A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • hi adam, I'd say go for it. 3.30 for 23 is fine (9 min 8sec miling). A few weeks ago I had a really good 23 miler in 3.21.33 (8 min 45 sec miling ) yet the week before I could only do 21.6 in 3.21.50 (9 min 20m sec miling). remenber you've been doing a lot of training so you're gonna be tired. The week after my good 23 miler I ran too hard all week cos i was on a bit of a high and could only manage 15.7 miles on the saturday long run.

    have had a few days away rest and did 19.3 in 2.48 (8 min 42 sec miling) yesterday and finished feeling strong cos of the rest. Just think how rested you'll be on the day, and then all the encouragement from the gang and the crowds . You'll still ache on the day, but 3.45 is definately an acheivable target. My last 2 years have both been 3.57, but I feel pretty confident this time, partly from training better but also from the the boost i get from these messages.

    see you on the day !!

  • I've been really busy the past few days. I feel left out with all this chit chat. I'll try and catch up later and post a some further comments. I reckon we should try and run together. I'd rather be ahead of than behind the 3:45 group so that if I slow they can then catch me and that may help drag me along when I see them.

    Adam - I think you'll be fine. I ran quite a lot faster on the day than I could have expected at my first marathon.

    Donna - Best of luck with the calf injury / shin splints. One of reasons I haven't been to physio is because I've been really skint since moving house a few months back. Yout physio costing have convinced me I was right. Rest and cross training is cheaper.

    I'm off out for a 10 miler tonight. First proper middle distance run for over a week (as I'd only done 5 & 3 Milers last week). I hope I'll be okay. My aim is for 8 minutes miles all the way for 1 Hour 20.
  • I'm with you PPB - let's kick those 3.45 pacing snails' ar*es!!

    Seriously, I have been toying with going for 3.30 as well, and I wouldn't mind giving myself the option of quickening in the second half of the race if I feel strong. Since this will probably be my first and last marathon I don't want to waste it and finish with lots in the tank (though that feels unlikely at the moment). But then I don't want to blow it and end up going over 4 hours.

    Keep smiling guys!
  • Woony I'm intrigued - what on earth is "gentle stripping" of calfs in the bath? Do you do it alone or does a friend help!!!
  • I just phoned up a T-shirt printers. I'm getting my name, forum nickname and TT man logo printed on my running shirt. They say they can print on polyester without any any problems as they've done it before. I'm quite excited about it, though it does mean running a marathon with "Ping Pong Boy" on my chest.
  • Puggers, Its pushing the Calcium up out of the side of the Calf. Yes its on me jack, thats y its Gentle. You wouldnt be able to apply d pressure a sports mass would.

    Ashley, to hell with it, if you n I r still with in ear shot come 26 miles, lets sprint our way to the finish and die later.

    Donna, I'll wear a pink carnation in my button hole. No sack that, If you look like yr photo I'll spot you, its not that big a Pub. Unfortunately Im not arf as Good looking as my Dog, so Spottin me may be tricky. Mmm how do I do this........ 5'10, short brown hair (sort of messy french crop), Young lookin 30 yo, Nose that resembles a busted bent ski slope and drinking a pint of Guiness. Cant be sure of 1845 coz I may still go for that run AFTER work, however its a pretty safe bet I'll get on the Treadmill in works time.

    take it easy all

  • Donna, I changed my face (the web piccie) earlier, but it was too dark, so having to change it again anyhow, decided to actually put me in it this time. It may or may not help you. That is if it works, its taking its time.

  • Shin splints - my physio said you can't massage them yourself because it hurts too much, you need to get someone else to help you (and try and ignore your screams).

    My hip - apparently it's not my hip at all, it's a referred pain from my back. Floated away thinking she'd cured me, but it's back again. No running for another week just thousands of stretches, so I'll have done one 16 mile 6 wks before FLM and one 21 mile (2:58) 4 wks before and that's it. Oh well, never mind, at least I got in at all...

    Twin Dad - will give the gel pinning a go, knowing me, I'll probably puncture one and end up with my legs stuck together halfway round.

    Ping Pong Boy - I quite like the name, it could be worse...
  • Amazon, thats exactly my point, Thats y I call it GENTLE STRIPPING. My Stripping is preventative as apposed to post shin splints. Since I have been doing it I have had no S/S problems.

    If you've got a 21 mile in, in that time you should be OK. Its Taper time now so enjoy the rest, you'll be OK on the Day.

  • Morning all
    Ran a little 6 miler last night, first 2 miles with my daughter, good for helping keep the pace nice and easy
    13 tonight then nothing until Saturday
    2 days to holiday in the sun...can't wait..bit of running...bit of diving and introducing the boys to sand....should be fun
  • Morning Everyone!!

    Hope the injuries are holding out and Donna, hope your shin splints are better and the treatment is working. The strapping definitely helps, if you can get some from your physio. If not, just buy some, it does the trick!

    That's a bit steep for Physio at £40 per half hour, but I'm not sure what the going rate is for London. I must admit, I only pay £25 per hour, but I live in North Yorkshire, so there is probably quite a difference. However, I did manage to book a Sports Massage from someone fully qualified the day after the marathon and they are charging me £20 for 40 mins, which I thought was quite reasonable.

    My leg is a bit painful again today, after a steady 6 miler with the club last night, so I will be cycling tonight - back to the mountain bike again. I don't enjoy it as much as running, but it is pleasant enough and definitly eases the pain, without damaging the leg any further.

    Puggers, PPB & Ashley - Yes, let's go for being a bit ahead of the 3.45 pace group, so they can pull us along if necessary at the later stages in the race (which I believe I will definitely need). I don't want to end up kicking myself, thinking I could have pushed myself a bit more. However, I know that I am going to be very tired at 21 miles and over, so don't want to "blow up" and end up going over 4 hours either. It's definitely a case of getting it just right on the day, it's a funny old game ....

    Back to meeting at the Blue Start on race day, is there somewhere we can all agree to meet, which anyone knows of? Somewhere suitable that we can all head for? If we all give a rough description of what we're wearing (and we have each others numbers) it should work .... I've not been from the Blue Start before (only red), so if anyone has any good ideas, please let me know, I will go along with any suggestions.

    Keep up the good work everyone, not long to go now ... I knew the weather would be cr*p for my longer run on Thursday, typical, but let's face it, we've all been out in much worse ....

    Sarah :0)
  • Morning everyone

    The weather here is gorgeous this morning. Walked to work (takes about 50 minutes) to enjoy the sunshine. Swam last night. 40 odd lengths of breastroke. Very dull and could feel the pull on my shin bone each time I propelled forwards.

    The whole world seemed to be out running this morning so missing it a bit but I'm sure resting now will do it good.

    Sarah I hope your leg feels better today. Might resort to strapping at some point.

    Amazon sorry to hear about your back. I think you'll always worry you haven't done enough whatever you've done but the main thing is you got the long runs in. Resting now is just as important. You're plenty prepared and will be just fine!

    PPB - plenty to read on your vest then! I might not see some of you on the day if you're going to be ahead of the pacers and at a different start. I suppose we could think of meeting up somewhere at the end?

    Twin Dad - nearly there, sunshine ahead!

    Woony - wearing blue jeans and red jumper and hooded, zipped top today so should be easy to spot tonight. I do look like my photo (one on the right!) but less tanned. Bigger version of the picture at www.justgiving.com/donnachildline (not a plug I promise!) Actually maybe don't bother looking there, it's probably worse quality than the one here! See you when you get there.

    Happy running!
  • morning all, just going for an easy 5 miler round ilkley park, weather's picking up so may actually get the marathon shorts out. love those white legs !!

    sarah if the blue start is anything like the green starts of previous years, there will be a runners world site/marquee where a lot of the pacers meet before the start, it may be an idea to meet there. I'll just be wearing blue shorts and probably a white and blue Epilepsy Action T-shirt with Pete on the front.

    Not very recognisable although I will probably be wearing a very fashionable and fetching wheelie bin liner on top to keep warm ( either gucci or armarni or possibly tesco !!)., in the past I've met up with a few mates by texting my position on the day , before handing in my bag and mobile to the baggage lorries. My mobile is 07957 431189, maybe we should sort out a list of numbers for those who want to meet up. I definately won't be carrying it round the 26.2 miles, have seen people using them in the past and it looks SOOOOOOO posey !

    In terms of where to start, normally the start is sectioned off into sub 4.30, sub 4.00, sub 3.45 etc pens. The pace group normally start at the back of the pen for their target time. Just by starting at the front of the pen will normally give you a couple of minutes headway due to the number of people running. Apart from that you can go into the pen in front although officials can get a bit funny about it, it depends on what time you estimated on your entry form which is indicated on your race number. ( i think it has been previously anyway, memory gets a bit faded with time)

    anyway off for my run in the sun, good running

  • Not sure if any of you have thought of this but if you start ahead of the pacers you're chip time will also be ahead of the pacers. I'm sure you with me, but just to spell it out, that means if you end up with the pacers at the finish you might miss out on sub 3:45.

    But if you're planning to start with them and then just run faster then good luck. Hope you all smash 3:45!
  • Donna, keep resting that shin - resist the tempation!!

    Although we're talking about running ahead of the pacers I don't mean ahead by much, so I had still hoped we could all run together at least some of the way. Perhaps we could stay with the pacers until the 3 starts merge. I'll be carrying my phone so if somebody in the red start gang (as opposed to Red Hand Gang - sorry, showing my age!) does the same we could hook up.
  • Dreadful typing - that should be your chip time and I'm sure you're with me!
  • Hi Pete & Everyone Else

    It seems a good idea to head for the RW marquee/site, as a focal point - we can at least hopefully spot 1 or 2 of the others then. A list of mobile numbers is also another good idea and I will make a note of yours. I agree, carrying mobiles around the course must be a nightmare and quite honestly, I couldn't be bothered! My number is 0780 182 6072 if anyone wants to make a note of it.

    Hopefully we should all be in the sub 3.45 pen at the start (and assume that the pace group is behind us). I think you're right about the pens being allocated according to your estimated finish time, it seems to be the case over the last couple of years.

    I will be wearing a red runners vest, with a diagonal white stripe across the front (our club vest) and a white T-Shirt underneath this. I'll also have navy shorts on and strapping on my left leg (niggly injury). I may also opt for the Versace bin liner too! With all that, we should find some of the other runners.

    Having run for charity the last 2 years, I decided to give all those lovely people who sponsored me, a year off, as I got a club place, yipee!

    I just wondered what sort of "longish" run everyone was doing this week/weekend? In the RW schedule, which I've been roughly following, it says 18 miles, but perhaps this is a little long? Maybe 16 or so is more in order? Any suggestions would be welcome ....

    Race Day Contact Numbers (Blue Start):

    Peter Bedwell 07957 431189
    Sarah Gregory 07801 826072

    Please add other numbers if you wish ...

    Happy tapering everyone ....

    Sarah :0)
  • Hi Puggers

    I agree with you too, I don't want to be too far ahead of the pacers, as I'm sure to have my "lead boots" on after 20 miles or so, so I could definitely use the pace group at some point.

    If you are taking your mobile phone and can try and hook up with some of the others, that would be great.

    Yes, I think I just about remember the RED HAND GANG too and the DOUBLE DECKERS (if I'm on the right wave length)!!!

    It is inevitable that some of our group are going to be a bit faster and some a bit slower, but if we manage to keep together for most of the way, that will be great. I will definitely need some company after the 20 miles point!

    I've started a list of mobile numbers if anyone wants to add to it (above).

    Sarah :0)
  • Ho ho Donna - don't worry , I get you're drift.

  • i'm in the sub 4 hour group but want to follow the sub 3.45's - does this mean i'll have to leggit at the beginning to catch up or do you reckon they'll be 3.45 pacers in the 4 hour pen.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    On the 18th April I shall be mostly wearing my URWFRC vest......

    Hiya all,

    I'm quickly getting back into the swing of things after having to take a week off through injury. Struggled a bit during last weekends half marathon but should be alright for my last 20 mile training run this Saturday.

    Blue Start
    01631 - Fruit Cake
    02946 - Freddo
    08437 - Pete
    08533 - Puggers
    09773 - Hollywood (aka BNTM)
    12722 - Ashley
    13315 - Amazon (fka Happybadger)
    25022 - Ping Pong Boy
    25417 - Scotty
    25439 - Lars
    25709 - Sarah Gregory 3
    ????? - Mine's a Smooth
    ????? - BigBob

    Red Start
    35964 - Donna W
    42020 - Adam House
    42782 - NickB
    51059 - Twin Dad
    52142 - Woony

    Green Start
    29429 - Kashopoff
  • The double deckers... I remember them ...I can even remember a bit of the tune
    How about the Banana Splits as well...they don't make telly like they used to ....no more quality programmes any more

    I won't have my mobile with me on the run, but I wouldn't be keen to put the no. on the internet either - sorry
  • Adam...my understanding is that the pacers are at the back of each time group ( ie Pen ) - so if there is a 3.30 - 3.45 pen they would be at the back of that...in which case ..you being at the front of the next pen would be a good position as if you caught and stayed with them you would be sub 3.45 ( 3.43 is their target ACTUAL time )
    So it largely depends on what group timings the pens are arranged as to where the pacers would be ( if its 3.30 - 4.00 - they would be at the back of that )
  • I don't reckon you'd have to do much legging Adam even if you were in a different pen. I expect you may even be in the same pen as Twin Dad said. Postings on swapping starts suggest that the red start is mayhem close to the off and that it's impossible to police properly so what with your bin liner over your number you may even be able to slip forward a pen if necessary!!
  • might even get away with me skate board under foot for a few miles before getting noticed - save on the old legs
  • great idea - what about taking it in turns to give piggy backs?
  • asked my son , but he won't lend me his skateboard !! damm, have to rely on my legs.

    looks like there is a load of us at the blue start, we'll have our own pacer group !! If they ask nicely we might let the Runners World sub 3.45 pace group join us .

    Had probably my last physio session last night , ouch ouch ouch but my legs feel a lot more relaxed today. Have to see how the speed session goes. I use a guy who's been a sports physio for years, once he says he did a light massage on paula radcliffe a lot of years ago, wow ! claim to fame ! He only charges £35 for an hours session at my house which seems quite reasonable and boy does he search out those knots in the muscles .

    Nice drizzle outside so looking forward to a damp run at dinnertime, still only a few more runs before the big day. Only 17 days and 40 minutes to the start yee haa !!

  • hi all

    hit the treadmill last night.

    1 mile - 6mph
    10 x 200m - 10mph (30 sec 6mph jog recovery)
    2 miles - 6mph

    Still really feeling knock on effect from last thursdays 23 miler - got up this morning and every stride i take the right knee clicks - bit concerened actually

    Hope your all in good shape and take it easy now
  • 13 miles on treadmill last night watching England play rubbish...almost fell of the treadmill as I was going to sleep (the match was so boring)
    Nothing tonight or tomorrow then 18 miles Saturday (then nothing bigger than 13 next week - and a max of 6 the week after)
    Off to Spain tomorrow until the 12th.

    Good luck with the tapering everyone
  • Morning Everyone

    Just a quick message to "touch base" really. Doing an 18-miler later today, as I'm a bit strapped for time at the weekend, so took this afternoon off work. The weather looks worse than the last few days and cooler, but isn't raining yet, which is a bonus.

    I'm sooooo looking forward to getting my last long run out of the way and then I'll be in cruise control (all being well) ....

    Went out on my mountain bike for about 14 miles last night, which was a nice change in the good weather (no gloves needed). It also took the strain off my leg, which feels much better today, although I think high mileage would make it worse, so glad that taper time is here.

    Hope everyone's legs and injuries are holding out. Any news on meeting up at the Blue Start, is it the RW marquee/point as suggested?

    Sarah :0)
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