A bit like sub-4 (but 15 minutes quicker)



  • Puggers - I'm impressed! 15 miles first thing in the morning after waking in the night for your baby too! I'd be very pleased with that pace!
  • though i ran 20 miles on sunday i'm having one of those 'why am i so slow' days. I have a few friends that are running the FLM and they all seem to be storming though half's in 1.40 and they do less training than me !!! - Anyway just needed to let off some steam. I'll be hitting the treadmill tonight for some interval work - let's see if i can get those legs moving faster for longer
  • Adam - It's a sickener. I know what you mean I've been there as well. I train like mad yet there's a guy in my tennis club can hammer me over 10K (he can run sub-39 minutes) yet he runs less than 10 miles a week.

    There's a few loads of scenic routes where I run in the North of Scotland but I have to admit I do most of my training in the city. Thankfully there's a beach to run next to and several traffic free routes that can be found. For the really hard hilly routes you either have to head out of town or just put up with running next to roads.

    It's a club session tonight so that counts as a hard Tempo/Full Race Pace workout for me. It looks like this will probably be my longest week ever if all goes to plan.
  • Hello from the night shift

    Good effort Puggers on the run into work, I should take the opportunity as well (we have showers and lockers)but frankly speaking the roads and routes into work here at Stansted Airport are cr*p

    Fav Run, anywhere that's different, I ran along the Pacific last year near San Diego something about running on the beaches,surf and all that Californian vibe, I'm sure you will find it great Donna

    Did 10 internal/yasso's tonight although to be honest I lost count so base this on the time spent on the tready and distance (15k)

    Might see some of you at Reading ?
  • Morning all

    Sounds like some great rave runs out there, big bob I'd like to try the chevin route one day, unfortunately I'm a bit tied for time during my luch break and weekends are out due to living in wakfield. I will try and get a pass out for the chevin chase on boxing day though.

    Best runs i ever had were when i went to the algarve in march last year for the spring running camp. Running along the clifftops at 8 in the morning with the sun on your face and an endless beach and the atlantic on one side with the smell of the eucalyptus trees was a magic feeling (still hurt your legs though).was anyone there last year ?

    What's everyone doing today ? not sure wether to do another easy day or try and get my second speed session in. only had time for 15 mins running in the gym at lunchtime and then a 3.5 mile jog in 31.50 in the evening, but felt really good so hopefully the training is paying off

  • Good morning all

    Freddo - yes I'll be at Reading. What time are you hoping for?

    Short session at the track last night, came as quite a bit of a surprise as Tuesdays have all been near enough 10k. Did 12 500s with 30 seconds to jog 100 metres in between (is that even a recovery?) Not sure I managed the jog in 30 seconds each time as it goes. Haven't worked out my times from my splits in my watch yet.

    Ran to work this morning, felt great. About 6 miles probably. Can't believe what a difference only dong about 35 miles last week has made to me!
  • hi guys

    i was doing my interval training on the treadmill last night and was finding it difficult to judge what pace i should be doing.

    I basically did:

    200m,400m,800m,800m,400,200m all at 9mph (6.4min miles) with 200m jog intervals between each set and 1m warm up each end. (total of about 50 mins) . By the end I WAS SHATTERED and only sheer will power got me through. Does seem like i'm doing the right thing for my marathon aspirations (3.45ish) or should i be running slower for longer ?
  • Afternoon everyone - a good though hard club session last night sees me a bit knackered today. I swum twice my usual distance at lunch today (800m instead of normal 400m) so my arms hurt a bit at the moment. Tonight I'm off out for a 10 miler but I'm just going to leave my watch behind and just cover the distance without caring about my time for a change.
  • Adam - I vote for short, hard intervals to get the heart rate through the roof. Gets you fitter and quicker over all distances. Your sesh sounds good to me - just the kind of thing that has made me improve faster than I eveh have before.

    On the other hand, (a) I know nothing and (b) most advice I've read says do longer stuff.
  • Quick one. Adam House - as long as you're getting in the long runs as well then interval miles can only help to overall fitness. All marathon training routines I've seen include hard/tempo, easy, killer intervals and long run sessions.
  • cheers guys - the interval programme i was following had a 1600mm in between the two 800's but there was no way i could get that in at that pace, hence me wondering if i was going a little fast. Without a doubt the least enjoyable session of the week. I put in 20 miles last sunday so hopefully i'm covering all the bases - just frustrating that i'm not getting faster, quicker !!
  • Hi adam,

    I think that i am probably following the same schedule. I also did my speed session on the tread and did the following.

    1mile warm up
    400m at 10 mph
    200m at 6mph
    800m at 9.5mph
    200m at 6mph
    1600m at 9mph
    200m at 6mph
    800m at 9.5mph
    200m at 6mph
    400m at 10 mph
    1mile cool down

    I am however only up to 17 miles on my long runs…….
  • your just that bit quicker than me at the moment bacon - what's your target/ previous times and 10k/half times - quite a good bench mark
  • Last year FLM was 4:00:37 off the back of limited training (longest long run only 17 miles... twice!) My best 10k was 52min but that was with no training at all. I will be able to tell you my PB for the half on Monday after Reading on Sunday but I am hoping for sub 1:40. I am aiming for sub 3:45 for this years FLM but anything under 4 will make me happy.
  • i reckon your well on target for that if you can nail a 1.40
  • You might find the equivalent performance calculator at McMillan running useful for speedwork. Put in your expected time for the marathon and it will give you not only equivalent performances at other distances but also target times for 200, 400s, 800s, etc. for speed work.

    You wouldn't expect to run a 400 at the same pace as a 1600! (I usualy put in something a bit quicker as well to compare say 3:30 and 3:45.)

    Can't do links, but here's the web address...

    http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/Running University/Article 1/calculator3.htm
  • Might see you at Reading then Donna, they'll only be ten thousand runners so shouldn't be to hard to spot you :-)

    I'm running with a friend and want to try 8 min miles as training exercise, aiming for 1.40 ish, don't want to go mad and then bugger everything up

    Did 8 miles last night which should have been my tempo run but felt low on energy so struggled to get into any kind of rhythm, hope for better today .

    Have a good day everyone whilst I'm catching up on my zzzz's
  • Morning all

    Ended up doing an easy 5 miler yesterday around 42 mins but kept heart rate low around 140. Doing a fartlek session today, sprinting and jogging round a park in ilkley which takes me around 3.30 a lap, looking for 8-10 laps.. we will see

    Adam and Bacon that sounds like a good speed sesh to me, I think you'll find that there's lot of differnet sessions for different distances. As long as you're not just doing say 100 m sprints then whatever you do will improve your speed. I think the main thing is to actually do at least one speed session a week if you want to improve. You will find that as long as you keep up the speed work, your long runs will suddenly start to get easier and faster

    I can't stand running on the machines, I just can't get motivated, so my only problem with the speed sessions is that I don't have any accurate distances outside. I suppose that as long as you vary the time and the intensity of the sessions it will all have the same effect.

    It looks like another sunny day out there, even a bit warmer !! happy running !!

  • Things aren't looking good at the moment. My knee pain is getting a bit worse and I'm now feeling it after a shorter period of time. I started to feel a bit of pain after just 5 or 6 miles of last nights easy 9.5 miles.

    I'll see what happens in my long run this weekend (21 miles) but if it goes badly I may be forced to give up on long runs and just stick with training no longer than 2 hours. I'll then just "chance it" on marathon day. Not exactly how I had wanted to prepare.
  • i'm away on business from sat through to wednesday in Cannes - so a few nice early morning runs on the cote d'azur coastal paths should be nice. This will be my first marathon and i'm already feeling anxious about it - i just know that i'm not going to sleep that night before
  • I get really anxious about races too. I seem to yo-yo with my feelings about the marathon. At the moment I'm thinking I couldn't really train any more or harder and stay sane and well. I'll do my best on the day and that's all I can do. The world won't end if it takes me longer than I hoped for and the only person that will probably really care is me and I'm sure I'll get over it (eventually). I expect all this rational thinking will go out of the window nearer the time but I hope I enjoy at least the first few miles of it; it is a pretty amazing event.

    Jealous of Cannes!

    Freddo, I'll be aiming for about 1:40ish too I think. I'll try to remember my number tomorrow and post it here. Will be wearing blue tights and either a white or blue vest with my hair tied back in a low ponytail.

    Aiming to get to the gym at lunchtime and do some speedwork on the treadmill. Any suggestions for good sessions that don't take too long?
  • PPB - I hope your knee gets better. It must be really frustrating. I'm surprised all the cycling doesn't help.
  • Cheers Donna, I'm only cycling twice a week. I don't feel pain when cycling so it must be an impact problem.

    A quick session that doesn't take too long. Well I quite like the 1 mile treadmill challenge. Warm up gently for a few minutes at a easy speed then stop the treadmill completely. Then from a stationary start run 1 mile as fast as you can. Last time I did it I managed 5 Minutes 54 seconds for the distance. It's tough as you have to try and catch up for the time the treadmill takes to speed up.

    Cannes! You lucky B*gger!
  • i felt a little bit left out having no pic on, so here's my 8 month old boy 'Fred'
  • Lot on your plate Adam, running a marathon a baby on your hands and business trips to the med as well, have fun on the coast runs

    Hope all goes well on your weekend long run PPB and that you get round okay on the big day

    Black tracksters/white top for me I think on Sunday Donna,(run in specs as well) Might see you there, best of luck for the day

    Struggled again tonight on my hill session, pulled up half way through with shin pain, might have over done it this week so will make the most of Friday off and a maybe a couple of easy miles Sat before Reading on Sunday

    Have a good day

  • Donna and Adam

    Everyone gets nervous on their first marathon. On my first FLM at the start I was thinking "oh my god what the hell am I doing here !!seemed like a good idea 6 months ago" Don't worry once you get started there's so many people running with you and cheering you you just relax and go with it. Don't forget to put your name on the front of the t-shirt, thousands of people shouting your name really gives you a boost, especially towards the end.

    Freddo I got pains in my shins when I first started running, have you tried going to a good physio who knows about running. When i did i found i was running lopsided and after a couple of visits and some exercises i was fine. I still get a massage once every 5-6 weeks that really hurts but it does the trick. I also try and do as much off road as possible but don't know if thats possible for you

    Did 8 laps of ilkley park fartlek yesterday, tough but i'm getting in my two speed sessions a week. 20 miler + planned for saturday with a group of friends , will let you know how it went.

    good running at the weekend everyone

  • PPB, nightmare, you deserve a bit more luck with the injuries. Hope it eases up soon.

    Yup, I agree Peter, if you know how wonky you are (I'm very wonky) you get a great insight into your niggles and injuries and how to avoid them.

    Can't see your pic, Adam! Anyway, have fun in Cannes (jammy!), and don't worry about the marathon - it's just another race, honest.

    Touching loads of wood here, but I'm still on course with no injuries to speak of, and my fifth 20-ish miler (of six) coming up - the Wymondham 20 on Sunday, to be attacked at marathon pace. Anyone else going to deepest Norfolk this weekend?
  • due to my family/work commitments i have to make a choice on the remaining weekends of running half marathon races or 20 milers on my tod - any opinions regarding which is of better value to me. It's a hard one i know as it's - fast race conditions vs endurance.

    And while i'm on there's something else that's been bothering me. I ran the brighton half in 1.48 but was seriously treading water for the last five miles. Ok so i know that i went of at 10k pace and blew up, but i can't help feeling that if i hadnt have built up that cushion would i have blown up anyway and actually achieved a worse time. So the worrying thing is I think i'd probably do it again in fear that whether i go out hard or not i'll still be left with no energy come 2/3 race distance.
  • Adam - I vote long ones. They're definitely the most important session for marathon training.

    Going off too fast is racing mistake no.1, and you'll survive just fine and get a quicker time if you set off more slowly. But only if you're comfortable with the distance. It may have been the case that you were under-prepared for your half, in which case you may well have slowed anyway. If you're OK with the mileage, the only way you'll blow up is by messing up the pacing. In which case a slow death is guaranteed.

    You're going to have a deeply crap marathon if you go off like a scalded cat from the gun. In fact, consciously make the first mile or two the slowest of the race to get the fat burning and save that lovely glycogen (or so the theory says).
  • Good luck with the races everybody! Adam, I'm also jealous of your Cannes trip - I visited while on holiday last year and enjoyed a nice (but very expensive) drink on one of the private piers. The coastal path will be great for running.

    Donna, Adam, nerves are natural - it's my first marathon too. The important thing in my opinion is to get a game plan and stick to it. I remember my first half - I had not run over 1.5hrs before and was very nervous. I planned my mile splits very carefully in order to break my target of 1.45. For the first few miles everybody was passing me but I stuck to my guns and then quickened up after 2 miles as planned, and from that moment on I starting to pass everybody else and didn't get overtaken again for the rest of the race! The moral is that because I had a plan and was well prepared I kept my cool and didn't panic when everybody passed me early on - and it paid off because I did it in 1.43!

    And hopefully on the day we'll all be able to hook up and run together which will really help. Relax - it'll be great!!

    PPB, sorry your knee is giving you jip. I think you may be right to stop the long runs. You've already done a few and at least that way you'll give your knee chance to recover properly before the day.
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