Subscription watches

I subscribed to Runners World a month or so ago and I'm just wondering how long it generally takes the running watch to arrive. I'm keen to try it out! Does anyone remember?


  • Would you like mine? I cannot make it behave!
  • mine took 28 days to arrive,its ok,pretty basic but functional.enjoy.
  • Piglet - I rang the subs department to ask if mine had gone missing: I started subscribing with the Oct issue (which arrived promptly at the start of September). They told me the watches would be sent out at the end of October. Not sure why...
  • I'm still waiting for my watch too!!!!
    Do you think they have something against us animals?
  • Flipper,

    Here,I am still waiting too!

    Altoghether now,"WHY ARE WE WIATING?
  • My watch arrived before the magazine, it was about a week or 10 days. Now it is lying in a corner.
    I read earlier this month, that they are temporary out of stock.
  • Don't bother waiting, even Mickey Mouse junked his !!
  • Looks like you would probably be Quiker going out and buying one?
  • Many thanks, all, for the advice :)

    Meerkat - it sounds as though it'll be coming at the end of the month, then. I think I must have subscribed at the same time as you. Thanks for the info :)

    Codfather - I think you could be right... Maybe they think we small creatures don't need running watches! Hmm... I wonder if it'll slip right off my little trotter?
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    I figure RW must have a warehouse full of these watches as the offer has been going on some time.

    Am I imagining it, or does every month the "subscribe now!" postcard say that the cheap subscription offer + free watch will end at the end of the month, and then you buy the next RW, and the offer has amazingly been extended for a further month? Seems to have happened since April at least.
  • To watch or not to watch that is the question,Ive had mine acouple of years now and its still going strong
  • Well

    Supervet,fingers crossed we all get the same quality as you did! And they are not for mickey
  • All I called about mine 2 days ago and was told they'd be out mid November, problem with the supplier (maybe his yellow robin reliant van's broken!!)
  • Have also just called, and was told begining of November, hope that this doesn't follow the example of my invisable race 4life t'shirt along & painful story!!
  • Update - mine arrived this morning! How excing :)
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