Fat club Tue 15th

Morning all, hope you all have successful days today


  • Morning Benz, EP. Had a brilliant run yesterday - went out planning to do just 2 miles as I'd been poorly over the weekend, but found I just wanted to keep going. Managed a HUGE (well, quite steep..) hill that I've been avoiding for three months, and then went on to do 2.8 miles altogether. So....... now decided that the regular morning run will be 3.6 miles (cos I've identified a good route) and that once each weekend I'll try a 5.4 mile route I've found. Probably have to walk some of it to start with, but got to get in training for Brighton somehow! Got to spend rest of day planning a Quiet Day (contradiction in terms if I'm leading it!).
  • Morning all

    Sassie - well don keep it up
    EP - go for it you'll feel good when its over

  • EP, we'll do Brighton together and get each other through it, even if some of it's on hands and knees!
  • Hi everyone

    Went for run/walk yesterday, forgot watch to time with, so just decided to run for as long as I felt I could and then walk when I had to. Ran a circuit along Embankment and South Bank and only walked twice for a minute or so each time. Mr Tortoise reckons I did about a mile and a half!! Top of right thigh aches a bit this morning but no ill effects otherwise. Feel quite chuffed with progress.

    WW on Thursday, we'll see how I do as I also consumed copious amounts of booze on Sat night.

    Have a good day everyone, well done with the distances and good luck with the weigh-ins.

    Take care

  • Hi all.

    Strange night last night - came home from work and ploughed straight into a juicy writing commission, didn't bother making any proper dinner, ate a couple of jam butties, most of a 500g pack of dried apricots, a bar of chocolate, some ice cream and, to make it healthy, two apples and a pear. Got terminal Bad Guts this morning. But good to have my writing legs back.

    Rotten day here. Could do with a run but only if the rain stops.

    I'm outta here. Got to work.
  • mmmm - jam butties

    Writing is something I've always wanted to do (being a prolific reader) but I’ve never been able to get my head around.

    They recon that every one has at least one book in them, but I cannot seem to get mine out (not even with laxatives) - but I intend to get there one day.

  • Morning everyone,

    First up - thanks to Vrap for the info on chocolate yesterday: when we're abroad, the thing I always look for (other than cheap single malts) is very strong dark chocolate, because it's always way more bitter than the British stuff. At least now I've got an excuse!

    Wasn't going to go running last night - it was too dark and windy, but then realised that I was just making excuses, so went out and got through my four miles. And felt so much better for having done it.

    I'm trying not to get on the scales more than once a week, because it's too depressing, but good luck to everyone else.
  • Morning everyone,
    Another day and its weigh in tonight. Tried to be good yesterday and mostly was only the choc digestive at the end of the day spoilt things. Hope everyones day goes well. Enjoy.
  • Weigh in today - and thats another 1.5lbs off! My attempts to stop drinking have been useless but my speed sessions seem to have restarted the loss after the latest plateau - so I guess I can save the no alcohol until the next one!

    I have a serious chance of getting to the same weight I was when I was 27 within the next two weeks. If I can get to my aged 18 weight by Helsby or even Ironbridge next year I will be so happy I'll be even more obnoxious than usual :-)
  • morning zzzzzz

    currently suffering from morning zombie syndrome even worse than usual -hence no walkies - bad dog!
    Have had cats both to vets in last 24 hours so stressed and broke! So tired yesterday I went back to bed for a couple of hours (trying sleep rather than caffeine and sugar - I think yhat was what you said V-rap) and slept till 3pm - if I didnt have to collect the boycat would have stayed asleep till spring! Do humans hibernate or am I really a bear?
    Tomorrow is my weighday (after hockey training sweaty session tonite) so I'm avoiding sugary things today. Investigating a 'Health Walk' this afternoon if I can stay awake!

    a question to esteemed medical fitfolk - is bp of 121/62 low? would it make me feel like a knackered zombie?
    I've booked me into the vet tomorrow and wondered if I should mention it

  • I read the treads every morning, for inspiration, but have never posted.

    Need advise on diet. I started running at the begining of July this year, done a 5k charity race in 29 mins and started at a club the week after.

    I do the following each week:-

    Mon - 6-8 miles steady with intervals of faster pace
    Tue - rest
    Wed - 1hr hill/track work
    Thur - 1hr Body Combat and 1hr Body Pump
    Fri - 1hr Track
    Sat - 1hr Body Compbat
    Sun - 8-10 miles steady ish pace

    Done a 10k 2 weeks ago in 1hr and 5 secs.

    1) Hoping to do a 1/2 marathan in December. Do you think I will be ready?

    2) How many calories a day do you think I should be eating. Want to lose about 1- 1/2 stone. I'm currently 5ft 6in and weight 10 stone 10 pounds.

    Do you think it would be ok to follow the slim-fast plan to lose weight a bit quicker?

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  • No, Bune, your blood pressure is absolutely fine (FWIW, mine was 98/60 when last measured a few months ago to persuade my 5-year-old to have hers done at the paediatric clinic - hers was higher than mine) and low blood pressure doesn't cause tiredness anyway. The only symptom an otherwise healthy young person can blame on low blood pressure is a tendency to feel faint briefly when they stand up too quickly or to fall down when they stand still for a long time.

    Bad guts settled (in case you wanted to know). Lovely surgery - catching lots and lots of old folk and ill folk for their flu jabs. Still stair-rodding outside. Looks like it's the gym for me this afternoon if the home visit book isn't too congested (fat chance that Lay-Zee-Boy will do any visits, and Fizgog is teaching). Can't be bothered. Wonder if I've got burnout. Kick my butt, please, someone - you know you want to.
  • Consider it kicked :o)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    1st timer - welcome!

    I don't think the slimfast thingy would be a good idea - you are burning loads of calories with the amount of training you are doing, and not getting enough energy and nutrients to recover from your sessions will leave you knackered and open to injuries.

    www.realslimmers.com have some calculators which give an indication of how many calories you burn just doing normal things, and for specific exercises. They will never be totally accurate, but give a useful guide. Given your weight, which is slightly less than me, if you have a desk job, you will burn about 1600 calories a day just existing. Add roughly 100 calories a mile for steady running, and 2-300 per hour of body-combat/pump depending on how intense the class is. het will give a rough guide of what you are burning. Try not to consume less than 200 calories less than this per day, and you will still be losing weight, but at a rate which will be sustainable, and will have the best chance of staying off.
  • Morning all,
    Slept till 9am this morning! Oh dear.. now feel all groggy and dead-like. Going to Running Club tonight so hopefully I'll perk up by then! Bune - what's wrong with your cats? 1st Timer - I would stay well away from the slimfast malarkey - much better to eat healthy foods than shove a drink down you full of additives! My friend did the slim-fast thing - lost weight, then when she came off of it, put it all back on and more! Feel very slim this morning and don't feel sick anymore.. so that's good. It is such a miserable old day here, pouring with rain and very dark - but I'm in a good mood, cos my cousin's coming out of hospital tomorrow! Have a good day all.
    Michelle x
  • V-rap get your lazy (I would normally have put fat) @rse into your kit and get your body outside and run.

    I usually have my best runs/workouts when I least feel like them.
  • thanks V-rap - I know low is infinitely healthier than high but just wondered

    perhaps you're just a bit knackered from your race at w/e - its always supposed to be the day after the day after exertion that the blahs or pain sets in
    do you swim - thats a good way to recover -active recovery someone (probably you!) called it and it will give your legs a bit of recovery but a good cv workout

    Could be the weather - its what I call 'moogly' to distinguish from gloomy witch is wat Eeyore wud say but as we all know thats an affliction not a weather condition.
    But seriously does anyone you think theres anything in the time to hibernate thing ?

    Michelle - the cats - well here goes (cut to next message if you don't like catz)

    Buffy - girlcat had some problem with her mouth so she wasnt eating like normal - maybe a sting or bite
    Angel - boycat- Billy to everyone else as hes black but not butch- came in yesterday morning with a very painful back leg limp - worried he might have bad injury -foot or hip or taken on a car and lost.
    quite funny to watch him try to run upstairs then start cussing himself -growling and spitting -because it was hurting so much - anyone recognise the symptoms!
    Vet said probably a bite + infection but had xray anyway - no broken bones so antibiotics and painkillers - Katofen!
    Which is fun because he doesnt take kindly to pushing pills down his mouth 3X daily.

    All are recovering and I'm heading off to the 'health Walk'

    sorry its along one but Michelle did ask!

  • Hi all..

    Hope evryone had a good weekend .. mines is still quite blurred ... but a freind reminded me today that I met her on Sat night .. oh dear...
    Last night 10 mile plod ... today sore knee again .. so I now have purchased a blue knee. My eating has been quite bad too .. I dont think I am eating enough at the moment .. but no doubt will make up that soon... weighed myself Sat at the gym.. lost around 2lb .. and measured my body fat 31% .. from what I have read on here, this is very high... I'm wobbling !!!!
  • Hi EP Did you manage your lunchtime run today? I wimped out. The heavens opened just as my lunchhour came round and it was the type of rain that if you went out in it you came back and left a hugh puddle where you stood and all you would want would be a hot shower which I don't have access to. So it looks like a run in the dark tonight or a session on my eliptical trainer although not sure if using one of these really can help or even equates in any way to running. Any way it all depends on how I feel after the dreaded ww weigh in before hand.
  • By the way all you nice people can any one tell me if using an eliptical trainer does help your running and what kind of sessions to do on? I like the bit that tells you how many calories you have theoretically used up.

  • Thanks for the tip of the realslimmers website - just been to look at it. OK, so I now know that I'm officially overweight (but I knew that anyway), but I also know that I burned 719 calories on my run last night, which is about twice what I thought it was!
  • Another site that is worth a shuffty is

  • Just tucked into a lovely fat mars bar

    Protein 2.6g
    Carbs 43.1g
    Fat 10.9g

    35% of its calories from fat

    How bad am I?

  • aargh

    boycat is now limping on his front leg!

    hit the parin and bats as I am cold and now miserable as I didn't get to the Health Walk !
    not looking forward to hockey training tonite as its freezing and it will be hard work!
  • should say parKin and ginger bats!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've got a Bounty to have with my afternoon cup of tea. There is no nutritional info on the wrapper, hence there can be no calories or fat in it.

    WW - you are very bad! ;-)
  • bounties are fruit aren't they well coconuts are like fruit!
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