A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • There is a bit of a Blue Start meeting up problem. I think I'll be in a further foward pen than some of you as my estimated time when applying was 3:25 this was before the injuries hit home. Do we think most of us will be in Pen 3 as I'm sure I could swap pens back the way. I'd really like to run as a group rather than randomly chatting to whoever would listen during my first marathon.

    Actually about this 3:45 group starting point. I could easily carry along a Scottish flag or something and hold this up as a marker for others to try and find me on the day. This may help in meeting up. No reason I couldn't carry if until the starts merge so Donna and the red hand gang could maybe find us.

    I did about 7.5 miles each day for the last couple of days without too much pain. I'm cross training today (elliptical machine and swimming) then I'm going to chance it and try for a final long run of 18 or so miles tomorrow morning (about a 5am start as I hate long runs after work). So I'll report in on how that went by the time most of you are logging on for the day.

    Fingers crossed I complete the long run tomorrow otherwise I'll be leaving this thread and joining the run/walk brigade for London (only kidding!).

  • twin dad, hope you get better weather than the 3 cold rainy days i just had in barcelona, is the 18 miles out there?. will be doing around 15 miles on sat, hopefully at good pace in the sun. Weather's picked up a bit so i might not be running in the rain today. see you soon

  • is it really worth risking these long runs only 2 weeks before the event - god that makes me nervous even typing that - i'm already in the loo about 5 times a day. Think i'm gonna have to bring my boys portapotty with me, it can double up as a sun helmet as well
  • I was thinking the same thing Adam with regard to PPB and Sarah. I guess at this stage as long as you're clear why you're doing each bit of training, what the benefits are and what the risks could be then you have to make the judgement yourself. I hope your run goes well today Sarah, and yours too tomorrow PPB.

    I like the idea of the Scottish flag if you really think you can run with it. I suppose we'll find out pen numbers at the expo or does it tell you somewhere else?

    Woony and I met last night so we'll at least be able to identify each other on the day! And he's planning to meet up with Ashley who's starting from the blue start. So if the blue gang run with Ashley and the red gang run with Woony then we might just all meet up when we merge!

    Twin Dad - hope you have a lovely holiday and lots of sunshine.

    Adam - the Serpentine website suggests bringing a wide-necked bottle to pee in under your bin liner on the day. I think you might get a bit loaded down with your portapotty, skateboard and all!

    Off to see the pyhsio this afternoon and then might try swimming tomorrow and a gentle run on Saturday/Sunday.
  • List of extra equipment to bring...

    Sarah - lots of tape for strapping leg!
    Pete - skateboard (for first few miles)
    Adam - portapotty
    Woony - mobile phone for contacting Ashley
    PPB - Scottish flag
    Donna - ice packs?
  • Donna - I'm just worried that I don't have the stamina anymore as 4 weeks of no long runs is quite a while. I think I need to complete a long run again to give me again in time for London. Of course it could work the other way nut I don't want to think about that.

    I only know about the pens from chatting to folk in my running club that have run London before. We don't know the pen until the Expo. They are allocated based on your estimated time which is why I think I'll be in a higher pen than those that estimated 3:45 or so.
  • Back Again

    Just before disappearing off for my last long run (I love that feeling, LAST long run), I will certainly be a happy bear tonight if all goes well.

    PPB, the scottish flag idea sound great, we can all head for that if you keep it held up at the start. If you can carry it for the first 3 miles or so, then hopefully we may stand some chance of finding the others at the merge point. You may feel like ditching it after that, but it's up to you.

    I think my estimated finish time was 3.40, so I should be in the correct pen for the pace group, but haven't any idea what number pen it will be, probably about no.3 or so. We won't know our pen numbers until we receive our numbers at the Expo (it is then usually a small sticker on the bottom). Unless anyone knows different?

    PPB, I don't think you will have any problem moving a pen back with the rest of us (if you need to), as the officials often don't check your pen number if you have jumpers or bin liners over the top of your number and you squeeze through with a few others at the same time. Good luck with your "silly o'clock" run tomorrow morning, hope all goes well, I know it will ....

    Donna, keep up the good work and keep that leg rested, with some easy runs and swimming. Do you fancy cycling? I find it really helps and eases those shin splints. Good luck with the physio this evening.

    Twin Dad, enjoy the sun & relax !!

    Adam, don't worry too much, once the gun goes off, you will enjoy the crowds and atmosphere so much, you will forget about your portapotty. My tummy is doing a few flips when I think about it for any length of time, it's just healthy nerves (I'm like this before every race I do) even my local 10K. I can't stay off the toilet the morning of the race and usually take 2 Immodium just in case!

    Will let you know tomorrow how my long run went today.

    Sarah :0)
  • See your point PPB, it's about building confidence a lot as well isn't it? Take it easy.
  • Good idea about the Scottish Flag PPB. I have a feeling I put 3.30 on my application form so I'll probably be in the same pen.

    New RW (Marathon Special - how exciting) arrived yesterday so I greedily devoured it last night. I read that because the times will be calculated based on chip times this year, the 2 pace groups may not make an effort to meet up if one start is slower than the other then . If that happens then there's not much we can do. Still, it looks as if at least one person from each group will have a phone so we could still make contact as we pass the 2 mile mark, and we might find we're neabry, in which case we could hook up and have group hugs all round (except for Adam - wouldn't fancy hugging him if he's been wearing that potty on his head!!)
  • Hello all

    I fancied a change, didn't much like Freddo as a handle anyway

    Blue Start
    01631 - Fruit Cake
    02946 - Save Ferris
    08437 - Pete
    08533 - Puggers
    09773 - Hollywood (aka BNTM)
    12722 - Ashley
    13315 - Amazon (fka Happybadger)
    25022 - Ping Pong Boy
    25417 - Scotty
    25439 - Lars
    25709 - Sarah Gregory 3
    ????? - Mine's a Smooth
    ????? - BigBob

    Red Start
    35964 - Donna W
    42020 - Adam House
    42782 - NickB
    51059 - Twin Dad
    52142 - Woony

    Green Start
    29429 - Kashopoff

    Hope to be able to catch up with a few of you on the big day at the Blue start, anybody travelling into Liverpool Str on the day ?

    Long run Fri and then Taper begins,I'm pretty much set with my gear, haven't got round to trying out my vest yet(NSPCC)but have washed it a few times

    Can I just say thanks as a first timer to everyone in this thread, your tips and suggestions have helped me a lot.

  • i lied about the weather improving, it just chucked it down when i did my 4 x 1 miles sprints, still at least it kept me cool and it wasn't windy so felt ok. Did miles 1 and 3 in 6.54/6.53 and tried to do 2 and 4 at marathon pace (8.30) and ended up doing 7.47 and 8.11 both of which felt nice and comfortable and do-able for 26 miles, seems like the tapering is showing benefits already.

    Ah well, bit of a gym session tomorrow as a rest day then a 15ish miler on sat. Bit like PPB, if i don't do another longish run will feel like i haven't kept enough endurance for the day, even though that's probably rubbish, just the way my mind works.

    good running

  • Evening All

    Back from my last long run and have had a "snooze" afterwards, I usually do this, as the longer runs seem to take it out on me and just make me soooooo tired.

    I ran 17 miles in the end, as didn't want to totally over-do it. Ran them at a nice steady pace, feel I could comfortably go a bit faster on the day (at least til 20 miles anyway, then the wheels seem to come off) and finished in 2.28.

    Pete, at least I'm not the only one who got wet then. Maybe the Gods heard you getting too confident about this sunny Spring weather! When I set off it was fine, but as usual 3 miles into the run I found myself soaked to the skin, but what can you do? There's no way I was giving up my last long run, only to get the same soaking on a different day ....

    Hope everyone else's runs go well tomorrow and over the weekend, so keep the good work up. Hope to hear lots of happy stories and reports over the next few days.

    Donna, I agree, just when you can't run, the whole world seems to be running. The first week of my injury when I could only cycle, I must have passed hundreds of runners I'd never seen before .... All will be right on the day.

    I'm sure we have all done enough training, it's just as the day gets closer, I seem to go into a slight "panic mode" and start thinking I should be cramming it all in. We all deserve a well earned taper/rest, so go on, relax, enjoy & take it easy ....

    Happy running, tapering and resting

    Sarah :0)
  • I've had an illness-induced taper this week. Woke with a nasty stomach bug on Tuesday, and after emptying my innards all day and resting all of yesterday, I'm finally on the mend. I'm drinking lots of lucozade to rehydrate and resting when I can. My legs are definitely well-rested.

    Please keep up the good reports, as I am living vicariously through all of you right now.

    Happy Running!
  • morning all, see what you mean about the last long run, just reading this months runners world and it says that i should be doing a 20 miler this weekend. with only two weeks to go it seems a bit of a long one, i'll see how i feel tomorrow as to how far i run , will do at least 15. I must admit doing another 20 miler will make me feel that i have trained as much as possible, just hope it doesn't turn out i trained too much.

    Well sarah i'm going for a gentle 5 miler today, and guess what, it's chucking it down again, hope it's not an omen for the 18th. I actually quite like running in the rain as long as it's not too cold or horizontal !! gives me a bit of a smug feeling to see all the people huddled in their coats looking miserable.

    good running all

  • I got up this morning as planned for my pre-work 18 mile run. Looked out of the window to see a storm lashing down and thought "B*gger that." I'll run tomorrow instead and just cross train again today. I've gained some weight the past few weeks as my running ha been curtailed yet I'm still hungry all the time. I'm sure the extra few pounds won't make that much difference.

    I'm definitely worried that you lot are going to be faster than me on the day. Sarah - A "comfortable" 17 miles in 2:28, I'm just jealous.

    Have a good day folks, I hope the weather is better where you are.

  • Good Morning !!!

    You will be pleased to know that it is "chucking it down" here as well, so I was quite glad to have done my long run yesterday, I feel better about being soaked now and not having to go out in it today. It looks like there's no escaping it at the moment! If it clears up later, I may trundle a few miles on my mountain bike.

    This morning however, I have a very stiff right shoulder (obviously something disagreed with me yesterday in the rain) and a sore throat (which I am praying does not develop into a cold). PPB I agree, you should wait til tomorrow for some better weather (hopefully).

    I'm fine zipping along at that sort of pace until around 20 miles, then like I said, the lead boots come out and everything goes out of the window, so I don't want to over-do it too early on in the race, so I will be very glad of our pace group. Some will be faster, some slower, so we may split into 2 smaller groups later in the race, but let's see how it unfolds first, at least we will all be there for each other.

    Pete, keep up the good work and keep singing in the rain ...

    PPB, get those arm muscles nice and strong for holding up your flag ...

    Donna, how did the physio go last night, very well I hope ...

    Kashopoff, you have my sympathies, I hate stomach bugs, but rather now than later and you will be fine of the big day ...

    Happy Running Folks

    Take Care
    Sarah :0)
  • Good morning,

    Kashopoff, I hope you're on the mend and feeling stronger today. You poor thing. I'm sure all this enforced resting is doing us good really and will pay dividends on the day.

    I have to admit I prefer the rain to the wind. Once you're wet, you're wet. Still looking forward to sunnier times ahead though. Well done on those runs - hope to get back out there myself too soon.

    PPB - those few extra pounds will serve you well on the day (according to RW), you need all the reserves to get you round 26 miles!

    Sarah, I do usually cycle when I'm injured but it's a bit hairy in London and I don't want to swap one injury for another if you get my drift, so playing it safe til after the big day! I hope your cough has cleared up now. Time to stock up on kiwis, strawberries and plenty of ginger! You'll be flying on the day if you can run comfortably at that pace for that far!

    Saw physio again yesterday and left in much pain! She said that they were much better though and she thought it was mostly the muscle that was inflamed and not the bone or tendon so that's good news. Swam 56 lengths in the pool last night - 50 of which front crawl just with my arms and a float between my legs. Trickiest part was keeping the float there - just kept popping out and flipping up to the surface! Am going to swim again tomorrow and then head out for something easy (and I suppose short) on Sunday. She told me not to get too excited and just take it really easy! Might be hard, I'm itching to run.
  • I'm pleased to report that the body seems to have cured itself...I'm going to attempt a very easy 5K or so this evening. Isn't it amazing, Donna, how much you want to run when you can't? Please take it easy. No use in reinjuring yourself.

    PPB, I'll take a few extra pounds off you. I haven't weighed myself, but given the way my jeans fit today, I've lost a bit of weight this week.

    Sarah, take care of that sore throat. Rest, rest, rest!

    I've got some sunshine here today; hope everyone else does too. Happy Friday!
  • Kashopoff - that weight loss will be largely due to fluid loss and the rest should be sorted out by eating plenty of good food from now on. Really need to replenish your glycogen in your liver and get plenty of protein in general to help rebuild! Hope your return to running goes well.

    I think the sun is coming is out here too. I think I'll go out for a walk at lunchtime.
  • Donna how long is the pool? 56 Lengths is quite a long way. I always have trouble keeping the float between my legs as well. This triathlon training is all very well but I'm still hopeless at swimming despite practicing three times a week. I do find it terribly boring but manage to let my mind drift by constantly counting the lengths and doing calculations in my head.

    I think after tomorrow mornings run I'll head into the shops and try and find a Scottish flag. I've got one but it's about 6 foot so a bit too big to be running with on a stick.
  • hi guys - i've been talking to a guy this morning who does ironman competitions.

    marathon, 120 miles on the bike and 2.5 mile swim. How is it that whatever you do there's always somebody who can make you feel like your a bit of a lightweight !!!
  • Afternoon all. Been having a very busy time at work, so not much time for postings or running for that matter. Was supposed to go today but I'm too busy. I have a long one tomorrow anyway (16-18 miles I think I'll do), so not too bothered.

    Sorry to hear about the illnesses going around - get well soon everybody.

    Adam, tell your Ironman friend he's a freak!!
  • perhaps i'll pop it on a post card - anybody who can do that i'm about nervous about upsetting !!
  • Hi All

    Glad to hear that you are getting these ailments out the way before the race - just please don't pass any of them in my direction...

    I'm starting to spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to work out what race strategy to go for... At the moment I'm torn between:

    - I'm kind of tempted to try to push for 8:10 minute miles for the first 20 miles. I'm fairly sure I can do that and (if I do) then it'll make the last 6.2 miles very interesting. If there's anything left in my mind and legs (hopefully the banana from meerkat+team at 18 miles will help!) and if there's a tailwind then I might get close to 3:30. If not then I've got time to do 12 minute miles home in time for sub-4...

    - I'm kind of tempted to try for 9 minute miles and to take a small digital camera with me. Sub-4 is still my number 1 goal and I could run with some of the sub-4 crew, including my RP training buddies who - I hope - never visit this thread... I'm still in no doubt that the last 6 miles are going to hurt but I'd hope that my 22 milers in training would mean I could definitely finish real strong with this strategy!

    I've seen you having some debates here about joining (leading) the 8:30 pacers. Is there anyone else planning anything different? Anyone who's had a past run where they've made 3:35 (say) and still finished strongly?


  • PPB - 6 foot flag, although benefiting from being easy to see, would perhaps be a bit tiring I suppose! The pool is 33 and a third so total distance was less than 2k and it took me over 50 minutes! Rubbish at swimming. Funny thing is I'm finding it less boring than usual (probably in conrast to those solitary 3 and half hour runs!)

    Adam - agree with Puggers, has to be something slightly awry with people who do Ironman.

    Hollywood - plan is to stick with the 8:30 pacers and be overjoyed if I hang on all the way!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
  • finally i've got my pic sorted - face not actually as fat as this though - had to widen the pixels to fit the screen. Listen to me i sound like a B**D

    I'm now decided on running every other day and no further than 6 miles. It's gotta be best now to back off and be chomping at the bit come the start line...
  • hi donna, i lied about the rain, by the time i went for my easy 5 miler round ilkley park the sun had come out and it felt great, i wonder if it will feel so easy on the day... i think not.

    adam, i've just been roped into my first triathalon, 20 lenghts of ilkley baths, 3 laps cycling a 3.5 mile loop (at least it's got a fairly decent hill in it) followed by another lap running. I was feeling quite proud of myself until i heard about the ironman. still i suppose it's only a small step up ...not.

    Doing my last long run tomorrow, may throw in a few miles at marathon pace to see how it feels. Will be down in lincoln all next week decorating house i just got for my daughter at university, so will try and fit in a few runs there. Twin Dad, take note , enjoy them while they are still small, they get a lot more demanding as they get older (she's already chosen her colour scheme !).

    Will be out of contact until tuesday 13th, so hope everyone gets rid of all the colds and injuries, and enjoys the tapering. Really starting to focus about the big day , it'll give me something to think about while I splash paint about everywhere.

    good running

  • Hollywood-- 7 of my 9 marathons have been sub 3:35, and each of those were run with significant negative splits. My one 'bomb' marathon (on pace for 3:25 through 20, finished in 3:43) was when I tried the first scenario you mentioned.....and, well, I bombed! It was so horrible, so depressing. The other marathon was my first (which was still a negative split race in 3:53) but I just started waaayyy to slow due to lack of confidence.

    I'm just one of those people who gets way too much pleasure out of passing people in the last 10K. It is much more fun than feeling like death warmed over. ;)
  • Thanks kashopoff (and others!) - I'm nervous of bombing but my half marathon and 16 mile average race paces this year have been 7:30s - and I've managed to do really solid negative splits for those. Also in the Kingston 16-miler starting with the later (ladies) start gave me lots of additional bodies to pass all the way around the course (which was very handy). I'm *hopeful* that I won't bomb if I do head out at 8:10... but I know it's a long long way and there's always a chance I could hit the wall regardless of what pace I start at! Just have to rely on the last few months of training now...
  • kashopoff, i'll be happy if i 'bomb' for a 3.43 finish, me thinks i will be eating your dust on the day, unless you want to give me a piggy back or pull me on my skate board !!

    maybe next year if i train harder and lose another stone ho hum

    happy running

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