Open Water Tri events

In reading Dr Nic's response on another thread about Pool Tri's, I am now not that keen.

I did 2 tri's last year and am already in for London this year.

Where else can I get open water rather than pool swims (and not too hilly other bits!!)?


  • Whoops, what did I say about pool swims?!

    Ironbridge is a river swim....your Bournemouth one is sea as you there must be tons of others.

    Windsor is river. The Eton Super Sprints are lake (man made)

    Try some events in cornwall as a lot of ours are in the sea!!
  • That's a great site - very informative - quite tempted by the Bude Quadrathlon
  • Hello

    An open water race that you might like that comes before London is the Northampton Supersprint on 6th June (500m open water swim, 15k bike, 4k run). My husband did it last year and thought it was pretty good - one hill on the bike, but nothing too major. The details can be found by going to

    Their race info includes this: It is a great opportunity to have a short, fast race during the early part of the triathlon season. It is also an ideal event for those who are seeking their first open water swim experience, as wave numbers are limited.
    The event is based at Grendon Lakes; a water-skiing / wakeboarding lake. The bike course is a fast 1-lap route, which is broken up near the start by a short hill. The run is within the grounds of the scenic Grendon Lakes.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • Petal - Chester has a big Triathlon. And a ladeeez only one as well - the Deva Divas.

    Swim in the Dee, and the bike leg is flat as a pancake thing. And Chester is bootiful !
  • Has anyone done the Pembrokeshire HIGH5 events?
    My older brother has laid down the gauntlet!!
    I've never done a triathlon' the only events i have completed have been 10k's and 1/2m?
    Should i go for the standard olympic distance or the novice sprint version?

    Any tips on training, advice etc....?
  • Did you say that you did'nt like hills? if so i would give the quadtrathlon a miss!

    It has a monster in it though is a realy good event!!!
  • Cougie

    I though Chester was a pool swim! Could be v interested. Dates?

    27th June.

    There is a beginners Tri in Christleton Chester with a pool swim - you might have been thinking of that.
  • Petal, I think I'm right in saying almost all tris longer than Sprint distance are open water, Olympic ones I did last year and enjoyed were Windsor (highly recommended) and London, but for open water sprint distance events the ones in the Eton and Nottingham rowing lakes are supposed to be good.
  • Doesn't Windsor offer sprint too?
  • Good thinking JJ, yes it does.
  • [smirks proudly]
  • The deva divas is a good on to do as there is an aquathon to try beforehand (pool)then after that there are organised training sessions in the Dee. Furthermore there is pooltime to help knock you into shape(should it be needed). The website ig shortly to be refurbished but still functions admirably
  • Swanage, Bournemouth, Weymouth all have sea swims. Check the concept sport site
  • i'll second the northants series :)
  • Thanks folks! too many good ideas but the plaann is lookiing like this.

    Looking like Windsor (sprint)
    followed by Chester (sprint)
    then maybe Eton (july)
    and then my big one this year........

    stepping up to the Olympic at London

    Finally, local event, the Southcoast (olympic) event at Seaford (ex-Brighton).

    Then an ACE race in Scotland???? (if terminal fatigue hasn't set in by then!)
  • Hiya Petal - I'm up for London Olympic this year too, and a return trip to Seaford :)
  • Kanga lives!

    Be good to see you - Seaford was good wasn't it?! We should get more tri peeps down for this event.
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