A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Hi

    Another 6 last night (last 4 days - 13-7-13-6) and plan a final big 22-24 miler on Saturday Morning - nothing tonight

    probably 17-18 next Saturday in Spain at something approaching my race pace - when I decide what its going to be (Torrevieja - 9 day holiday)

    Race Day
    British Heart Foundation Red Vest - tried for 13 miles on treadmill - seemed OK
    Saucany Triumph Shoes
    Probably my cheap Aldi socks - I like them better than all the expensive pairs I have

    Taking Lucazade from roadside on the day - starting with nothing
    My only issue is gels - On long runs I currently take 2-3 gels - one of which will go in a pocket in my shorts - the other 2 have been in running top pocket. Problem is I won't have the running top on the day and so won't have anywhere to put them. Looked at Nathan Belts last night...but I don't like the idea of any extra weight
  • Hiya, I had to relook at my my target times after coming down with a cold after the Thanet 20, but I still hope a sub 3:45 should be possible. One last 20 miler tomorrow, then the big taper.

    The nerves are setting in already.

    Blue Start
    01631 - Fruit Cake
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    08437 - Pete
    09773 - Hollywood (aka BNTM)
    12722 - Ashley
    25022 - Ping Pong Boy
    ??? - Puggers

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    51059 - Twin Dad
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  • Good morning

    Calf very sore and tight today. Have massaged it a bit and plan to ice today and rest until long run on Sunday. Wondering if visiting my dad and running a hilly course is likely to aggravate it more (also not overly keen on the idea of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no means of transport if it all goes wrong half way round!)

    Track last night probably not a good idea on reflection. 12 x 400s (but partly in lane 5 so a bit further than that in actual fact) with 30 seconds recovery (can 30 seconds really be called a recovery?) Started not too bad 1:33, 1:35, 1:35, 1:36, 1:36 then into 1:40 and over, hitting 1:45 at one point and then finishing on a 1:41. Fascinating reading for you all!

    TwinDad - safety pin the gels to shorts or vest?

    Have a good weekend all of you!
  • NickB Glad to see your with us... even if you do finish a couple of minutes before us at the finish. I have a couple of photos of you that my dad took at Thanet 20.

    Had a totally crap run last night, was aiming at 22+ but finished after 14. The main reason was the rucksack which weighed in at 8lb, not such a problem, but I filled it with a winters coat which was very bulky and pushed my waist forward whilst pulling my shoulders backwards... Woony how the hell you guys carry around all that equipment is beyond me... Anyhow averagd 9 minute miles (ok for training purposes), and that was runwalk... a lot of walk in fact as I walked down one road just looking at the houses and the type of extensions that they had as our planning for an extension has recently been turned down.

    Decided after reading all your postings that I am not going to take two weeks R&R but will be taking my trainers and doing some speed work while I am away after all.
  • I'm slow to join this thread, though I've been lurking for quite a while now. Looks like many of you have excellent training under your belts.

    This will be my first FLM but my 10th marathon. I got a GfA entry off my Boston '02 time (3:34). I had a baby in August '03, so FLM will be my first big race as a mum. It's not been easy to train between nursing the babe and trying to get him to sleep. Most of my runs have been done pushing a BabyJogger, so I hope that has given me an extra edge.

    I have always been a low mileage marathoner, rarely running 40 miles/week, and I focus on running three times/week: long run on weekend, a mid-week 8-10 miler and Yasso 800s (my fav!). It has worked well for me in the past, but now it seems that my PB 3:25 must have been run in a previous life.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the moral support you've provided. I've enjoyed reading along but felt it was time to own up to my lurkerness.

    Am I the lone Green Start girl?
  • Hi Ashley, I've seen the pictures on your website, looks good! Can you email me the one with us all running past the pub?
  • Ashley - horrible thing peer pressure. I hope you enjoy running stateside.

    I too hate running with a full rucksack (it does do weird things to your posture).

    Hoping my calf isn't a serious tear or that's speedwork out the window for me.
  • Hi kashopoff - 10th marathon?! Well done. I'm on my second and at this rate it'll take another 56 years before I get to 10... Very interested to hear the 3 times a week story - I'm on 5/6 and I'm quite jealous.

    There don't seem to be that many people on the forum who are on green - maybe that means you'll get a swift getaway?
  • Kashopoff - marathon training with a baby - how do you do it?!!

  • Kasapoff

    Welcome and good luck on the day. Nice to hear from you and please drop in more often.

    Woony and I are meeting up at the expo on the Friday, possably also DonnaW (???), if your around on the Friday come and join us.

    I agree with the 3/4 day week and never go above this. Club on Tuesday, Hills Wednesday, Long run Thursday or Friday. Sometimes an early morning run on Sunday followed by taking the kids swimming - or a race.

    After London and Neolithic I am going to try training from scratch based on the advise from here of other peoples techniques and see how I do. Basically I will buy a tread mill and then do just speed work at 5k and then keep adding a couple of k to this each week with the aim of retaining the speed.

    Nick you can copy the photo straight from the web site. I will however have a look over the weekend to see if I still have a high res version and send to you.
  • Hi Kashopoff - Nice you've decided to join us. Who is the green start for again? Is that just celebrities and good for age.

    If anyone else is lurking please don't be afraid to say Hello. We've become a really friendly bunch over the past couple of months.

    I managed my first run back after a week off today. I did 5 relatively flat (though muddy) off road miles in 37:32. That was a pretty good time for this route though unfortunately I am still feeling some pain from myright knee and hamstring. I haven't done real speedwork, such as intervals, for absolutely ages. I may try and get back down to the track for another set of 10 Yasso's this coming week. Have a good weekend folks.
  • Hello, have been lurking for ages! Got a Blue start & aiming at 3.45 - how will I recognise a RW pacer? BUT did the Cranleigh 21 mile last weekend in 2:58:47 and think (self-diagnosed) have got bursitis of hip - very localised pain at bit of thigh that sticks out the furthest. Have ibuprofen and been resting it (after doing silly sprint treadmill session on Tues am which is probably what pushed it over the edge). Anyone got any experience with this? Am I stuffed?
  • Back again! Friday night & pis**d! Too much red wine & drambuie ( a great mix! )
    Happybadger, I too have a blue start and aiming for 3.45 (?) having run my first ever marathon 8 weeks ago in 3.49! Although recently I have been drinking a lot instead of running a lot!
    Here in Valencia, life goes on! I am racing in a 26km on Sunday so that will give me some idea of how I will fair on the 18th!
    I just hope the weather is cool! I cannot stand this heat!

    Take care all & regards,

  • So look s like lots of us from the Blue Start. The Pacer will be at the back of Pen 2 or 3 and will have a stick with the pace time on it and will run the whole marathon holding the stick up so that you can see them. You do not need to keep so close to them just keep them in sight.

    On other threads I have heard of bunging around the pacers than has caused problems.

    So since there are so many of us there is a URWFRC meeting point at all three starts and this will be the best place to meet prior to the race and then we can all head over to the pacers for the big off.

    Wasn't planning on having another run until the week before the marathon but reading that your longest run will keep you supply for an equivalent number of days means that I realy must do another 20 this weekend after all. (looks like a 5.30am start for me on Sunday morning S*** was my first thought but then since the clocks are going back then its not so bad as I will just go out at my normal 6.30am then off to the swimming pool with the kids. Looking forward to it as there are some truly fantastic hill runs around here and I love running in he fields, its so quiet and unlike the centre of London.

    So have a great weekend one and all. Off to bed now as I have a stimulating day ahead of me tomorrow... Corporation Tax and Employment Law CPD update course!!!
  • Hi Guys and welcome to Kashopoff, Happybadger and any other "lurkers"!

    If I can get there in time I'll be up for meeting on the Friday night at the expo. My wife would like to come along (she's not running). Presumably she doesn't need to be in the race to go to the expo?

    Yesterday I did something very refreshing - a slow 4-5 miles at marathon pace. It felt quite strange to be running so slowly but I also enjoyed it because I was able to enjoy the river and scenery that I normally take for granted while I kill myself doing interval training.

    Tomorrow I have a 22 miler and then it's downhill from then on in terms of distance.

    Kashopoff, like you I am following the 3 times a week theory - 1 hard tempo run, 1 hard speed session and 1 long run. This is my first marathon though, so I'll soon find out how well it's worked for me.

    Right, I'm off to find a bumbag on the websites to carry my energy bars.

    Best of luck everybody for the weekend's running.

    Blue Start
    01631 - Fruit Cake
    02946 - Freddo
    08437 - Pete
    09773 - Hollywood (aka BNTM)
    12722 - Ashley
    25022 - Ping Pong Boy
    08533 - Puggers
    ????? - Happybadger
    ????? - Mine's a Smooth

    Red Start
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    51059 - Twin Dad
    52142 - Woony
    42782 - NickB

    Green Start
    ????? - Kashopoff
  • Grrrrrr. Just been hunting through old postings for info on how to register with the URWFRC but do you think I could find the postings? Could somebody point me in the right direction please. Ta.
  • Here ya go Puggers - Go to http://www.URWFRC.org, find London Marathon in the events and the login to register.
  • Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I knew I should've spoken up sooner!

    Hollywood-- The 3X/week routine, like Puggers is doing, too, is based on QUALITY of runs rather than quantity. I used to run 5-6x/week but found I was doing a lot of 'junk' mileage...and getting injured often, too. Now I know that I need to make every run count, but my body gets plenty of rest as well.

    Donna- Training with the baby is a challenge, but it has gotten me through the rather isolating new mum stage. I was pretty naiive when I submitted my GfA application, thinking that my son would be eating mostly solids (not interested) and sleeping through the night (HA!) by now. I'm really glad I had FLM as an incentive to do something positive for *me*.

    Ashley- Thanks for the invite, but I'm planning on going to the expo on Thurs, since I'll have the baby and the buggy and all of our kit. I figure the fewer people I have to maneuver around, the better. Would love to know if you decide to meet up before the start, though.

    PPB- Ohhh, celebrities at the Green Start?! Interesting. I have no idea why I'm there; I guess it's a GfA thing.

    Puggers- I'm 29429. An easy number for me to remember, as I'm 29 y/o.

    I ran my 21+ miles this morning in 3.05-- very relaxed and comfortable the whole way. I pushed the BabyJogger for the last 30 mins, which was some added work at the finish. I wore my race day kit, including new shoes, and all was well. I hope that I feel this good on the 18th!

    Happy Running! (and resting now, too)
  • I'm 13315 - but actually, I'm not happybadger, that's my husband, I really must get my own profile! So look out for a 6 footer wearing an attractive Alzheimer's vest with a large elephant on it.

    Kashopoff - I do my steady state runs with a rather heavy 2 year old. I definitely think I've got fitter pushing her, I just fly when she's not there.

    Off to the physio on Tuesday to sort out my hip problem. Haven't run since last Tuesday, but swam a mile this morning. Am hoping that I've still got time to cure myself and run a decent time.
  • Looks like theres still some good runnin goin on out there. Just tried to speed read the last 2 days of posts. Been on nights Thu/Fri and ended up sleepin away most of 2day. So now I've got 2 finally decide what Im doin 2moro. I wana do an organised 20 or the PaddockWood 1/2 with good warm up run and cool down to make it up to 20ish. Problem is I probably wont sleep 2nite and will be too shattered to do anything 2moro. It's a good job you can enter most events on the day, coz Im very last minute these days.

    Gona lurk on the events section now to see if theres anyone I know doin a run 2moro thats no more than an hour or so away. This'll be my forth FLM on the bounce, so I should be relaxed about it all. Except I'm more conerned this year than ever, I didn't even bother running much more than 1/2s B4. Now Im Stressing to get that last 20 in!!!

    Take it easy people

  • Welcome happybadger - I think I'm going to have to go to a physio as well this week. I've been putting it off for months now. A new pain in my a*se has appeared though and there's a mix of opinions from fit friends as to whether it's hamstring related or possibly sciatica. So I'm heading off to the physio next week to see if they've any idea. There's no way I'm not running London though. It's almost like I've forgotten what it's like to have a completely pain free run, it's been two months of one thing or another.

    As for this FLM meeting up thing, whose up for Friday at 6pm. I can certainly make that as I'm having a day up town in London and can head to the expo anytime.

    Triathlon day for me tomorrow - I was out on the bike today just to see if it can remember how to cycle uphill. I can just about manage. The race should be a laugh, I expect to finish near last as I can run well enough but cycle badly and swim like a breeze block.
  • PPB, Me and Ashley r up at d Expo on Friday. I think Doona said she can make it too. I finish work in
    Whitechapel at 1800hrs (all being well) so Im lookin to get there Between 1830 - 1900HRS. I think Ashley said he'd get there for just b4 1900 hrs.

    Look forward to meeting you.

    I just decided to do the GADE VALLEY TRAINING RUN 20, 2moro. So now trying to find out how to get there.

    Take it easy

  • Woony & Ashley, OK we'll sort something out for Friday evening at the Expo.

    I completed a triathlon today. I ran well (3 miles in 19 1/2 minutes) but then had a complete nightmare on the 8 mile bike leg as my front wheel was rubbing the brake due to a slight training accident yesterday. No time, or knowledge, meant I just had to race with it as it was. In my heat I think I came dead last as a result I even had to get off and push my bike up a hill at one point. Can't really say I enjoyed it as much as I would have hoped. Hopefully next time will be better.

    Back to running tomorrow. It's now just running for me until after London. My other sports (Table Tennis, Tennis & Traithlon) will have to take a back seat for three weeks.
  • Hello all

    Balls'd up my long run today, cut it short at 16 miles, suffering from a week of nights and slightly dodgy tummy, annoying so I'll be doing my last 20+ by
    the end of the week (Fri I think now)I've managed to bruise my big toe as well, should have stayed in bed and used the clocks going forward as an excuse not to go out.

    Planning to go to Expo on Thurs afternoon (skipping work early)so might see you there Kash

    Hope you've all had better days (I'm back at work now just to round it off)
  • Friday Expo
    Puggers (and Mrs)

    You do not have to be running to go to the expo ( I went last year even though I wasn't running).

    I am aiming at being at the expo earlier than 7pm but spending some time looking around and running up the CC bill. At 7 I was thinking of going to the Pasta Party if anyone else is interested in grabbing some food there.

    Pugger you will be able to get a belt at the expo. Also try Bourne Sports, look for the marathon pack which comes with some gels and a free belt.
  • So, final long run in the bag, 3:20 running, about 20 or 21 miles because it was actually plodding. We didn't do the normal loop to tower bridge, this time we went west along the river from Earls Court until Hammersmith bridge when there were too many people and we turned around. I can't believe how mach theater people make for som poshy undergraduates in small ships that can't even go streight.
    Anyway, happy the taper starts now and I finally can cut down mileage and concentrate on speed. My running today says I need it. One more two hours run next Sunday to get used to my energy gels.
    By the way, blue start, 25439 I think. Expo probably on Wednesday morning because I am always the first (OK, not in races).
  • Lars I know the feeling, I thought this morning that I was desperatly out of shape to what I wa achieving at the beginning of the month... or maybe its just fatigue... I hope so because at least the taper will enable me to recover and maybe make a fantastic go of it.
  • No long run today, was suffering with a hangover.

    Lars - How far do you want to do next Sunday?? 16? 18? This will definately be my last run over 12 miles before the big day!!

    Expo - Thursday, also Blue start!!
  • 24 miles done in 3hrs 25mins on Saturday. Not sure I could run much faster. My recovering ability is improving though, I felt more or less fine yesterday. Planning 17 next Saturday and 12 the week after
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