Am i to late

I think i want to do the LFM. I have had the entry form for two months now all filled in and ready to go but i havent been able to make up my mind if i want to make that comitment. I think I am ready to do go for it now but if i send off my form today or tomorrow will it be to late. alowing for the time for postage or am i still making excuses. Please give me a kick up the backside i cannot make up my mind.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Post it JB. You may well not get in, and if you do and decide by March that you aren't ready you can defer until next year.

    Go for it - you know you want to!
  • My friend sent her application in 2 days AFTER the closing date last year and got in first time and she wasn't EVEN a runner!!!! So beware JellyBean if you send it thinking "ha I'll send but I'm safe it's too late" then be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes i know i want to, but i must admit i am a bit scared. All that running in the cold and wet for hours on end scary! My family are not to keen either which will make it hard as well.

    I did the robinhood half in 2:10 which i am proud of but a full marathon that's another story.

    Decision time. HELP I will let you know.

  • Start training now Jellybean! Best to start early and build up slowly to keep injury free and keep your motivation.
  • You have six months all but a few days - it's April 13th 2003.

    Get it posted - as already mentioned you can defer. If you don't post it now you may regret it next week when it's too late.

  • Well with much fear and trepidation i have posted my entry form. (i must be mad)

    My trainer at the gym told me not to start training before Febuary, I can run for about one and a half hours to two hour with out many probs if do this once a week through the winter and build up my time after then will that be ok. I dont want to just run that is what put me off in the first place i want to build up my general fitness.
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