I need to find a sports massage therapist in London. Can anyone recommend a good one. Either close to Central London - so I can go during or after work, or near Putney so I can go at weekends.



  • I had a good deep tissue massage from Body Tissue. They also do sports massage. Bit pricey but they come to you.

  • Body Tissue. They also do sports massage. Bit pricey but good and they travel to you.

    (Don't know what happened to the first attempt...)
  • I use "Balance" at Clapham North - they're a dedicated sports physio' and very good.
  • I would recommend Diane Shields (0207531 4444)- but she is based in Canary Wharf - if you find anyone good in Putney I would love to know!

    Hegs x
  • Milligan & Hill

    I use them. Tres bien.

    There are more details on this web site, in HEALTH I think.
  • Resurrection time!

    Things are bound to have changed since this thread was active - does anyone have any experiences they can share?  Near Victoria would be good...

    Thanks y'all.

  • Physio4Life in Putney - they are brilliant. Don't even bother trying anywhere else if you live in Putters as well. I've used them a few times and always have been very professional.
  • Oh, opening times are really long - so caneven use pre-post work; rather than just teh weekend if in Putney.
  • I'm going to try Pure Sports Medicine (I went there for some Physio last year on my BUPA insurance, and they were excellent). I'll let you know what I think.
  • I'm using City Sports massage after the Paris marathon. 3 sites across town.
  • Update on Pure Sports: £60 for an hour of massage. The massage was excellent (painful at the time, but very effective in making me more supple); and the location was very convenient for a London City worker like myself. My masseuse was quite inexperienced, when compared to some of her colleagues (many of whom regularly massage professional atheletes), but I think I'll stick with her for the moment.

     I've heard of cheaper rates - closer to £20 per hour - but I can't make the comparison on quality.

     Any news on City Sports Massage Lee Jones 15?

  • Not been yet PR 4, booked in for when I get back from Paris but will let you all know!
  • There is a great sports masseuse, George, based at the Oasis centre in Holborn/Covent Garden.  £40 an hour and he isnt afraid to use pressure!
  • Peta McSharry who is based in Holborn-

  • Sometimes I also go with London Massage Therapy good price and they are outcall so it doesn't matter where u r they'll come to u.

     Best of luck


  • London Holistic Centre in Borough/London Bridge


  • I had a good sports massage in London at Massaggi. The therapist was very good at identifying the source of my injury and I had an improved range of motion at joint after the first session. The website address
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