A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Hi Everyone

    Had a rest day today (following long run yesterday), as I've been to a funeral this afternoon and even though the sun was out later, didn't feel like a stint on the bike.

    My throat is a bit better, but my right shoulder still feels like it has a brick tied to it, but I'm sure it's just stiffness from the mileage and a bit of damp from the rain.

    Donna, I can sympathise with trying to cycle in London, I guess I'm lucky with having some country road and lanes near me, however, it doesn't seem to stop the buses and lorries heading straight for you ... I'm glad to hear the physio was positive and the muscles are on the mend. Swimming is good, even with floats that have a mind of their own, I do love the pool, but like you said, it can be quite repetetive. Have you tried counting from 1 to 100 and then starting again, sounds mad, but keeps your mind active. It helps me while I'm running on my own .... but then I am slightly mad.

    PPB, 6 foot flag is good, but not for arms if you are carrying it to the 3 mile merge point, so we'll settle for a smaller version, we'll just have to look a bit more carefully for you ...

    My strategy is to start at 8.20 - 8.30 pace and see if I can keep it up. I know that I always tire around 20 miles and how hard it feels then, so if I can keep a steady 8.30(ish) through the later miles, I will be happy, otherwise I will make a hash of it and be lucky to go under 4 hours. Just going by how I have felt in previous years.

    Pete, take it easy when doing your "Changing Rooms" impression and keep the steady runs going.

    Adam "Ironmen" are a different breed and we really shouldn't think about them too much, as they have to be slightly touched. All the same, I would like a go at a "Half Ironman" one day, but not so sure of my cycing skills at the moment. Running a marathon is what millions of people probably talk about doing, but never get round to, so we are a special breed too. After all, we are hardly lazy are we?!!! Have you made a final decision about the Portapotty yet? I would go with the Immodium option.

    Good luck to everyone with their training over the weekend.

    Keep tapering ...

    Sarah :0)
  • Hello all

    Hope everybodys training is going well. Not long to go now, 16 miler on Sunday then easy taper until the 18th.

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    Happy Running!!


  • Hello everyone

    I managed my last long run this morning. 20 Miles which consisted of 2 x 10 Mile loops in 1:22:30 & 1:24:30 for 2 Hours 47 total. Not too bad pacing at all. This route is also a lot tougher than London as it has a couple of severe hills. I was hurting after 12 miles but the pina wasn't to bad. The rest over the past couple of weeks has certainly helped.

    The main problem on the run was hurting due to cardiovascular tiredness rather than because of injury. Nonetheless I'm a lot happier now that I've completed the run today.

    To keep my mind active and occupied while on long runs I often sing a song in my head. Normally it's the same song on loop for the whole route, often whatever was the song I heard on the radio before setting off on the run. Today I had a Christina Aguilera song (Can't hold us down) on repeat for over 2 Hours. It got a bit annoying after a while. I just couldn't get it out of my head.
  • While on the subject of Ironman / Triathlon many of you will know I did a triathlon last week. After my marathons (I'm doing Edinburgh as well as London) are out of the way I'll be concentrating on triathlon for Summer with the aim being to complete an Olympic Distance Tri in late Summer. Depending on how I enjoy the experience I may well try for a Half Ironman next year.

    I'm going to look out my Scotland flag and try and mount it on a pole. It may be a bit too big to run with bt I'll never know if I don't try.
  • morning all

    what's this all about...

    I ran saturday morning with my neigbour - easy 5 miles and it felt like it fely prior do me starting any training. I didn't feel that tired before i started but felt tight and was on empty from the start.

    I'm in a dilemma now. Do i do NOTHING now until the marathon in the hope that my muscles are FULLY recovered or do I run 15/20 miles for the last 2 weeks with the risk of tiredness on the day.
  • Morning All

    Been away in Spain for 8 days. What a difference it makes running in the sunshine and warmth. Did my running along the canal between Campo Verde and Torrevieja. Abousolutly fab running through the orrange and lemon plantations although a bit hot at times. Instead of taking a water bottle with me, every time i felt like I needed refreshment I just picked an orange off a tree and had that.

    Just had a quick skim of the postings I've missed. Welcome to the new people. It seems like a good idea to meet up at the start. I'll be wearing a cancer research vest with Alex on the front and back. Not sure what bin number I'll be in but am aiming for 3:35 - 3:40.

    Has anyone thought about meeting up at the end? Just to see how we did. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea let me know and we'll arrange somewhere to meet.

    My last long run on Sunday was 2.5 hrs in blustery conditions over the hills to Skipton. Not as long as I have been doing but this is what the schedule called for. I actually felt quite strong at the end so am feeling a bit more confident.

    Less than 2 weeks to go now. I hope everyone who's picked up an injury is recovering.
  • Curses, curses, curses!


    Sorry, to re-cap, I did the Bungay Black Dog marathon yesterday, and though not a complete nightmare, I did under-perform quite significantly, and failed to repeat even my training races. Dead at 20, run-walking from 22.5, leaked 15 minutes over the last 7 or 8 miles (mostly the last 4). No idea why - tough course, windy day, but no tougher or windier than Ashby was. Maybe too much carbo-loading? I certainly went about it enthusiastically!

    Anyway, a sub-4 registered, which is very respectable, but I can't help feeling a bit low. Ah well, next time!

    Thanks for accomodating a non-FLM-er on this thread - best of luck for the 18th, and I'll be lurking here to find out how you all did.
  • Good Morning Everyone ...

    I've not been on the thread since Friday, as had a fairly hectic weekend. Ran a steady 7 miler on Saturday morning (in between the rain showers) and then had Sunday off (my normal rest day). The leg feels much better for the rest this morning.

    PPB are we ready for the 6 feet high Scottish flag? At least we will have no problem finding you on the day, which is great! Your mileage and pace seem to be going really well, you seem well on course for a good finish, well within 3.45. Can I have a lift at 20 miles please or a pint of what you're on? I'm sure we'll be fine if we stick together.

    Adam, don't feel put off by your 5 mile run, it happens to us all. Before every race, my last training session is always rubbish and I feel knackered, but then you get your lift on the day. I would advise somthing like a 12 miler on the Easter weekend and nothing more than 5 or 6 miles on your other training days. For a bit of variation, you might feel like doing some speed sessions, like 3 or 4 x mile with 2 minute recoveries in between or even 6 or 8 x 800m with 2 min recoveries. You've done the hard work, so don't worry, we all deserve to be tired. I'm feeling very sluggish myself at the moment, but this will get better as we taper and rest. I wouldn't advise any mega-mileage from now on.

    Donna, I hope your muscles are feeling a lot better and the swimming isn't driving you too mad. Let us know how you are getting on.

    Fruit Cake, meeting up at the end seems a good idea, we will have to agree on a letter to meet at. It will be really great to see how everyone else got on, as we are bound to seperate at some point into smaller groups.

    I'm planning a 6.5 mile run home from work tonight, with a run at the club tomorrow, another run from work Wednesday and perhaps a track speed session with the club Thursday, if the leg is OK.

    Happy Running ... See you all soon!

    Sarah :0)
  • cheers for the advice Sarah - beacuse i'm sore is there actually anything wrong with doing NOTHING now apart form the odd couple of miles here and there - something is just telling me that complete rest is the right option now, though i have no specific injury everything for some reason (since a 23 miler 10 days ago) seems tight, sore
  • Sorry about that Swerve. Congratulations on completing the race. I know the dead feeling all too well. The head is willing but your body just says "NO". I suffered the same thing at Loch Ness with the last 6 miles taking me over an hour.

    Sarah - Take it easy. You've had an injury are you sure 4 days in a row is such a good idea? I'm now only running every other day and I cross train on the inbetween days. I rarely have a true rest day completely off exercise, it just doesn't fell right anymore.

    Meeting up at the end seems a good idea. We should probably aim for the letter "X" or "Q" as I doubt many folk will be meeting at those letters.

    Right I'm off out for a steady 5 miler. I'm feeling a little sore today after Saturdays long run and a reasonably hard 15 mile cycle yesterday so I think I'll just leave my watch behind.

    All the best.
  • I forgot about you Adam. I think you're right you just need rest. There's no point risking anything long now. I only ran long at the weekend because injuries had destroyed my confidence in my stamina. You completed 23 miles 10 days ago so you should be fine. Sarah and I will jump on your shoulders when we die at the 20 mile point.

  • it did take me 3hrs 30 though !!!
  • Hi All, Haven't posted for a few days dew to some busy night shifts. Its good to see most people r still training well and raring to go on the day.

    I've been pretty Lazy myself. Since the 20 miler (20.7 may I add) on the 28 Mar I took a few days off ,did a 3 mile rec run then more rest, then a 7 miler at Mara pace on Fri just gone. Looking at doing a 30min Tempo run 2day, then I'll probs do just a 12 miler on Wed. AAaaHHHHHHHh I love this Taper stuff............ its sooooooooo me............ Lazy.

    Adam, sorry to hear about your soreness, looks like you're getting some good advise already. If the problem dont get any better, you'll lose no fitness now, so a complete lay off shouldn't harm your chance of a Good run on the BIG DAY.

    Swerve, sorry to hear you missed out on a Sub 3:45 but as you say sub 4 is still very respectable. And if you were on a flatter, less windy course like the London, I'm sure you would have done it. You seemed to be Training well.

    Donna, good to see you again the other day, albeit very briefly. Hows the Shins coming on? Any advance on my suggestion for Thursday?

    Take it easy people....... its taper time

  • Due.......D U E not dew............ and thats without alcohol. Mmm.
  • Me again, I got this site off of Rodders on the URWFRC Thread: http://www.marathonguide.com/FitnessCalcs/pacebandcreator.cfm
    I know its not exactly hard to work out 8.5 times 20/21/22 etc, but by the time you get there and you're as mentally drained as U R physically.....

    I used a pace band last year but this site is better, you cant use seconds for the finish time but thats getting petty.

    Anyhow for those of you who haven't used one, its a very simple and effective idea. If like me you wana pick the pace up and leave the Pacers in search of a PB or the Pacers leave you but you still want, say Sub 4 etc.

    Im gona where 2, A Sub 3:39 and A Sub 3:42. The 339 is for my PB and the 342 is prob what the pacers will be running at, if its true that this year they're only concerned about CHIP time and not the CLOCK.

  • Hello Again Everyone

    The wind has now got up outside, just in time for my run home, great!

    PPB, yes, I agree that 4 days on the trot seems quite a lot after an injury, however, I play it by ear and if the leg feels sore, I lay off the running and get on my bike. I've learnt not to over do, however, the leg is much improved now with only a tiny amount of discomfort, so it's definitely mending itself.

    Sometimes you can't help feeling a bit lazy after all the hard work you've put in, especially after I have been training 6 days a week for as long as I can remember (probably since last years FLM). However, I don't intend to "over cook" it now! I shall be taking it easy and seeing how my leg feels every day.

    Adam, if you feel like rest, then do just that. Even complete rest between now and the Marathon wouldn't harm your time, as the stamina and strength are already there from the hard work you've put in. If you want you can just do some steady 4 or 5 milers this week when you feel like it and next week, keep it down further to 2 or 3 milers when you feel like it, that way you can just keep ticking over, without over-doing it.

    Swerve, that sounds a bit like my last 2 marathons, but sub-4 is still excellent. I'm going to try and keep my pace nice and slow at the start, so that even when I know the dreaded 20 mile point is approaching, I perhaps won't feel as bad as I have done previously. Marathons are a funny old thing, you can feel great for ages and then suddenly you just find it hard to put one foot in front of the other.

    Woony, everything sounds good to go for you. I love being lazy too, but we've all earned it, so what the hell, we may as well enjoy it.

    Off to do some work now .....

    Well done everyone, there is now definitely light at the end of the tunnel

    Sarah :0)
  • Hi

    I've seen the same pace thing on "www.onrunning.co.uk" which has a "pace your race" section on it. You can copy and print out your splits for each mile, which is really handy, I use it on nearly all my races, because I'm usually unsure of exactly what pace I'm running at and these keep it in check. These are great! I normally stick them on my wrist next to my watch.

    Sarah :0)
  • Hi all

    Well done Swerve on being the first to finish your marathon out of us all!

    And well done everybody on the good running. I read with interest Hollywood's comments on pacing - I have been wondering the same - I think I'll go for steady 8.20 minute miles to give myself some slack at the end if I need it.

    I'm cross at the moment - I uttered the phrase last week "I haven't been ill for 2 years", and obviously was tempting fate, because I have been feeling grotty all weekend. Had to miss my last long run because I was really tired - in the end I went to bed for 2 hours yesterday afternoon. Today I was hoping to go out but I still feel quite shivery and achey. I just pray I haven't got anything serious coming on. I'm stocking up on Echinacea and Vit C, and I guess I'll have to rest until I feel better. So annoying, but at least I have 2 weeks to recover - should be enough (please let it be enough!!).
  • I'm planning on making half way just inside 1 Hour 50 if possible. I hope others have similar aims so that we can run together. One Hour 50 at half way would be about 8:24 miling. I would think the Runners World 3:45 group wouldn't be too far away from that pace anyway. Absolutely consistent pacing would be impossible for me as I know I'm going to die a bit of a death over the last 6 or 7 miles.

    Adam - I think I felt a bit like you on todays 5 miler. It just felt hard from the start though I was running reasonably quickly (5 undulating miles in 38 minutes).

    Woony - See the runnerswolrd home page. The RW pacers are running chip time so will start their watch at the start line not when the gun goes.

  • Afternoon everyone

    I'm writing with bags of peas on my shin after a day on my feet training Excel Essentials!

    Less pain when prodded but still not right. Met up with a (slower) friend for a couple of laps round Victoria Park yesterday (all in all, about 9 miles) at about or a bit slower than marathon pace. Felt easy but was aware of stiffness in my shin all the way round and felt a bit tight when I stopped - paranoia?

    Swam on Saturday and will hed to the pool again this evening. Concentrating on trying to make them VO2 max sessions. So only 46 lengths on Saturday of which only 40 were flat out (with breaks in between).

    Puggers - you will be better! Plenty of strawberries and kiwis as well as the Echinacea - and get yourself to bed!

    Adam and Woony, I hope that taking it easy now is a good thing and so many people have said it is that it must be!

    Woony - will send you an email about Thursday after this!

    Swerve - sub 4 is excellent (particuarly for the course and conditions). I'm always thinking I could have done better whatever I achieve, I think that's what makes us strive to improve each time. Be proud (and relieved it's over!)

    Sarah - hope the run home was good and that your leg's feeling fine.

    PPB - hope your 5 miler was good and you're ache free!

    Happy running/cross training/resting everyone!
  • Sarah G, That site; www.onrunning.co.uk is the one I used last year. I couldn't think of it, thats y I asked on another thread, now I have to different formats to choose from. Nice one.

    Donna, I probably OVER-TAPER if u get my drift. But it hasn't hurt me the last two years. In 2002 when I got my PB, I ran only once/twice a week for the last 3 weeks. Thou I did do a lot of Gardening (hard landscaping......Mans work....Ug Growl) which keep me fit. Don't get me wrong it may not work for everybody, we're all different. However You cant lose too much fitness in 2/3 weeks.

  • I like that site for the pace bands. I've created two, one for 3.30 (a bit ambitious I feel) and one for 3.40. Hopefully I'll end up somewhere between the two.

    Put my feet up last night and did nothing at all and felt sooooooo guilty about it. All these weeks of hard work have got me into a routine of running 6 times a week. Now to break that routine is really hard. I don't know what to do with myself but it will be worth it in 289hrs 8 mins and
    24 secs (at time of writing). See how obsessed I am, I even have a count down clock at the top of my pc. Sad man!!!

    Hope the injuries are clearing up and people are starting to feel confident. I'm off for a vitamin C dose. Hopefully keep those ailments away.
  • Morning Everyone

    Had a steady 6.5 miler home last night, right into the wind, which can be pretty demoralising, but who cares .... it's taper time and I'm only doing 6.5 miles (not 23) and the marathon is not far off.

    It's raining again ... Going to the club tonight to see what everyone else is up to, I may to another steady run or speedwork. I feel like I'm lacking on the speedwork at the moment, everything seems to be "steady" or maybe I'm just paranoid. Tomorrow I will probably be back on my bike, to give the leg a rest, as I don't want any last-minute mishaps now.

    Puggers, plenty of Orange Juice, Echinacea is good and perhaps Zinc too, just to see that cold off once and for all & put your feet up til you feel good to go again.

    Donna, keep it up with the frozen peas, they are excellent because they mould to the shape of the leg. You will be a serious competitor in the swimming stakes soon!

    PPB, that pace sounds good to me, 1.50 at half way would be good if it's 8.24 miling, that's spot on. Like you, I know I will slow down and be suffering a little in the later stages from 20 onwards, so don't want to go flat out at the start and spoil it for later, but I want a little leeway for when I do get tired.

    Happy running today everyone .... Good Luck

    Sarah :0)

    Why are you lot so quiet today? All the other threads seem to be going taper bonkers crazy! Is this a sign of how calm, collected and confident you are all feeling?

    Me - I'm off for my normal Tuesday night run - with Nike in London. Every Tuesday so far this year I've run 7 miles with them and run it as fast as I can... kind of treated it as a Tempo run. Tonight I'm going to try to only run 4.5 and I'm going to try to run it slower but the temptation to go out and do my normal session is so strong... Anyone else feeling taper frustration yet?

    Until later

  • I think we're all following the RW program so today is a rest day. Except we're all cheaters of course and will no doubt still all be out running. I'm off out with my running club tonight, I've no idea what they've got planned but I'm not in the mood for anything fast as yesterday turned into a tempo run. I think I'll just join the slow group for an enjoyable 6 or 7 miles.

    Oh, and everyone else, quit being so quiet tomorrow!
  • Blame the BBC's financial year-end for why I've been quiet - I've not had time to even contemplate coming on here in the daytime. I'm most annoyed about it - anybody would think I was paid to work!!

    Anyway, thanks for the words of comfort. The good news is that I felt much better today and even ventured out for a slow 6 miles. It was supposed to be marathon pace but I finished in 45 minutes which is a bit too quick. Still, I found it very comfortable.

    Donna, I'm glad to hear that you're running again without too much pain - you've done well to resist the temptation to take it too quickly.

    I'm finding this taper slightly weird - not because I want to go out and run all the time, in fact the opposite. I feel as if my brain has said "right that's your training done - feet up and no more running for you young man". In fact I still have a 2 more proper sessions to do - hill work on Thursday and a 12 miler on Saturday, before the really serious taper begins. 12 miles a week before the marathon feels quite long. What's everybody else doing?

    PPB, I'll probably run at your pace for at least half the race and see how I'm doing.

    Bye for now!
  • Oooh you work for Auntie... Can we have Blake Seven back please? What about imposing a ban on any program with Carole Smilie, Carol Vorderman or Linda Barker? Do we have to have Eurovision on every year? Can we have a new series of Men Behanving Badly? ... sorry, just getting carried away again.

    I'm not doing any serious sessions now - last pace run was tonight (ran past Broadcasting House in fact) and even that was at 8mm rather than the normal 7 and a bit. Going to do a v.short track session on Thursday and a slow 6 or 7 miler with my race day kit (if I get the charity vest in time!) on Sunday. Apart from that might do another couple of 3 milers just to stop me from seizing up. Also giving up my 26 mile daily cycle ride from this Thursday but will probably continue with a daily swim until the very day before the marathon...

    Today's run felt awful by the way - guess they all will during the taper. Also have no idea how I'm ever going to manage the pace - did I really run as fast as I did at Reading and Kingston last month? Must have been flukes... Wibble.
  • Hello all

    I did my last long run on Friday (22 miles) which was good in that it was a fairly warm day and I hope it prepare's me well for the big day, my time was rubbish so I've not taken that on board. Decided to take the weekend off and then had a big scare on the Sunday night

    Spotted a bruise the size of dinner plate on the inside of my left thigh (which had felt a bit soar!) Panic set in for 48 hours whilst all the possibilites went through my head as I had no clue how I had done it, a colleague calmly told me it might be a blood clot ! Anyway, I decided it couldn't be that bad as I was still breathing and the stiffness had dimmed a bit, planned for an easy 6 miler but the rain outside put me off (don't want to get a cold now) so went to the Gym and eventually tried out some speedy 800's without any alarm, I'm a lot happier and have booked in for a massage in the morning to calm me even further.

    The mysterious bruise I think was caused by my bed post which I have a dream like recollection of walking into at night (If you don't hear anymore from me then you'll know my colleague was right)

    Not sure what to do with the rest of my taper, day on day of sounds good to me.

    One last thing, Come on your Blues...

    (Fantastic result tonight and about time)
  • Ohhhhh, Blakes Seven. Bring it back. what a good idea!

    I thought I was following the runners world schedule but mine called for a hill session last night so thats exactly what I did. 12x 400m hills with 1 mile jog before and after. Gentle recovery tonight at marathon pace. I'm also scheduled for a 12 miler on Sunday. It does seem a bit much one week before the marathon. Is anyone else doing this?

    Some one has started a good thread on your total training milage since New Year. I've now done 854 miles. It feels like I've done loads more. Anyone else got a log of how much they've done?
  • Hi Guys

    I'm pretty depressed this morning. I've got what feels like a pull in the muscle below the right hip, i went to see the physio yesterday and i feel £38 lighter but no better off - he thinks it's an 'underlying back problem' when what i really wanted him to do was to work on the sore area which he did not touch !! - i'm now just worried that this feeling of a dull ache/pull is going to stick with me until the day regardless of whether i continue to run in the meantime. I did 30 mins on treadmill last night at 8m/mile pace which felt ok but felt very sore this morning. Any ideas ? - i suggested to the physio that maybe i have a sports massage but he pretty much discredited them ans said they will do me no good - he's rebooked me in for next tuesday but i really think he was kust clutching at straws....sorry for boring you guys but needed to get that off my sore hip muscle
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