Lowe Back PAIN!

Please Help me! After a mile or so I am starting to feel a bad pain in my lower back, im 19 and have no history of problems. I am fit and healthy and its just kills me! It hurt mor ethan ever on sunday in a X-C and yesterday it cam back on a hill? What can i do to relieve/prevent this

Thanks in advance



  • chris,i seem to suffer from this to,each side from just above my hips ,and across my back about 15cm in ,not pain more of a stiffness and dull ache?
  • exactly the same, pain is the wrong word i suppose, its mainly on hills as i said. I had a football match last night and it was ok so im trying new pair of running shoes, who knows??
  • I have just had this problem and went to local sports masseuse who diagnosed tight hip flexors (the ones that split from the front run through your pelvis and attach either side of your spine over the sacro-illiac joints) or a least that's what I thought she said. With a lot of hard work on her part and stretching on mine the pain has gone away but she warned me to relax on hills(!) I also changed my shoes as my old ones had done 400ish miles.
    Good luck in getting sorted, I know back pain takes over your life.
  • Find some stretching exercises, and do them at least three times a day, And before and after EVERY run.
    Pain wont go away overnight but give it a couple of weeks and you will notice the differnce.
    I have had the same problem and wasnt strecthing enough, also ran to long in old shoes.
  • most effective low intensity lower back excercise
  • I was running today and after five miles had a shooting pain in my back but it was more in the middle of my back. Never had any previous problems and had to stop for a couple of minutes before carrying on after it seemed to get a little better. Have stepped up the running lately so that could be a factor. I am still in pain now but it is more of an ache. Going to rest it and perhaps it is a good excuse for a new pair of trainers!? Hoping the injury is more of a strain than a pinched nerve, any information much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Back pains are alwasy serious. So take it seriously and look for some professional help.Also, you can try for inversion therapy tecniques too by having some expert advice. it will help you surely.

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