    Take your pick from the 1 mile uphill before breakfast, or the new Karrimor trail running shoes, the audiobooks in Bromsgrove High Street, or the immortal piano teaching video.

    Like the book on shipbuilding that I bought - riveting image


  • but you get to see what its like to run a 5k.a birdeye view........not often you can do that...

  • I there we were all doing our hill sessions up the hill. Why did it never occur to anyone to do them all downhill?

    I guess that's why he has PT after his name. Sets him apart from the rest.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    I wonder why it got pulled? Did he not like the feedback?

    As for downhill repeats- doing them once every 5-6 weeks is good for stopping yourself getting doms from running hard downhill in a race (apparently) so kudos to that video(if that is how you pat someone on the back in video world).

    Oh and Asrar hussain is still asking the same stupid question without getting nuked so I guess PT must have really kicked off to get that thread removed outside office hours.
  • I can't remember the last time a thread was cazzed perhaps things are looking up. 

  • i presume it was a request to have it cazzed by the starter..its the most common reason for one to be pulled

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    I listened to some of these running conversation vids. I got through a few minutes before losing patience, but then making a 20min engaging impromptu monologue would test even the most erudite entertaining speakers sitting in a comfy chair. The one on self-defence manages to be boring and chilling, highlighting the potential of getting attacked from every angle. At the start of one there's mention of making pay to download audio versions. Potentially one of the most disappointing Christmas gifts available. However the first minute of Running Conversation #1 Adventure Playground is unintentionally hilarious. I would have no doubt my efforts with a Go Pro would be similarly tiresome, albeit at a slower pace.

    It's maybe inevitable the killer ants come out for posts like that, but it's a shame ChrisPT took offence. He's a bloody good runner and the killer ants aren't without their kindnesses. If I tried to speak during some of those sprints it would be limited to "oh fuck, oh fuckin hell..."
  • As one of those killer ants, I actually offered a detailed and constructive summary of the most glaring problems with his production technique, from my background in actually doing those things for reals. They were indescribably dire videos, rambling, blurry, and frequently pointless, their producer a largely charmless, pushy type- so that felt like a generous reaction, on balance. It would have been a lot easier (and more entertaining) to just mock their banality.

    I genuinely wonder at the sort of person who thinks that his twenty minutes of shaky, noisy, unstructured and unedited rambling are fit to impose on people.

    He seemed enraged that and militant that he wasn't about lavish production, but seems not to understand at all what makes things good and bad. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery put it:

    "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

    In any creative pursuit, a major part of the skillset is to know the difference between good and bad, and present a finished article to the audience as a carefully curated and skilfully constructed whole. The relationship between rushes that you shoot and length of the finished piece is.. distant.

    It's a bit like those people who empty the 300+ shots from their camera card, make a Picassa album and say "look at mah pictures lol". That's not how you do it- you choose the few good shots that are interesting or meaningful, possibly tidy them up a bit- even if you're just showing them to your mum. To do otherwise is to manifest an arrogant disregard of everyone else's time, as well as ensure that they'll have a thoroughly miserable experience, picking through the drek for the odd gem. Even your mum will secretly hate you for that.

    We're assured that ninety percent of everything is crap- so unless you edit yourself, the mean quality of what you make is going to be crap. Unless you skew things in your favour by choosing the best stuff, you're going to be producing crap.

    Not editing your output either shows that you're such a hideously self-deluding narcissist that you don't think it's necessary, or (more charitably) that you're so hopelessly bad at what you're doing that you have no idea of the difference between dire and acceptable, and are dreadfully proud of what you've done.

    There's a name for that.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Well, yes. I know I've been that deluded talentless idiot that offered up something shit for validation. Sometimes I get humoured, and sometimes I meet with full insight and get battered like a fish. There's a life lesson in there somewhere, but I struggle to distill down what it is. I would recommend watching Chris descend on a playground and do parkour. It is funny. He's still quicker than me. The bastard.
  • Aye, he's quick like a fox but dull like a peculiarly self-deluding tax bill. Luckily, there are quicker and more interesting people on the youtubes, though.

    There's a terrifying amount of running-related video out there, when you look. Loads of really good stuff too. Often you can find useful three minute videos illustrating specific things that are a pain for people to describe as text, as well as some good craziness.

    Oh, and that wife-carrying video in the first post is extremely entertaining, too, if you've not seen it.

  • Haha seren nos, touché.

    JT141 thanks, and I hope I didn't take offence - I try not to be that sort of person.

    Kattefjaes - these arguments work on different levels. I could argue with your absolutes e.g. "indescribably dire", "enraged", "seems not to understand at all", "dreadfully proud" etc. Or I could argue with your sense of proportion e.g. should the rules of professional production techniques really apply to an amateur choosing explicitly to record their full 5k run 'as is'. Or I could argue with your assumptions about how people use youtube... or even the nature of 'entertainment' in this context. I think you're generally right from the point of view of how I might have come across a self-promoter, but I don't think you've quite guessed right at the reality of my motivations in making the videos. My number one motivation has been to do the actual exercise in the outdoors, and if I'd had to spend as much time again if not more editing 'properly' (when I've tried, it's taken hours for a single video), I simply wouldn't have made the videos at all. I wouldn't have had time, and it would have defeated my object in the first place of getting away from a computer screen etc. As for the vlogs, they've been mainly a discipline for me (again time-limited), and it's a bonus if people have taken an interest. 

    The one major mistake I'll own up to.... apart from posting something self-promotional in the first place of course.... is posting at a time when I'd just started doing the 'Running Conversation' videos. These were an experiment, meant only to be explored in any depth by the type who are interested in that sort rambling conversation. (Yes, sure, a very select few). 

    JT141 #2 lol I wish I could actually do parkour.

    Kattefjaes #2 assumptions again ('peculiarly self-deluding'). Do i really come across in my videos as thinking they're/I'm amazing? I never for a moment thought any of them were anything special. But yes sure that's how I might have come across in the forum post. 

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Well suck it up Chris. The language is heightened and blunt, and it kicks like a mule, but Kattefjaes makes a rigourous assessment of your output - indescribably dire videos, rambling, blurry, and frequently pointless. Now personally I would use that as a header on the YouTube page and embrace the fact it's an amateur bit of self-indulgence which neither expects or demands any value be attached to it. But if it makes you happy I would defend you're right to run around with a camera on your head talking to yourself and shoving it on the internet. It's not product though so for God's sake don't try and charge for any of this shit.
  • Ok, so Dunning-Kruger it is, then. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • This is the second lot of dull rambling videos I've seen on here this week. 

    VDOT52 - I take your point but if you run up a hill you have to run down them to do the next one. His was to run as fast as your can downhill on a hard surface. More for breaking down than building up. 

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Cunk- apologies, I haven't seen it. I think doing a repeat up. Rest. Repeat down. Rest etc is how they work best. But I'm not going to make a video about it.

    Chris PT- glad you have been able to reflect on your post and the reactions that you got. it can be hard initially to see the constructive part of a critique.

    I hope you focus on running and see how fast you can get. Everyone will be interested in progress and how you achieve it. Check out the Scott edgington thread or the Monaghan training thread by stevie G. You'll see great session and training ideas.
  • All of this actually inspired me to watch some of the videos, which I had not been planning to do. My feedback would be: I don't think it's a great idea to do tempo runs on tarmac in xc spikes. The spike plate is very hard on those kilkennys.

  • Just saw the Karrimor trail shoes vid. It's so banal it's hilarious. I love it. Going to sub. I need to catch up and find out if this is intentional or not, either way it's ace. The drama with the birds! 'There's always something, isn't there'. As if a bird constitutes a major noticeable event image I'm cracking up. This could be the new Office. 


    Also, you're quick. GJ Chris. 

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