A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Hi All,

     Beders - if I'm able to, then I'd love to join you all on 22nd. Will have to check with my new rota first though. Yep the run on Monday night was a little too sharp for me too!

    Night Nurse - yes, I was unsuccessful in the job interview in Taunton, but that area seems to have a particular attraction to me as I'm back down in the vicinity for another interview in December, this time in Dorchester. No idea how well I'll do, but it is a beautiful part of the world so I'd be happy to move there for a while.

    Tutu - well done on your 'hellish' race! How's the Ironman training going? I'm cutting back on my swiming, as it's eating into my running a bit too much for marathon training.

    Hills for me last night, 2 miles jog to said hill, then just over 2 miles of reps, then a couple of miles jog home. It's nice to be back into some sort of routine.

    Happy running.


  • Morning

    Hills for me as well last night 1½ miles warm up the same cool down, then 8 x 500m circuits first half uphill very steep recover 2nd half i could certainly feel it in my quads

    LS - Totally agree with you, itss more how you live your life and treat others

  • LS...digs .?.I dont know what you mean..image...it was just a little over the top .still it was a nice day..and a chance to see my grandson..son and his wife..and I totally agree..although none of mine have been christened ..they both know right from wrong..and have been no trouble to me........and that "easy 8 + you did..thats tempo..for me..nice one..

    Nick..enjoy them hills...image...and pity you didnt get the job down this way..I may have seen you at a few local races...

    P ammie ..nice training..no pian no gain...image

    off to club tonight..we usually do around 8 in just over the hour..

  • Hi all. No running for me since sunday, laid down with the lurghh image 

    Catch up soon

  • Mr Puffy - I'm pleased to here things are improving for Puffy junior. Now that he's mobile you'll find that he adapts rapidly

    All the best.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Good to hear Pj is on the mend, albeit slowly with such an injury.

    Saw the fizz tonight (he works on Olympic athletes you know!)who rocked, pushed and pulled my pelvis in all sorts of directions, gave my hip some ultra-sound and did some deep, painful, massage on my Psoas muscle. Apparently my pelvis is pretty much back where it should be and I have to keep the core exercises up.

    He told me not to go spinning tonight but I am aloud to run a small 5 miler tomorrow. I have to go and see him again on Friday, but I'm hoping for a minor miracle on tomorrow's run.

    GWS Euphster. The good thing about having a cold is the first couple of runs and getting the gold watches off the chest...Nice!!


  • SB...Ouch..it hurts doesnt it ?..amazing though how they can manipulate the pelvis back into place..and something that has been a problem for so long with the right treatment can be rectified in a short space of time..unlike many other injuries..

    Euph..wassup ?..cold ? sickness bug ?

    Nice 7.5 miler in just over the hour with club tonight

  • I did hills also on tues. 2M warm up then 12 times 150M reps on a decent enough slope image

    JBSS - really looking forward to sunday image what time you getting to lancaster on sat?

    get well soon euph!

    Rombald Stride Winter Challenge (Sat 7th Feb 2009) Entry Forms will book my flights image

  • Morning folks,

    Gosh was Tuesday obligatory hills day or something?

    Clairster - good luck for Sunday, i'm sad I'm not doing it now, but it would be a BAD idea with my current level of (un)fitness... How's your running going?

    SB - sounds painful but worth it! I've missed a few weeks from the forum, has the pelvis thing stopped you from running? Presume the London campaign is still on?

    Swimming rather than running for me last night, new term so lots of new starters at the class which is nice.

    BTW - a tip to any of you who have low iron levels. My latest blood test showed that mine have dropped further to 9.2, they were 11.6 in March last year - which probably helps explains why I've been struggling with running recently. Anyway, tablets make me constipated (sorry, too much detail probably), natural fluid supplement make me feel sick (tastes like rat's blood) so I've been struggling to get on more iron.

    On the advice of someone in my club, I'm now trying something called spatone which is iron rich water, in handy little sachets.

    Not sure whether it works or not, too early to say. But mixed with fruit juice, it really doesn't taste too bad - fingers crossed it works.

    Tonight, it's a tempo run at marathon pace, but only about 3 miles.

    Happy running,

  • Morning all

     Track session last night for me . Gave the article in RW from this month a go 8 x 400 with 8 x 400 recovery between. Great session hard work but did feel a bit like a long run towards the end. The fast 400 were all between 1.25 and 1.35 so fairly constant. The only problem was the recovery jog is ment to be at 3 x slower than fast part. You cannot jog at 3 mph so did them at 12 min mileing for a total time of 33.xx well happy.

    Does anyone have a good maintance training prog. Still running 3 times a week and want to continue with that, but working in retail the next couple of months will be a bit tough, then in the new year it will be time to start training for spring mara. (Now know there are 4 people in the draw for the 2 club places )

  • SB - owwww...I can almost feel the physio's thumbs digging in myself! Hope it's done the trick for you.

    NN - understand where you're coming from with the christening. It's a personal decision I guess. Have no children so can't say whether I'd christen or not, but I am godmother to both my nephews, although does that really mean much these days? I have a "belief" of sorts, but don't go to church.

    Aiming for a gentle run out today, or might do treadmill depending on how I feel. Gearing up for Sunday really and VERY excited at the prospect of racing again!

  • good advice there nick although I am curious to know how often you ahve tasted rats blood before!

    Freemers - hurrah! good luck!

    martin - sounds like an ideal time for steady paced  base training.chuck in 4-10 x 100M strides at the end of two shorter runs and get one longer run in during the week. Or do 1 x easy 1x tempo and 1 x Long run

  • Hi Everyone

     Quick pop in to see what' s what. Hopefully work will calm down v. soon and I' ll be able to catch up with all thats been happening on here.  Welcome back Nick ... away even longer than me.

     LS - looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday at the legend that is Glen Clova.  My big daughter might be running too. Forecast isn't too bad (at the moment), but I don't really care anyway, its my favourite run of the year, followed by my favourite finish (in the pub). Can't wait!

    Good luck to other weekend racers!


    - hope you are feeling better Euph

  • Ah the Dogfish is back !!

    Dave, i'll not be going off daft on Saturday. I've had a good few runs recently where i've started off slower then have finished strongly in the legs, lungs, and probably most importantly for me, between the ears ! I'll be very happy with a 1.42, which I know I'll only get if I'm feeling half decent at the halfway turn back up the glen. Weather looks like last year. A dreich drizzly day, but with a 23 mph southerly wind. it could be a nuisance, but I don't want it to turn into a Westerly. Whats your daughter shooting for ? How is the missus?  Still running ? Can't find my gloves, so bring yer own this year. Might use a gel for the first time in a half, and see if I get a rocket boost from it. Only one run this week as I slept through Mondays alarm. Don't care too much about not challenging a pb this week, as its been a good year for the running. End the season with a rollercoaster Half, a plate of stovies, and a pint of Guinness in a beautiful Angus Glen.

    Does life get any better ??


  • LS - You old romantic!
  • Phew ! that was a hectic day !

    up at 5.00 am to go to networking meeting (my turn as chapter director for 6 months) marvellous, spent hour n half sorting out a long standing problem. into office, couple of client meetings, both  really nice long term clients and good business from both, a nice 6 mile jog at lunchtime , back into office to catch up on paperwork and all hell breaks loose. 2 clients who I've been discussing a tracker re-mortgage with, plus one who I'd sent to a direct provider as i couldn't match their product, all rang me within minutes screaming that all the tracker rates are being pulled (apart from the direct guy who'd been told by some barely understandable guy in Kazackstan that it would take at least 12 weeks to process his application) Meant I then had to ring my 5.00 pm appointment to tell her I'd be a bit late to sort out her equity release while i booked 3 lots of suddenly highly competitive tracker rates with the Nationwide who'd been a little slow of the mark to pull all their products so they could re-price then a lot higher to make more money out of us mere punters, at the same time sorting out two solutions for another couple of clients who'd phoned up with a sudden problem, then on the way to the client I find out that C & G (the bxstards) had suddenly pulled the rug on me for a case for a really nice young couple so I have to ring them to squeeze in an appointment tomorrow as they are getting married soon and I've got to sort it. After seeing the equity release client and getting it all signed up, get to the car to find my son in Argentina who had his pocket picked (his replacement card is STILL not here after 3 weeks , well done barclays) needs some more money urgently by 9.00pm tonight. Call in on the way home to get some fish n chips as missus is out at casino with some friends for a birthday bash, scoff my dinner while sending £400 to son via Western Union then straight onto phone to finish on line mortgage with client from this afternoon...

     just finished !!! sheesh I am bushed !!! 16 hours of non stop pressure, thank god for the run in the middle, keeps me sane !!

    can you tell I'm a bit pxssed off by the banks ! ?? lets pay ourselves millions and millions of pounds in bonus'es while being incredibly reckless and greedy with our customers money, make billions of pounds in profits pay ourselves more bonus'es then when it all goes to hell in a basket cos of our sheer greed and incompetence, when the Bank of England cuts rates to try and help us poor punters keep going , come straight out and say 'no we're not going to pass on the cuts as it's not that simple ' !!! no of course it ain't, we're going to carry on charging you as much as we possibly can and take all the extra profit for us to replace the money we lost instead of passing any of the savings onto you !!!!!!!!!! god bless our banks don't ya love em !

    sigh, sorry about the rant, I've being chatting to quite a few clients today, and business developement managers with the different banks and other IFA's and and they are all completely cheesed off with the shxts who run our banks

    mmm, feel better for writing all that down, sorry about the rant, just really annoys me when the banks make it so damm hard to look after my clients !

    I'm off to bed and then a long long run tomorrow to feel better


    grumpy beders 

  • Aw Naw

     I show my face and the timbleweed rolls in ... image

    paranoid, moi?

  • timbleweed??
  • might as well go for a TOTP while I' m here then ...
  • I' m beginning to feel lonely now ..

    ... maybe I' ll just talk to myself for a bit, see if anyone shows up image.

    ...or comes out of HIDING  image

    So, anyway there I was at the CHEESE counter at Tesco, when up comes Mrs Bagwash and starts complaining about the price of eggs.  So I said "ooh I know .." and she said that her Maureen had got 2 dozen from the Co-op on special. "Ooh" I said, I fancy some of that I said, but are they barn-reared and corn fed, and have they got satellite? She says "I don't know about satellite, but they' ve defo got little electric blankets and all the jammy dodgers they can eat. So I says, I says, I says ...

    I could go on, you know?

  • Hmmm .. not only ToTP, but message 22222 too image

  • Right, that' s it.  I' m going to shut my eyes, and when I open them again I want everyone to be BACK.

  • Sorry DfD I am not from this forum but just felt bad you having to talk to yourself while others absent. They will be back soon.
  • I think I love you, Umbongo ...
  • I'm back.... how r u DFD? u too Umbongo?

    Slowly (well too slowly for me!) shifting my near fatal case of man-flu. Achiness and sore throat have gone now I just have runny nose and  - as SB accurately points out - am spitting up pocketwatches. Haven't run since Sunday. May have a short pleasure cruise down foreshore to country park, around and back tomorrow, then XC race on Sunday.

    Catch up later, I've been off work 1.5 days so playing catch up.

  • Wow that is a hectic day Beders!! Busy time to be an IFA I guess? Glad I've got a tracker image

    DFD/LS - Glen Cova sounds great, I think I'd be tempted to go off-road and just coast around enjoying the scenery, never mind rushing around. Enjoy, hope wind isn't too harsh! I've got quite a hilly XC so nice cool, calm conditions would be helpful. Not dislike Glen Colva its a great scenic route through an old railway valley, small dales woodland and just the occasional track.

  • DfD - steady on now, you hardly know me

    Euph - help! I leave you lot to it then

  • Steady on with the L word there DFD! image British stiff upper lip and all that, what, what. A firm, business-like, handshake is thoroughly suitable.

    I've been granted a few minutes extra lunch hour but really nothing interesting to add.... no running you see.... saw Quantum of Solace last night day. Good I thought, very realistic stunts, quite brutal at times. I can see how Mr Craig was smashing himself to bits during filming. Wonder if JBSS has seen, know she's a Daniel Craig fan imageimage

  • Sorry nobody on my forum so just hanging around for a moment if thats OK.

    DfD- whats "timbleweed"?

    Beders - I work for a bank and only got paid a small bonus of just under a million - I thoroughly deserved it  I must sayimage

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